MP Board Class 8th Social Science Solutions Miscellaneous Questions 2

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Solutions Miscellaneous Questions 2

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Write the correct options to the following questions   Question 1.
In which language newspapers was established by Raja Ram Mohan Roy?
(a) Bengali
(b) Hindi
(c) English
(d) Urdu

Question 2.
By which constitutional amendment primary education was included in fundamental rights?
(a) 81st
(b) 86th
(c) 87th
(d) 83rd
(b) 86th.

Question 3.
Employment for how many days has been ensured under Gramin Rozgar Guarantee Bill

(a) Entire year
(b) 100 days
(c) 200 days
(d) None of these
(b) 100 days

Question 4.
Who is the head of Indian Defense Forces?
(a) Defense Minister
(b) Prime Minister
(c) President
(d) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

(c) President.

Question 5.
North America Extends from east to west.
(a) 7200 km
(b) 6400 km.
(c) 4006 km.
(d) 2700 km.

(b) 6400 km.  

Question 6.
The average density of population in North America.
(a) 51 persons per square kilometers
(b) 21 persons per square kilometers
(c) 22 persons per square kilometers
(d) 104 persons per square kilometers


(b) 21 persons per square kilometers.

Question 7.
What is the height of the worlds highest water fall Angel on river Orinoko.

(a) 979 meter
(b) 799 meters
(c) 997 meters
(d) 907 meters

(a) 979 meters

Question 8.
The largest producer Country of banana in the world is –
(a) Bolivia
(b) Chile
(c) Ecuador
(d) Peru
(c) Ecuador   Fill in the blanks:

  1. In 1876 Queen of England was declared …………….. of India.
  2. Satya sodhak society in Maharashtra was founded by ……………
  3. The percentage of literate women in M.P. as per 2001 census is …………
  4. Indian government set up planning commission in ………………
  5. The army has been organised in …………….. commands.
  6. The woodcutter in Canada is called …………….
  7. ……………… is the capital of Mexico
  8. Of the total land of South America ……………. percent land is worth agriculture.


  1. Empress
  2. Jyotika Phule
  3. 50.28%
  4. 1950
  5. 5
  6. lumber jacks
  7. Mexico city
  8. 10%

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Miscellaneous Questions 2 Very Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1.
What was Sargent Scheme?

The 1919 Act entrusted the responsibility of education department to provincial councils. Under the Sergent Plan in 1944 free and, compulsory education was made for the children between 6 to 14 years. Initially the British education policy might have not been beneficial to Indians but it played major role in motivating Indians towards nationality and to get united.

Question 2.
Write in brief about Parsis Reform Movements.

In 1851 Parsis founded a religious reform union which aimed at renovating the social conditions of Parsis society and reestablished the pristine glory of Parsi religion. Dadabhai Naoroji and Naoroji Furdoonji were among the pioneers of religious and social reformers in Parsi community and brought out a journal Rast Goftar and both played an important role in the spread of girls education.

Question 3.
Which are the major social problems?

The major social problems are Social and Economic

Unequality: 1. Communal-ism:
Such feelings and activities which consider their own faith superior and treat other faiths and religions as inferior.

2. Caste-ism:
Caste is such a unit which binds the members in marriage and food styles. The members could not come out from cell of Caste-ism and so they fail to play vital role in society.

3. Terrorism:
The terrorists want to convey the messages to people through fear and terror. The religious fanatics indulge in killing innocent people.

4. Discrimination among sex:
In our society some people dislike girl child to be bom so they kill the girl child. 5. Child labor

6. Illiteracy
7. Drinking of liquor and drug Addiction

Question 4.
What do you mean by Cottage industry?

Cottage and small scale industries is the traditional industry as it needs little money and goods are made by the family members. These industries produce various traditional products like baskets, small toys, bidis, ropes, envelopes, papad, mats, badi, spices and weaving items etc. poor people can earn money without much capital. Now government is giving facilities to promote this industry.  

Question 5.
Write important naval warships of Navy?

Main Naval fleet of India are – INS Nilgiri, Himgiri, Devgiri, Taragiri, Vindhyagiri and INS Godavari Navy has survey ships and petrol aircraft carriers. Besides these there are two fleets one is the western fleet and the second is eastern fleet which are the mobile commander on the sea.

Question 6.
What is Cordilleras?

The western part of North America continent is a vast mountainous region known as the western Cordilleras which is spread from Alaska in north to Mexico in South.

