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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

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Education Learn Academy is a student-focused educational website that offers quality test papers and study materials for CBSE students and those preparing for various entrance exams. Over the past few years, surveys were conducted to understand students’ study problems and needs. This website is designed as a solution based on those surveys. The test papers and study materials are based on NCERT books. I have been guiding students for their better education. “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.

Why Did Education Learn Academy Start?

This is My Story Journey from Student to Entrepreneur

This story is from 2018 when I was in 9th grade. I saw that my teacher was using an app to teach us English. I was curious and asked my teacher about it. He told me it was an app that we could download from the Playstore. That’s when I understood where he was getting the questions and answers from.

At that time, I didn’t pay much attention to it, but later I got interested in learning about computers. My parents enrolled me in computer coaching, and I worked hard day and night to learn. I was still in 9th grade, just starting out. I learned a lot from the coaching classes, which was called Softzone. I took a 6-month course there.

I started watching YouTube videos on how to earn money online. When my 9th-grade results came out, my father bought me a laptop, which was a big deal for me. I decided to recover the cost of the laptop through online earnings.

I began learning new skills. Even back in 6th grade, I was uploading videos on YouTube. I knew about websites, so I had created one back then but didn’t know I could earn from it. During computer classes in 10th grade, I learned that you could make money from Blogger.com. I worked hard, learning and writing for 10 hours every day. After 6 months, I got approval from Google AdSense. I was so happy that day.

I immediately put ads on my site and kept checking for earnings. For two days, nothing happened. I shared my site with friends and asked them to click on the ads, but then my account got limited. I learned that was not the right way to do things.

I continued working on my site for a year on a free Blogger platform and earned $200, but my AdSense account got disabled, and I didn’t get a single rupee. I felt defeated, but I had learned a lot by then—blogging, SEO, YouTube management, web design, video editing, and graphic design. Two years had passed since I started.

In January 2020, I bought the domain educationlearnacademy.com with my family’s money and also bought hosting. I knew nothing about WordPress, hosting, or domains since I had only worked on Blogger before. I didn’t give up and spent 18 hours a day learning. I watched videos by SidTalk and Tech Ripon. After 3 months, I had learned 90% of what I needed.

I started posting regularly on my site and got approval after 6 months. I also started uploading videos on my old YouTube channel from 6th grade. I kept learning and improving my content daily. After two years, I earned $120, and after four years, I received my first payment in January 2022.

I went to the temple to give thanks and gifted clothes to my family with the 8000 INR I earned. I renewed my domain and hosting. I made a video about IPL that brought a lot of traffic to my site, earning around 2 lakhs. Then COVID-19 hit, and everyone was stuck at home, so I helped people.

During this time, I created over 10 sites and earned $500 from one, but it was deleted by Google due to DMCA issues. I was in college by then and focused on writing quality content. I also started a Telegram account in 2019. Everything was going well until February 2023, when all my sites got banned, and I lost everything, including my 5 AdSense accounts.

I used my last earnings to pay for family expenses and continued working hard. After 4-5 months, I got approval again but lost it after 3 months. I was devastated but didn’t give up. I worked day and night, learning cracking, modding, software development, and graphic design. I even worked for a client for 3 months for $25 a month.

I learned a lot on Telegram, created channels for various subjects like JEE, NEET, SSC, and study materials. Many of my channels got banned, but some were successful.

I graduated college in May 2024 and started a new YouTube channel. I work for free on Telegram, helping others. I continue learning every day and started a new channel to share my thoughts.

Even though I don’t have ads on my website now, I work 15-16 hours a day without worrying about money. I am grateful for everything in my life. Out of the four aspects of life, three are good, except for money. But I believe that I will achieve something this year.

I am grateful for everything. Thank you for reading my story. If you read till the end, let me know in the comments. This is the story of me and my website. I could have summarized it, but I wanted you to know who I am. Thank you for supporting me when no one else did.

MY LEARNING: Curiosity and Learning, Perseverance, Adaptability, Ethical Practices, Time Management, Community and Support, Financial Responsibility, Continuous Improvement


Why we exist?

