Pradeep’s Fundamental Physics for Class 11 Volume 1 & 2 with Solution Download PDF

Pradeep’s Fundamental Physics: Hello students! Are you searching for Pradeep class 11 new physics pdf? If yes, then you are at right place. You can download Pradeep Class 11 Physics PDF here.

We also provide other publication physics pdf book for class 11 with solutions.  It is designed for class 11 students. PDFs are very important for class 11 students to score good marks in class 11 and are supplemented by some additional questions. 

Pradeep's Fundamental Physics for Class 11 Volume 1 & 2 with Solution Download PDF
Pradeep’s Fundamental Physics for Class 11 Volume 1 & 2 with Solution Download PDF

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Looking for good quality solutions prepared by experts for your exam preparation Pradeep Class 11 Physics PDF is provided here. These Pradeep Solutions are provided by an expert team and are organized in the form of chapters and exercises.

Pradeep’s Fundamental Physics for Class 11 PDF

Senior Secondary class is essentially a career-making class, and science is the most sought-after course at this level for pursuing ambitious careers of doctors, engineers, scientists, research scholars, etc.

To make his dream come true, a student has to perform exceptionally well in this class. Thus it is extremely important that all the science books for this class – Physics, Chemistry,

Biology and Mathematics – are designed in such a way that complete knowledge of these subjects is given in the most presentable manner. Pradeep’s books are the only books to meet this need in the most innovative way for over 30 years.

Be it Physics or Chemistry or Biology or Mathematics, the books are being updated every year with knowledge and presented in the most approachable and interesting manner. This is the reason why Pradeep’s books are the number 1 selling books in the country.

Pradeep’s new syllabus for class 11 and 12 is one of the jewels of the chemistry crown.

Pradeep’s Fundamental Physics for Class 11 Book’s Features 

  1. This book is a very good book for NCERT and it is also a very good competitive exam preparation book. Pradeep Book is also helpful for those students who do not like to read books. Pradeep class 11 physics book solves all the doubts which are related to physics in their exams and classes.
  2. This is a traditional textbook that has been on the market for over 25 years. It is best suited for CBSE and ICSE students and also for competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET and AIPMT.
  3. Pradeep class 11 physics book is full of examples from different categories and you can clear all your concepts from this book. The book starts with the basics of advanced topics, contains various solved problems and then has detailed solutions which will help you to get an idea about how to approach them.
  4. This book is very useful for the students preparing for entrance examinations in medical, engineering and other competitive examinations. It covers the entire syllabus in a detailed manner. It is so easy to conduct the experiments and helps to understand the concepts better.
  5. Pradeep Class 11 Physics Book is a concise and easy to understand study guide for JEE and NEET. This book will not only help you in your exam but will also make your life easier when you are trying to solve problems from the very beginning.
  6. The difficult concepts are explained in a simple and well mannered manner so that every student can understand the concepts clearly and easily.

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Pradeep Class 11 Physics Book Table of Contents

Volume I

  • Unit 0: Mathematical Tools
  • Unit 1: Physical World and Measurement
  • Unit 2: Kinematics
  • Unit 3: Law of Motion
  • Unit 4: Work, Energy and Power
  • Unit 5: System of Particles and Rotational Motion
  • Model Test Papers 1 & 2 (Unit 0 to 5)
  • Answers and Hints to Model Test Papers 1& 2

Volume II

  • Unit 6: Gravitation
  • Unit 7: Properties of Bulk Matter
  • Unit 8: Thermodynamics
  • Unit 9: Behaviour of Perfect Gas & Kenetic Theory
  • Unit 10: Oscillations and Waves
  • Model Test Papers 3 & 4 (Unit 6 to 10)
  • Answers and Hints to Model Test Papers 3 & 4
  • Log Tables

Book Name  ;   Pradeep’s Fundamental Physics for Class 11Publication   :   PRADEEP PUBLISHERSAuthors         :   KL Gogia                    Total Pages   :   355 pagesLanguage      :   EnglishSize (in MB)  :   1 GB

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Pradeep’s Fundamental Physics for Class 11
ChaptersDownload Links
Physical World – IClick Here
Physical World – IIClick Here
Physical World and MeasurementsClick Here
Fluid MechanicsClick Here
Laws of MotionClick Here
Work, Power, and EnergyClick Here
ElasticityClick Here
System of Particles and Rotational MotionClick Here
GravitationClick Here
Simple Harmonic MotionClick Here
ThermodynamicsClick Here
Surface Tension – IClick Here
Surface Tension – IIClick Here
Ray OpticsClick Here
Work, Energy, Power, and CollisionClick Here
Power, and CollisionClick Here
Pradeep’s Fundamental Physics for Class 11
ChaptersDownload Links
Electrostatic FormulaClick Here
ElectrostaticsClick Here
Current ElectricityClick Here
Current Electricity FormulaClick Here
Magnetic Effect of CurrentClick Here
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating CurrentClick Here
Reflection of LightClick Here
Wave OpticsClick Here
Electron Photon and X-rayClick Here
Atoms StructureClick Here
Nuclear Physics and RadioactivityClick Here
Semiconductor Electronics Materials Devices And Simple CircuitsClick Here

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