Question 7.
Which is called the biggest meat market of the world?

The central part of South America continent is called the biggest meat market of the world. Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela are main countries which rear cattle and sheep for meat and milk products.

Question 8.
What is Inter – Mountainous Plateau?

The Plateau which lies between the two mountains is called inland mountain plateau. For example. Great Basin.

Question 9.
Why Brazil is called the “Home of Coffee”?

Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world of it is called the Home of Coffee.  

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Miscellaneous Questions 2 Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1.
Write note on the growth of press in 19th century.

The press played vital role in taking the idea of reform movements to the people. Earlier the press, newspaper, magazines and journals were under British control but in 19th century the reformers thought to use press as strong medium to convey the feelings of social, religious movements and nationalism to the people so they started their own press, magazines.

A lot of Editors were jailed by British who voiced the grievances and raised national sentiments by their papers. But they continued to use the press and they exposed the plights and suffering of Indians being meted out by the British before the world. Some leading Newspapers were.

  1. The Hindu
  2. The Indian Mirror
  3. Amrit Bazar
  4. Patrika
  5. The Kessari
  6. Maratha
  7. Swadesh Mitra
  8. Prabhakar
  9. Indra Prakash

These papers played a important role in social and religious reforms and the strengthened the Indian National Movements. Question 2.
What are the demerits of liquor addiction?
Liquor drinking is a social evil. This habit is ruining a number of families in India.

  1. A drunkard tortures his children and woman at home and this spoils the peace of family life.
  2. This increases economic problem.
  3. Such families do not get respect.

It ruins health, it damages brain, heart, kidney, liver etc. Drug re-habitation centers and spiritual sermons are quite helpful. Gandhiji tried to eradicate this evil. It was due to his teaching that prohibition has been included in part IV of the Indian Constitution under Directive Principles.

Question 3.
How is plantation farming done?

Plantation farming:
The large plantation of plants and tree for trade purpose and production like industries is called plantation farming. There are big plantation regions of coffee and sugarcane in South America where these are produced in greater quantity.

Question 4.
Why wood cutting starts in winter in Canada?

In the south of Tundra in Canada, the wide stretch of east to west experiences very cold winter and the summer normal. In this entire area the coniferous forest belt are found. Heavy rainfall occurs here. The earth becomes marshy and deep in summer. So tree cutting in summer is impossible. In winter heavy snowfalls so the earth and rivers are snow covered. Therefore lumber jacks cut trees in winter. They put the logs on the snow – covered rivers. When the snow of the rivers melt in summer, the logs are also transported and so the woods reach to work shops without labor expense and in short time.  

Question 5.
Make a chart of the Air Force officials hierarchy?


Question 6.
Write the significance of agriculture in the economy of North America?

Agriculture has very significant role in the economy of North America. It is very rich in agricultural production. This is mainly because the continent is vast and possesses very fertile plains, suitable climate and sufficient water is available for irrigation. The agricultural products can be classified in two parts:

  • food grains
  • Cash crops.

Extensive Prairie grasslands in the central and the river valleys are suitable for farming. Extensive agriculture is the chief farming practice. Wheat, maize, barley, millet, rice, soybean is main cereal crops are cotton, groundnut, tobacco, fruits are its cash crops. In the economy of North America agriculture has its main role. Question 7.
Which is called Laplata Basin?

Laplata plain:
The third plain is made of highlands of Brazil, Parana, Paraguay’ in south – west and valleys of Uruguay Rivers. This is called Laplata Basin. Question 8.
Make a list of the items of import and export of South America?

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Miscellaneous Questions 2 Long Answer Type Questions

Question 1.
Explain the relation of princely states of India with British government after 1858.

In 1855 there were 562 states ruled by Indian rulers. The Queen’s proclamation had promised not to extend the British territories in India and to respect the rights dignity and honor of Indian princess but it proved mere eyewash.

In 1874 the King of Baroda was dethroned. In 1876 Queen Victoria became the Empress of India. She further reduced the power and status of the Indian princes. Now it was the responsibility of British Govt, in India to protect the Indian states from internal as well as external threats.

This gave unlimited powers and to British Government to intervene in the internal affairs of Indian states. Governor General Lord Curzon even banned the foreign travel by Indian princes and he fixed the number troops that. Indian states could maintain under the control of British officers.

Question 2.
What changes do you find in the status of woman in today’s family? Mention it?