We exist to learn new things, to be kind to others, and to enjoy life. Everyone has something special that only they can do, and part of the fun is discovering what that is and how we can make the world a better place.

Everyone has unique talents and abilities that can contribute to the world in meaningful ways. Whether it’s through art, science, teaching, or any other field, our contributions help improve the lives of others and make the world a better place. Finding and pursuing our passions allows us to fulfill our potential and leave a positive impact.

Life is also about finding joy and meaning in our experiences. Whether it’s enjoying a beautiful sunset, achieving a personal goal, or spending time with loved ones, these moments of happiness and fulfillment remind us of the beauty and purpose of life. By appreciating the small and big moments alike, we enrich our existence.

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Education Learn Academy is an online educational platform that offers comprehensive study materials for students from classes 6 to 12. The platform provides NCERT Solutions, solved previous year question papers, and reference book solutions for CBSE and other boards. The content is designed by highly skilled subject experts, making it easy for students to understand and learn.

Education Learn Academy offers a wide range of study materials that are available for free. These include 95,000+ solved questions, 250+ solved textbooks, 50+ solved reference books, and more than 1000 solved papers. The platform is dedicated to optimizing students’ efforts to score higher marks in their exams.

In summary, Education Learn Academy is an excellent study destination for K-12 education. With its high-quality content and easy solutions, it stands out from the rest of the educational platforms available online.

Authors- About Me


Hi there, I’m Hemant.

You can call me: Entrepreneur | CEO | Youtuber | Blogger | Web Developer ~ Hemant 🙂

Hello friends, I am Hemant, Content Writer & Founder of Education Learn Academy. Talking about Education Post, I am a student. I enjoy learning things related to new technology and teaching others. I request you that you keep supporting us in this way and we will continue to provide new information for you. 🙂

More About Me Who I am.

“Hello and welcome to my profile! My name is Hemant, and I am a highly skilled and experienced digital marketer with expertise in content writing, website design, video editing, YouTube channel management, SEO, website consultation, website customization, website development, website management, blog writing, and infographic design.

With a degree in MBA and over 5 years of experience in the industry, I have helped numerous clients achieve their digital marketing goals. My passion for education has led me to start my own blog, educationlearnacademy.com, where I share my knowledge and insights on various topics.

I offer a wide range of services to help businesses and individuals enhance their online presence and achieve their marketing objectives. My services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, and I always strive to exceed expectations.

When you work with me, you can expect timely delivery, high-quality work, and excellent communication. I am dedicated to providing the best possible service to my clients, and I go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction.

My features include:

  • Customized solutions to meet your unique needs
  • Timely delivery of all projects
  • High-quality work that meets industry standards
  • Excellent communication and support throughout the project

If you would like to learn more about me and my work, you can search for Education Learn Academy on Google. Thank you for considering my services. I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your digital marketing goals.”

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Ohh my dear friends, Just look at the stars, how beautiful & perfect is everything, your sadness, depression, & overthinking, happiness nothing matters in this infinity, everything will be gonna end one day, just enjoy the beauty, you are the magic 🪄✨!

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My main goal in life is simple—to help others.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: A few lines can’t define me 😉

I’m ready to do whatever I can with whatever I have. If there’s something I need to do for it, I just go ahead and do it. Why? Because if my help benefits a lot of people, why wouldn’t I do it? In this world where everyone usually thinks about themselves, I choose to do things differently. I create things for those who can’t afford them. Otherwise, what’s the point for me? I do all of this for free.

Life has a straightforward rule, my friend. I didn’t bring anything into this world, and I won’t take anything when I leave. So, why not use whatever I have? Whether it’s my knowledge or something else that everyone needs.

If someone donates or buys a course, I earn from it. But these kinds of people are only 0.1%.

There’s a lot more to share, but I won’t talk much because nobody cares who I am. If you feel that my channel is making a difference in your life, then feel free to join. If not, you’re free to leave. Love everyone, help everyone—that’s all I want.

