Youtube Premium Mod APK V19.24.38 No Ads, Play Music In Background 2024

Youtube Premium Mod APK: Welcome to Education Learn Academy. Today we will be sharing YouTube Premium mod apk. YouTube is the most widely used video sharing site in the world.

It was introduced on the 14th of February 2005 and is today more useful than the original version. Millions of people use this platform to watch and upload various kind of videos daily. It’s very user-friendly and feature-rich when it comes to finding and playing videos.

However, users do not seem very happy with the services provided by YouTube over the past few years. Too many ads, background music, and many other things diminish the user experience.

You can create playlists of your favourite songs and play them while performing other tasks. You may wonder if YouTube will uninterruptedly play all those songs, but what about ads? These days YouTube shows 2-3 ads before playing videos and provokes people.

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Youtube premium Mod Apk
Youtube premium Mod Apk
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You need to sign up for YouTube Premium to avoid all that annoying advertising. It will give you a one-month trial for free, and you will have to pay $ 11.99 per month. Most of us don’t like paying for watching videos, but we still want all those great features provided by YouTube Premium. YouTube premium MOD APK is the best solution to get rid of this problem.

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What is Youtube Premium Apk?

Do you know anyone who doesn’t know about YouTube Premium Mod APK or OGYoutube Apk? To my knowledge, very few people are aware of the Youtube Hack APK. I don’t think I should introduce it on YouTube, but yes here I will give you a download link of YouTube Premium APK (OG youtube) also called Youtube Go Mod APK, and I’ll explain it in detail with its unique features.


If you check our website daily, you will find out the latest version of your beloved APKs. You must know about our work. But if you’re new here let me tell you, At Education Learn Academy, I publish Mod APKs daily for Android and PC phones. So next time, you need any mod APK you can ask us about the comment section.

Well, you’ve probably checked out many websites that claim to offer Youtube Mod APK, but they are wasting your time and giving you nothing. So today ill save your time , I am here with the latest version of Youtube Hack APK. Below I share the full details of this APK, such as the Youtube Mod APK. (Og youtube apk) its features. How to download and install it, so read the full post if you don’t want to miss some hidden and exclusive YouTube Mod feature

I know you are here to download the Youtube Mod APK and provide a link with me. But I would suggest you read this information about it. Not mandatory but will greatly assist you to use all features and capabilities of the Mod YT App.

OGYoutube APK (Youtube Mod) is a YouTube-made version of YouTube that comes with many additional features. Using the YT Mod APK is the same as the original youtube app. You will not face any problem while using it.

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Have you ever used the youtube ad-free app, direct download guides, background video playback option, black mode, screen dimming option, Ads-Free ? I think no because these features are not on the youtube program but are available on the Youtube Mod APK. So without wasting time, you should download the Youtube App.

YouTube Premium MOD APK

Size150 MB
Android Support4.2 or up
Last UpdatedToday
DeveloperEla Offical Team
TelegramJoin Us

How to Download YouTube Premium APK?

Follow the steps given below to download the excellent YouTube APK:

  1. Use the link shared above to download the YouTube Premium Mod APK now on your android device.
  2. Go to Settings on your phone, then security, and touch Unknown Sources. Now open install the downloaded app.
  3. Install the YouTube Premium APK by following the installation instructions. It will install you in a few seconds.
  4. Open the installed application, and it will show you a pop-up message when this application will ask you to download another APK file. Download that file immediately by tapping the “OK” button.
  5. Install an additional APK on your mobile device.
  6. Reopen the YouTube APK after adding an additional file. Provide downloads, screen overlay, and account permissions—the last thing you must do to use the YouTube Premium MOD APK on your phone.
  7. You can now sign in with your Google Account or avoid it if you don’t want to sync your YouTube account. The download and installation process is straightforward. It only takes a few minutes, and you can enjoy the premium features of your YouTube APP.

How To Download Youtube Premium APK – Videos Tutorial

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Youtube Premium Mod APK Features

It’s an extended version of the original YouTube app that we all use on our smartphones. You must download and install this MOD APK on your device to take full advantage of its features. It works exactly like the official YouTube app. You can sign in to this app using your Gmail account and use all features provided by the YouTube premium.