The plight of women in India was worst. The Purdha system, child marriage, sati system, illiteracy among women were the major features of Indian society. But with the efforts made by social reformers in 1829 the British GOVT, in India banded the Sati System.

Above mentioned social evils came to an end. Now women are literate and they are progressing in every field. We can see women as doctors, teachers, clerks, leaders, police officers, lawyers, Ridges etc in our society. Today, Indian Govt, is Helping women in advancing in every field. Stress is given on girl education. Sonia Gandhi is the President of Congress. Sheila Dixit is C.M. of Delhi.

Today woman is more powerful and their status m our families is equal to men’s status. Now we are proud of woman such as Kalpana Ciiawia a space Scientist. Now we have to change our attitude towards the Indian woman.

Question 3.
Corruption is an economical problem? How?

To get own s work done in favor people pay either money or other things to a person or any agency, is called corruption. Stealing of taxation also comes under this category According to law both who pays and vie who receives money through corruption are criminals. The corruption creates economic inequality and the poor gets more poor. Corruption eats into the roots of progress. The govt, has made rule and law to curtail corruption even though corruption is increasing in every field.  

Question 4.
Write a note on the production of defense equipment.

Defense production activities are divided into two groups departmentally run ordinance of factories:

  • The army ammunition, tanks, vehicles etc. are made in ordinance factories.
  • The defence public sector undertaking produce ships, aircraft, bulldozer earth moving equipment, machines, tools, sensors, communication equipment etc. The Missiles are produced to strengthen the defense line gni, Prithvi. Trishul. Nag, Akash, Brahmastra are successful missiles of India. India has atomic power also.

Question 5.
Write note on the distribution of rain in North America?
North America continent received most of its rain fall during summer. There are three western regions which get heavy rainfall:

  • In the inland due to the effect of trade winds.
  • In Central America and South-East areas due to closeness of Gulf Stream.
  • Due to the westerly winds on the western coast of British Columbia.

As we proceed from east coast to western areas, the distribution of rainfall becomes very low. The Arizona desert in south-west of United States have very scantly rainfall .

Question 6.
Describe the major forest industries of North America?

The main industries of paper, pulp, furniture and samuoor are situated in North America. Canada has tropical and temperate forests. The useful tress Chit, Fir, Sp-nice and Balsam are in plenty. U.S. and Canada have paper and pulp industries. Cellulose obtained from soft wood is used in manufacturing, rayon cloth. Hardwood from tropical forest and chuckle gum from Chuckle trees are obtained. The dairy cable are reared in grasslands, meat industry is highly developed near lakes. Chicago is the biggest meat market.  

Question 7.
Write about physical divisions of South America?

South America is divided into following three divisions:

  1. The Western Coastal Strip
  2. The Western Mountains
  3. The Central Plains
  4. The Eastern Highlands

1.The Western Coastal Strip:
Consists of a narrow strip of low and long the pacific coast in the western part of South America.

2.The Western Mountains:
There is a mountainous range called Andes along the western part of South America. They are the young fold mountains only next to Himalaya Mountains. They are three main ranges in the Andes. Eastern sides of this area have two high ranges. Between these mountains some plateaus are found. The Bolivian is one of them. Lake Titicaco is also located here.

It is one of the largest lake of South America. Mt. Aconcagua is the highest peak as higher as 7021 meters above sea level of Andes. Mt. Cotopaxi in Equator is volcanic mountain of this region.

3.The Central Plain:
The Central Plain is made up of the basins of the Orinoco, the Amazon and Plato rivers.Amazon river which 6280 kilometers long takes the greatest volume of water in the world. 4.The Eastern Highlands:
Consists of Guyana and Brazilians Highlands. The highest waterfall of the world called Angel Fall is located here in the south-eastern part of Venezuela.

Question 8.
Describe the animal husbandry and sheep rearing in South America?

Pastoral farming means rearing of animals for milk and milk product, meat, wool, hide and skins etc. Systematic pastoral farming is done m Argentina. Cattle are reared on large pastoral farms spreading over several square kilometers of land Farming is done in a systematic way means that the pastoral farms are run on the lines of big factory.

Each aspects of cattle rearing is kept in mind and provisions made for caring each aspect. For example, there are cattle, fodder crops, physical, machinery, water supply and transport. Cattle are looked after by gauchos. Cattle are sent to the ports for export. They are slaughtered and each part is utilized. For example bones are used for making fertilizers. Hides and fats are other products. Meat packing and beef-extracting factories are also located at ports.

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