MP Board Class 8th Social Science Solutions Miscellaneous Questions 3

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Solutions Miscellaneous Questions 3

Write the correct options to the following questions:   Question 1.
Who was the President of Congress?
(a) W.C. Banerjee
(b) Motilal Nehru
(c) Surendra Nath Banerjee
(d) Gopal Krishna Gokhale
(a) Motilal Nehru Question 2.
Which woman revolutionary first on English Club?
(a) Cromilla
(b) Prti Lata
(c) Shantighosh
(d) Sunita Chaudhary
(b) Prti Lata Question 3.
Who gave the slogan of ‘Do or Die’?
(a) Mahatma Gandhi
(b) Subhash Chandra Bose
(c) Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
(d) Bhimrao Ambedkar
(b) Subhash Chandra Bose Question 4.
At present in which state is the Nathular Puss?
(a) Jammu and Kashmir
(b) Sikkim
(c) Maharashtra
(d) Himachal Pradesh
(b) Sikkim Question 5.
Which international organization comes in force after First World War?
(a) United Nations
(b) League of Nations
(c) Non-Aligned Movement
(d) None of die above
(b) League of Nations   Question 6.
The Coral rocks covers an area of along the North-East Coast of Australia?
(a) 920 kms
(b) 209 kms
(c) 1920 kms
(d) 9120 kms
(c) 1920 kms Question 7.
The tool used by Australian aboriginals is?
(a) Arrow-bow
(b) Boomrang
(c) Spears
(d) Cage
(b) Boomrang   Fill in the blanks:

  1. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad started …………… Newspapers
  2.  ……………….. was founders of Forward Block
  3. The International Monetary Fund’s office is at ……………
  4. The areas surrounded by the three sides by sea is called ……………
  5. The labours who rear sheep are called …………….


  1. Al Hilal
  2. Subhash Chander Bose
  3. Washington D.C.
  4. peninsula
  5. Jack aroobs

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Miscellaneous Questions 3 Very Short Answer Type Questions Question 1.
Which states comprised Bengal during the division?
At that time Bengal comprised of Bihar and Orissa. Question 2.
What was the slogan of second phase revolutionaries?
We do not beg mercy. Our war is till the last verdict. And the verdict is success or death was the slogan of second phase revolutionaries. Question 3.
Write about objectives of the International Labour Organisation?
ILO became a specialised agency of the United Nations in 1946. Its objectives are to promote social justice and to improve conditions of labourers. Question 4.
What is an Island?
An Island is the land surrounded by sea from all sides.   Question 5.
Opal metal is used air which industry?
Opal metal is used in an industry which makes bangles and rings. MP Board Class 8th Social Science Miscellaneous Questions 3 Short Answer Type Questions Question 1.
Elaborate about the importance of Surat Sesson of Congress?
In 1907 the Surat Session of Congress failed to see the moderates and extremist on the one form. This time Ras Behari Bose was elected President. The extremists, wanted Bal Gangadhar Tilak as their President. The created difference and Tilak and his followers were separated. Question 2.
What were the announcement made by Bhikaji Camma?
Madan Cama was first to unfurl the Indian flag in Internation Socialist Conference in Germany, the announced that this is the flag of India independence. It is purified by the blood of Indian martyrs. The appealed to Indians worldwide to unite and cooperate to achieve freedom from British rule. Question 3.
What was the commercial front ? Explain.
British Prime Minsiter Mac Donald declared award in 1932 making separate electorate board for Harijans in India. It was a diplomatic move by British Govt. To devide castes in India. It was a major set back for congress in Indira Gandhi and Baba Sahib Ambedkar trial to solve this through the Pooma Pact.   Question 4.
Describe the major factors of air pollutions?

  1. Smokes and poisonous gases emitted from factories pollute the air vehicles, emit poisoners gases
  2. Cutting of trees increase CO2, it pollutes the air. Aeroplanes also give out gases like arosole.

Question 5.
Which are the main rivers of Australia?
Murray and Darling are the major rivers of Australia. Question 6.
Which are the major Cities and parts of Australia?
Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra Hobart, Wellington etc. are the major cities of Australia. Sydney is the biggest city of Australia, capital of the country and a first class harbour. MP Board Class 8th Social Science Miscellaneous Questions 3 Long Answer Type Questions Question 1.
Explain the works done for social reforms by Gandhiji?
Gandhiji was a great critic of untouchability. He had set up, during the freedom struggle, organisations which included the Anti-Untouchability Leauge. He called them, “Harijans”, or the people of God. Gandhiji, thought it in human to consider a class of people untouchable simply because they have been treated so by the society in the past. Question 2.
Write notes:

  1. Basudev Phadke,
  2. Khudiram Bose
  3. Simon Commission.

Answer: 1. Basudev Phadke:
Basudev Phadke was the leader of revolutionary movement in Maharashtra. With the help of few people he occupied Dhamri, Balte Palspe villages in 1879. Later on, he was arrested same year and was sent to Cellular Jail in Andaman Island. 2. Khudiram Bose:
Barindra Ghosh, Khudiram Bose, Profulla Chaki, Narendra Gosai, Hemchandra Das were the prominent revolutionaries in Bengal. P. Mitra. In 1908, Khudiram Bose and Profulla Chaki threw a bomb on the carriage of the defamed judge Kingsford thinking that the judge was in it but their guess was wrong. Actually, two British women were killed in this incident. Soon after Chaki shot himself dead and Khudiram Bose arrested tried and hanged to death. 3. Simon Commission:
An act was passed by the British govt, in 1919. The British govt, had declared that the functioning of Commission will be revised after ten years. But a Commission was set up in Nov. 1927. Sur John Simon was its President. All the seven members of it were English. This is known a Simon Commission. The Congress, and the Muslim League boycotted the Simon Commission in India on 3rd Feb. 1928.   Question 3.
Write about the relations between India and Sri Lanka?
Since the ancient time India has deep relation with Sri Lanka. Emperor Ashoka had gone to Sri Lanka to spread the message of Buddhism. We have good trade relations with Sri Lanka. In recent years, ethnic crises in Sri Lanka is matter of concern. Tamils settled there are in minority. They are demanding separate state. This is the Tamil problem. In July 1987 Indian peace-keeping forces helped the govt, of Sri Lanka to resolve her ethnic problem. Question 4.
Explain about the Social and Financial’s Councils of United Nations?
The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) coordinates the social and economic work of United Nations. It is concerned with the welfare of children and women’s rights. It promotes higher standard of living. It aims at solving international economic, social and health problems. It promotes respect and observance of human rights for all. It has 54 members. Eighteen members are elected every year by the General Assembly. Question 5.
Review the role of India in U.N.?
From the very beginning India has supported the United Nations and its programmes. India always played a leading role in the United Nations in opposing the colonial rule in different parts of the world. India supported the cause of freedom in the countries like Indonesia, Libya, Ghana etc. She protested racist regime in South Africa. India sent its peace-keeping forces to Korea, Congo, Cyprus etc. Question 6.
Write about the life of Aboriginals of Australia.
The original people of Australia are known as Aboriginals while the people of New Zealand are called Maories. They use Boomerang tool for hunting. This tool when targeted for attack comes back to the man after hunting. The Aboriginals worship Yuluroo a red colour in the middle of Australia.

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