XamIdea Class 7 Book Solutions Free PDF Download

XamIdea Class 7 Book Solutions PDF Download: Students can refer to chapter wise XamIdea Class 7 Book Solutions. These solutions have been designed based on latest XamIdea Class 7 book issued for the current academic. Please refer to the links below to download the solutions in PDF format.

XamIdea Class 7 Book Solutions Download PDF free
XamIdea Class 7 Book Solutions Download PDF free

Xam Idea Civics Textbook Solutions Class 7



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Chapter 1 On Equality
Chapter 2 Role Of The Government In Health
Chapter 3 How The State Government Works
Chapter 4 Growing Up As Boys And Girls
Chapter 5 Women Change The World
Chapter 6 Understanding Media
Chapter 7 Understanding Advertising
Chapter 8 Markets Around Us
Chapter 9 A Shirt In The Market
Chapter 10 Struggles For Equality

Xam Idea Geography Textbook Solutions Class 7

Chapter 1 Environment
Chapter 2 Inside Our Earth
Chapter 3 Our Changing Earth
Chapter 4 Air
Chapter 5 Water
Chapter 6 Natural Vegetation And Wildlife
Chapter 7 Human Environment Settlement Transport And Communication
Chapter 8 Human Environment Interactions The Tropical And The Subtropical Region
Chapter 9 Life In The Temperate Grasslands
Chapter 10 Life In The Deserts

Xam Idea History Textbook Solutions Class 7

Chapter 1 Tracing Changes Through A Thousand Years
Chapter 2 New Kings And Kingdoms
Chapter 3 The Delhi Sultans 1206 Ad–1526 Ad
Chapter 4 The Mughal Empire
Chapter 5 Rulers And Buildings
Chapter 6 Towns Traders And Crafts Persons
Chapter 7 Tribes Nomads And Settled Communities
Chapter 8 Devotional Paths To The Divine
Chapter 9 The Making Of Regional Cultures
Chapter 10 Eighteenth Century Political Formations

Xam Idea Science Textbook Solutions Class 7

Chapter 1 Nutrition In Plants
Chapter 2 Nutrition In Animals
Chapter 3 Fibre To Fabric
Chapter 4 Heat
Chapter 5 Acids Bases And Salts
Chapter 6 Physical And Chemical Changes
Chapter 7 Soil
Chapter 8 Respiration In Organisms
Chapter 9 Transportation In Animals And Plants
Chapter 10 Reproduction In Plants
Chapter 11 Motion And Time
Chapter 12 Electric Current And Its Effects
Chapter 13 Winds Storms And Cyclones
Chapter 14 Light
Chapter 15 Water A Precious Resource
Chapter 16 Forests Our Lifeline
Chapter 17 Wastewater Story

XamIdea Class 7 Book Solution

Learning the basics in the primary classes is highly crucial for every CBSE student. Specifically, in Class 7, every individual must stress to strengthen their fundamentals in different subjects. It is high time to know the weakness and hunt for interest in the subjects, as right after this class the students enter their secondary level of education. In Class 7,

the students need efficient training and study materials that help them get good ranks in exams and grow their learnings. The Xamidea Solutions for Class 7, designed by experts here, helps students gear up for exams.

The Xamidea Solutions comprises highly interactive content that simplifies complex concepts and develops the interest of the students. It increases the focus and concentration of the students and compliments their learning journey.

The solutions present revised notes and sample papers that give the learners an upper hand to crack the exams. All the solutions are put together by subject matter experts with vast experience and learning in their respective fields. Our textbook solutions are ideal for the students to use as exam guides as well as for homework purposes.

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Essential Characteristics of Xam Idea Solutions for Class 7

For years the Xamidea Solutions have served the student’s educational requirements on a large scale. Its easy-to-learn content has turned to be a special attraction for tons of CBSE students, utilizing them to score well. Here are the prominent qualities of Class 7 Xamidea Solutions –

  • The Xamidea Solutions covers the vast syllabus of Class 7 much precisely and follows the latest CBSE pattern.
  • With a step-by-step approach and comprehensive presentation, the solutions offer the ideal guide to the students in case of doubts.
  • The solutions are absolutely free and open to all students through several web platforms.
  • Fetching excellent marks in the Class 7 exam is much easier with Xam Idea Solutions.
  • All the chapters are elaborated in an easy-to-understand language compiled with the best examples that simplify learning for the students.

