How to Have Apple Music Premium Free Forever 2024

Apple Music Premium : Welcome to Education Learn AcademyApple Music is among the most popular music streaming service that is available and used all over the world. It comes in direct competition with the no.1 streaming service Spotify. That created intense competition between these two providers. We already covered lots of articles on Spotify but now we are here for Apple Music lovers.

Apple Music Premium Free Forever
Apple Music Premium Free Forever

Apple Music was first launched in June 2015 in all the iOS devices. Till now with constant updates and great features apple has established its music platform very well in the market. Millions of people are using Apple Music daily because of its great user experience.

But like most of Apple services, Apple Music is also a paid streaming service. Where you will need a premium subscription for streaming songs, Albums, Concerts, etc. The monthly subscription costs about $9.99 which is comparatively higher when compared with other popular streaming services like Spotify.

But still, most people prefer using Apple Music which is a totally fine choice but, what if you can get access to all the premium stuff for free? Yes, you read it right, you can get Apple Music for free. Here we will list down some of the best methods by which you can get Apple Music free forever and you can continue listening to your favorite music.

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Why Apple Music?

Most of the people love Apple Music because of its great features and performance. There are several features that are much-needed but are not available in other streaming applications.

Features of Apple Music Premium

Let’s check out why you should choose Apple Music over other music streaming services.

  •  Song Lyrics– Songs Lyrics are much needed if you want to feel the music from the inside and Apple Music has done a great job here. It provides you lyrics of each and every song with just a single upward swipe. The only downside is the lyrics aren’t synchronized they are just simple lyrics word.
  • Extraordinary Playlist– Apple Music comes with a variety of Playlists it doesn’t matter if you love Slow songs, PoP music, 90’s originals. Apple Music has something for you. You can search, save, or download any playlist whenever you want.
  • Quick Shortcuts– Apple music also has some great shortcut features that you can use in your day to day routine. You can also set up a number of shortcut features and assign them with several actions.

Get Apple Music Premium Free Forever 2024

So, now we will talk about mainly two methods by which you can get Apple Music for free. To get the free subscription to follow the steps carefully.

Method 1- Get Apple Music free for 3 months (Free Trial)

As there are a number of competitors in the market almost every streaming service is giving some free trial period. Where you can get access to all the premium features for free within the trial period.

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How to Have Apple Music Premium Free Forever 2024 3

Apple Music also comes with a 3-month free trial period where you won’t be charged for continuous three months and that can roughly save your $30. Which itself is a great deal to go for. To get the free trial you just need to follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Step 1. First, update your Apple Music application in your device.
  • Step 2. Now, open the app, and â€śclick on get free trial“.
  • Step 3. Then log-in with your Apple ID.
  • Step 4. Now fill-up the billing address and payment information.
  • Step 5. Yay! your trial period is now active and now you can use all the premium features.
  • Note– Set a reminder to cancel the subscription 1 day before the trial period overs. Else you will be charged $9.99 for a month.

Unlimited Trial Method

After the 3-month trial period is over your services will stop or you will be charged for the subscription. But wait what if you get another 3 month trial period? yes, it is possible to get an unlimited number of the trial period in Apple Music. All you need to do is just follow some quick steps.

Just clear the data od Apple Music and then create a new Apple-ID with valid details and repeat all the steps mentioned above. That’s it now you can get Apple Music free-forever using the free trial method.

Method 2 – Download Apple Music Via Music converters

Why do we need Apple Music? to listen to our favorite songs. right? What if you can simply download and convert almost every Music, Audiobooks that are available on Apple Music.

Yes, it is possible via many third-party Apple Music converters available in the market. I haven’t listed any specific music converter. So, you can use anyone from them but all of them work almost the same. You can choose Spotify premium as the alternative to apple music.

All you need to do is search for your favorite songs via the search bar or you can paste the link of the songs and hit the download button. You can also choose the file format and other basic things.

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FAQ related to Apple Music Premium

Q1. Is there a free Apple premium music?

Yes, You can always get free access to 60 million songs for 3-months by signing up as a new customer.

Q2. Is Apple music better than Spotify?

It depends on the experience. If you are an iOS lover you will definitely love the Apple Music but if you have well known with Spotify then it would be better for you.

Q3. Is Apple music the same as iTunes?

Yes, It’s an iTunes Replacement.

Q4. Will I lose my music if I cancel Apple music?

Yes, You will lose all the data as soon your apple music trial ends or you canceled the subscription.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s up for Apple Music and the ways by which you can get Apple Music for free. Apple Music is a great application and does its job very well. If the trick worked for you do share it with other people so they can also enjoy Apple Music for free.

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