There is no need to submit this app, and that is a wonderful benefit of this app. All those annoying ads will disappear, and you will watch videos right on YouTube. Users call it the most customized variant of the original YouTube app. It is reliable and quite feature-rich.

Don’t consider it promotional because the YouTube MOD APK is a different version of YouTube’s premium version. A simple user interface, easy installation, and flawless functionality on any Android device make this app a great solution for Premium YouTube enthusiasts.

You should try it if you want to get rid of YouTube ads and experience the following YouTube MOD APK features.

YouTube Premium Features

So, why would anyone want to consider a paid subscription version to the greatest video platform in the world? Especially considering that YouTube is already free to its users. Well, there are actually quite a few benefits and features that make this subscription all the more worth it.

  • Play videos in the background. If you aren’t already able to, you can immediately start watching all your views in the background, while you multitask This is an amazing feature to have, when you don’t have enough to watch all the different vids available. Or, maybe you need to do some research on the topics you’re watching.

YouTube Music:

All of these additional features come at the cost of a subscription. Do you think it’s a fair trade-off? Well, there may be a solution, if you don’t.

1. Works precisely like YouTube

You’ve used the official YouTube app on your Android and iOS device. Comes with a very user-friendly interface, offers many features like later view, save to playlist, create playlists, watch video history, quick search, subscriptions, subscriptions, library, etc. The YouTube app has completely changed over the last few years and is still easy to use.

The YouTube MOD APK will work and act exactly like the real YouTube app. You will not face any issues or security issues. However, it does provide all of the YouTube premium features that do not offer the standard YouTube app. So, it’s a better decision.

2. Video download

This is something that most people do not expect when watching videos on YouTube. It can be an informational video, your favourite song, show, or any other video you’d like to download and store on your device. Unfortunately, you cannot download the videos directly from YouTube because it does not provide a place to download the video. You will need to use the YouTube download tool to download your favourite videos.

Downloading videos by downloading YouTube is a frightening process. The YouTube Premium MOD APK solves this problem by letting you download videos directly. You can search, watch, and download videos directly from this app—no need to copy the video link and paste it into the download application. Just open the video you want to watch and export it.

3. No track needed:

The YouTube Premium MOD APK does not require routing. You can access all the features promised after downloading them.

4. Free music downloads

This MOD APK allows you to download all your favourite MP3 songs with different bitrate. Whatever song you like these days, search for it on YouTube Premium and download it for free.

for Spotify Premium Account

5. Play music in the background

This new feature attracts millions of users to YouTube’s Premium. You can enjoy that feature for free when you use the YouTube Premium MOD APK on your device. Enjoy playing in the background with just one click.

6. Pop-up window

It’s called multitasking PiP mode. Generally, you can’t do other tasks on your phone when playing videos on YouTube. That infuriates a lot of people because they would instead look at social media feeds and do other activities when playing music on YouTube. The YouTube Premium MOD APK lets you convert video into a small pop-up window and do other things on your phone.

7. No ads!

This is what makes YouTube Premium so unique to millions of users. There will be no ads when you watch your favourite YouTube videos in this MOD APK. No interruptions at all, and it means you can play your favourite song playlist while performing other tasks.

8. Black mode

Try YouTube Black Mode on your device. It’s a premium feature you get for free with the YouTube Premium MOD APK. It improves the experience of watching videos on all mobile devices.

9. It is solid

This YouTube Premium YouTube APK can work flawlessly on any mobile phone running the latest version of Android. You need Android 4.4+ to use this APK EMOD. It is a very stable app, and you will not face any problems with using it.

10. Works with the default YouTube app

You can continue to use the default YouTube app on your Android device. You don’t need to uninstall it because the YouTube Premium MOD APK can work just like that default YouTube app. Switch to the default app where you want to view more ads and then go back to the MOD APK where you want to try all the premium features.

All of these features make the YouTube Premium MOD APK an awesome alternative to the YouTube premium. You can get it for free and use it for as long as you want.

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Why do you need a YouTube premium? 

As mentioned earlier, the YouTube subscription starts at $ 11.99. Most mobile phone users can’t afford to pay that much every month to use YouTube’s original features. However, people are still considering using it for the following reasons:

1. YouTube gets better with no ads:

Google makes billions of dollars every year by showing ads. These ads are the primary source of revenue for any online platform, and YouTube is no exception. It offers everything you want to watch, and YouTube spends a lot of money to maintain its reputation as a platform for sharing leading videos. That’s why it shows ads to offer free video to stream.