We aspire to be India’s largest and most engaged community for Study Matrial help and board exam preparation. Also I will Give Motivation And mentorship FREE. I also try to give Free Eduction.


We believe that a helping hand can make a significant impact on a student’s life. We help them prepare actively for these exams & score better.

We believe that collaboration is the future of learning and thus we have brought together students & community experts from across the country.

Education Learn Academy provides Better Education ?

Education Learn Academy is a student centric educational web portal which provides quality test papers and study materials for the students preparing for CBSE or targetting various entrance exams.

During past few years, a number of surveys on students were made to better understand their problems regarding their studies and their basic requirement. This website is basically a conclusive solution of the surveys. Test and study materials are according to the student’s needs.

We wish to be accessible to everyone preparing for competitive exams, hence we are available on our app, website and YouTube. Exam aspirants can access high quality preparation & practice material, interact with and learn from subject matter experts & fellow students, and boost their preparation by subscribing to Test Series & Live Courses.

At Gradeup, we cover a wide variety of exams and video content for exam preparation. We also conduct live sessions, so you can interact and get your doubts solved in real-time. During your course of preparation, Gradeup keeps you updated with all exam related notifications and details.

What is the use of Education Learn Academy?

Education Learn Academy  – The Learning App makes use of original content, rich animations, interactive simulations and engaging video lessons from India’s best teachers. Delivering world class learning experience,  Education Learn Academy is making learning contextual and visual, and not just theoretical.

Is Education Learn Academy‘s free?

Yes it is free, but not completely!  Education Learn Academy follows a freemium business model. This model is a pricing strategy which offers a product for free with extra money being charged for utilizing features of the product.

What is Education Learn Academy?

Education Learn Academy is a company that offers free online state-wise school books for classes 1–12, as well as solutions for classes 1–12. These solutions include NCERT solutions, RD Sharma solutions, CBSE sample papers, and MP Board solutions. Education Learn Academy also offers NCERT exemplar problems and videos for new sessions. Hemant Singh founded the company in 2018.

Who is the founder of education learn academy?

Hemant Singh Raghuvanshi founder of EDUCATION LEARN ACADEMY.

How much do I earn and how do I earn it?

ANS: Whatever I earn, I can earn it by offering courses to people. And if someone donates, I can earn that way too. If someone donates or buys a course, I earn from it. But these kinds of people are only 0.1%.
I have a website, but haters have blocked the ads on it. So, you won’t be able to see any ads on my site. My only source of income is my website, but it has been blocked for a year. I am a college student, so that’s why I’m doing this work. I haven’t earned anything for years. I work on Telegram for 12-15 hours every day.
I think that if I help all of you, maybe things will be better for me too. But that’s not the case. You benefit, everything is free for you, but I don’t get anything. This is my interest and my ethics that I am helping all of you. But I don’t know how long I’ll be able to do this. And there are few people who support me.
Some share, some support, but they don’t actually do it because I see the stats. I don’t take any sponsors, nor do I show any ads on Telegram because I know how valuable your time is. But I know that doing all this won’t benefit me because once your work is done, you’ll forget about me. Because you’ll only think what you want to think about me.
Earning Rs. 1000 by the end of the month is also difficult because, as you know, you’ll Not donate to me, and I don’t use any short links or have any main sponsor to earn money from. Telegram also doesn’t pay me anything. After a while, you’ll focus on your own work and forget how much I earn. Because I earn so little that if you had to do this work one day, you’d leave all this and get a job. You might think only a fool would do this work.
You don’t know how much effort and hard work I put in. Even if I tell you, what difference will it make in 2-3 minutes of sympathy? Whatever it is, let’s see what happens. Thanks if anyone is reading this till the end. Whoever is reading this either has their own interest or they love me.

About The Author

Hemant Singh

Hello friends, I am Hemant, Technical Writer & Co-Founder of Education Learn Academy. Talking about education, I am a student. I enjoy learning things related to new technology and teaching others. I request you that you keep supporting us in this way and we will continue to provide new information for you. :)

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