Video Lectures for class 9

Video Lectures for class 9

Video Lectures for class 9 About Us

We are here with Video Lectures for class 9 th CBSE by best teachers.Main problem with students are that their concepts are not clear.Due to many reasons like they can’t attended the class,teacher didn’t taught well etc.So we are here to solve that problem by providing them with Video Lectures for class 9 by best teachers.

If your concept is not cleared then you can also watch the video to clear your concept.

India and the Contemporary World – 1 (History)

Section I: Events and Processes
1 : The French Revolution
2: Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution
3: Nazism and the Rise of Hitler
Section II: Livelihoods, Economics and Societies
4: Forest Society and Colonialism
5: Pastoralists in the Modern World
6: Peasants and Farmers
Section III: Everyday Life, Culture and Politics
7: History and Sport: The Story of Cricket
8: Clothing: A Social History

Contemporary India – 1 (Geography)

1: India – Size and Location
2: Physical Features of India
3: Drainage
4: Climate
5: Natural Vegetation and Wild Life
6: Population

Democratic Politics – I (Political Science)

1: Democracy in the Contemporary World
2: What is Democracy? Why Democracy?
3: Constitutional Design
4: Electoral Politics
5: Working of Institutions
6: Democratic Rights


1: The Story of Village Palampur
2: People as Resource
3: Poverty as a Challenge
4: Food Security in India


क्षितिज भाग 1 (‘अ’ पाठयक्रम)


1: दो बैलों की कथा
2: ल्हासा की ओर
3: उपभोक्तावाद की संस्कृति
4: साँवले सपनों की याद
5: नाना साहब की पुत्री देवी मैना को भस्म कर दिया गया
6: प्रेमचंद के फटे जूते
7: मेरे बचपन के दिन
8: एक कुत्ता और एक मैना


9: साखियाँ एवं सबद
10: वाख
11: सवैये
12: कैदी और कोकिला
13: ग्राम श्री
14: चंद्र गहना से लौटती बेर
15: मेघ आए
16: यमराज की दिशा
17: बच्चे काम पर जा रहे हैं

कृतिका भाग 1 (‘अ’ पाठयक्रम)

1: इस जल प्रलय में
2: मेरे संग की औरतें
3: रीढ़ की हड्डी
4: माटी वाली
5: किस तरह आख़िरकार मैं हिंदी में आया

NCERT Books for Class 9 English


1: The Fun They Had
2: The Sound of Music
3: The Little Girl
4: A Truly Beautiful Mind
5: The Snake and the Mirror
6: My Childhood
7: Packing
8: Reach for the Top
9: The Bond of Love
10: Kathmandu
11: If I were you

Moments – Supplementary Reader

1: The Lost Child
2: The Adventures of Toto
3: Iswaran the Storyteller
4: In the Kingdom of Fools
5: The Happy Prince
6: Weathering the Storm in Ersama
7: The Last Leaf
8: A House is not a Home
9: The Accidental Tourist
10: The Beggar

NCERT Books for Class 9 Sanskrit


प्रथमः पाठः – भारतीवसन्तगीतिः
द्वितीयः पाठः – स्वर्णकाकः
तृतीयः पाठः – सोम प्रभम
चतुर्थः पाठः – कल्पतरुः
पञ्चमः पाठः – सूक्ति मौक्तिकम
षष्ठः पाठः – भ्रान्तो बालः
सप्तमः पाठः – प्रत्यभिज्ञानम
अष्टमः पाठः – लौहतुला
नवमः पाठः – सिकतासेतुः
दशमः पाठः – जटायोः शौर्यम
एकादशः पाठः – पर्यावरणम
द्वादशः पाठः – वाडमनः प्राणस्वरूपम


प्रथम अध्याय – वर्ण विचार
द्वितीय अध्याय – संज्ञा एवं परिभाषा प्रकरण
तृतीय अध्याय – सन्धि
चतुर्थ अध्याय – सब्दरूप – सामान्य परिचय
पंचम अध्याय – धातुरूप – सामान्य परिचय
षष्ठ अध्याय – उपसर्ग
सप्तम अध्याय – अव्यय
अष्टम अध्याय – प्रत्यय
नवम अध्याय – समास परिचय
दशम अध्याय – कारक और विभक्ति
एकादशः अध्याय – वाच्य परिवर्तन
द्वादश अध्याय – रचना प्रयोग

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