People don’t like ads. They just want to watch videos and enjoy their favourite songs. YouTube has finally found a solution for users’ demand, and that solution comes in the form of a YouTube Premium subscription. You have to pay $ 11.99 and enjoy ad-free video streaming throughout the month.

2. Play videos offline:

The premium version also offers offline video playback. People with a limited data plan enjoy this feature. They can store more data and watch their favourite videos on YouTube without using valuable data.

You can find the required video, then open the options menu to save the offline streaming video. It’s a great way to prevent data waste and still play your favourite videos on YouTube. There is no other video sharing site that offers such content. That is why YouTube Premium is so helpful.

3. Get Google Play Music free along with YouTube Music Premium:

Those, unaware, Google Play Music is much better than Spotify and is equally as good as Apple Music. All Google Play Music subscribers receive a YouTube premium for free, and YouTube Premium subscribers also get Google Play Music for free. Both services are incredible. YouTube Premium Music is already included in the programs.

Experts believe that the Google Play Music library has more songs than Spotify’s offering its cloud-based digital service is just as amazing as the user can access his songs anytime and anywhere he wants.

4. You can use other apps:

A YouTube video often stops in the YouTube app when you switch to another program. Not if you use the YouTube premium. The whole app turns into a small pop-up window. You can open other apps too, use those apps, and that multitasking feature makes YouTube Premium very- very user-friendly.

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5. Free access to YouTube content:

YouTube’s invention produces a web series that brings down articles and shows. You might have something to like from YouTube realities. , you can watch all those paid shows for free using the YouTube Premium apk.

Many other features, including the features mentioned above, make YouTube Premium very useful for every user. It costs a certain amount of money, and that’s why so many people didn’t sign up for the YouTube premium. Now, they are choosing the YouTube premium APK for all the amazing features.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Question

What to do if the MOD APK does not install?

You must ensure that your device is installed with Android 4.4 or later. You should disable the default YouTube app ad and try installing the MOD APK, if you have Android required and the MOD APK is no longer installed.

 What to do if the apk is not working?

You must force stop the application and clear the cache and clear the data to restart it properly.

What should I do when facing problems logging in?

Such problems will not occur if you have downloaded the required “additional application”. This application ensures the YouTube MOD APK works correctly.

How to use other apps while playing video in YouTube MOD APK?

First, you will need to play the video in the MOD APK, and you will see a small icon in the right corner of your youtube video screen. Click on this icon and that video will transform into a small pop-up window. You can also use other apps on your phone now.

  • Based on Default Mod RVX – B – ORG Varient:
  • Debug Info & corresponding .sources Tags Removed
  • Optimized Graphics & Cleaned Resources For Fast Load
  • Kotlin Invokes Removed
  • Maximum Ads Links Removed/Nullified From Java Classes
  • Google Play Store Install Package Check Disabled
  • Google Play Services Check Verification Disabled
  • Maximum Analytics/Crashlytics & Other Trackers Removed
  • Mod Lite 55 MB (Org Size 135 MB)
  • Unwanted Permissions/Activities/Services/Providers Disabled
  • Split file & Other Trash Removed from Resources
  • Compression Flags Untouched (No Ultra Super Compression Applied)
  • No Third Party Patch/Hook/Component Applied
  • Screen Dpi- Universal (m to xxxhdpi, All)
  • CPU Arch- Arm, Arm64
  • Language- MultiLingual

Download Link+ Mod Info

How to Install-
• First Install Vanced MicroG
• 2nd Install Youtube Premium Your choice. remember Install Both App
• Login inside Youtube ReVanced Extended App.
• Make Sure You Download ReVanced and Vanced MicroG of Same Arch,Done.

Mod 1: For this YouTube mod, a micro Apk is needed, and it won’t work without a micro Apk. (Arm7+Arm8+ All Languages) Work For All Device. (Premium Youtube Icon)

MOD 2: For this mod, a micro apk is not needed. It’s not that there’s no need, but if you want to log in, then you’ll need it. And if you don’t want to log in, then you don’t need a micro apk. You can use it with a micro, that’s the simple fact. use in normal youtube mod without ads. (Normal Youtube Icon)



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