Reference Book Solutions

Why must the students follow the Xamidea Solutions Class 7?

Xam idea Solutions are one of the most premium academic tools prescribed by experts. It features tons of questions along with accurate explanations and examples from different subjects like Maths, History, Geography, Science, and more. With its easy-to-grasp content, it turns to be the helping hand for the students preparing for the CBSE examinations.

All academic experts suggest the Class 7 students follow the Xamidea Solutions for complete guidance. The solutions offer the complete answer for all types of questions, whether it is short, long, or

MCQ type problems. It features incredibly concise and step-by-step illustrations to help the students throughout their learning process. Hands down, NCERT is the best study material for CBSE students. However, sometimes, it confuses them with tricky explanations. Here the students can give a shot to the

Xamidea Solutions for quick guidance. The solutions will not only clear out difficulties but also open the doors of new concepts, theories, and learnings to the students. Therefore, every student must have their hands on the Xamidea Solutions for Class 7 to reach the apex of knowledge.

Class 6 to 12 XamIdea Solutions PDF Download

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chapters in the XamIdea book.

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Xam Idea Class 7 Solutions

We provide you with one of the best and reliable Xam Idea Class 7 Solutions. The Solutions are developed by the SelfStudys expert and skilled team of teachers who have huge experience, covering the entire syllabus of the exam. Scoring high marks in all subject will become easy if you adopt the correct approach and make your fundamentals strong in the subject. So, to help you in your preparation of the exam, our Xam Idea Class 7 Solutions are prepared in such a way covering all the questions-answers in the great-structured format.

The solutions of Xam Idea holds high regard among students of CBSE Class 7. The reference solutions are in accordance with the latest CBSE exam pattern. Every chapter has been explored fully for the advantage of both students and teachers. The Xam Idea Class 7 Solutions are provided here so that students can read the concepts of the chapter more efficiently.

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Xam Idea Books Class 7

Xam idea Solutions is a unique learning experience. Every book is divided into two parts such as Part A and Part B. Part A include the Basic Concepts of the Chapters, Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions, important NCERT questions and important questions of Previous Years’ examinations. Part B covers the latest solved CBSE Sample Papers, Model Question Papers for practice and Previous Year’s solved Examination Papers.

Features of Xam Idea Class 7 Solutions

  • The Xam Idea Class 7 solutions cover the complete syllabus of the exam.
  • The skilled and well- experienced subject teachers who hold huge experience has prepared these solutions.
  • Clear your doubts and get step by step answers to the questions asked in the Xam Idea Class 7 textbook.
  • You can access these solutions at free of cost.
  • Getting good marks in the exam will become easy for you if you plan your preparation from the Xam Idea Class 7 Solutions.
  • The easy to understand language and well-structured format is sure to help you in your preparation for the examination.

Xam Idea Class 7 Solutions PDF

Xam Idea Class 7 is one of the important and useful solutions prepared by experienced experts in India. This Solution deals with the different subjects such as Maths, Science, History India & the Contemporary World-II, Geography Contemporary India–II, Political Science Democratic Politics–II, Economics Understanding Economic Development and English helping you to prepare for the CBSE board examinations. It is suggested to follow this solution for scoring well in the Class 7 board exams.

Get complete answers to all the chapter questions of Xam Idea in our solutions, which give comprehensive explanations and step by step answers to help students in learning the chapters in a detailed way. These Xam Idea solutions for Class 7 guides students to solve the complex questions in the book. The solutions are created in a concise manner by experts to help you in the exam preparation.

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Benefits of Studying with Xam Idea Class 7 Solutions:

It is always recommended for the Class 7 students to start the preparation with NCERT books. After completing that, you should move to reference textbooks. After extensive research, the subject experts of SelfStudys have drafted the Xam Idea solutions for Class 7. Our Solutions are important in numerous ways and offer countless advantages to them. Some of the best benefits of Studying with our Solutions are as follows:

  • Our Solutions can help you in anticipating the type of questions which can be asked in the examination.
  • For a clear understanding of the subjects, our Solution is divided into different parts of the exam.
  • With our Solutions, get to grasp the deeper knowledge of the chapters in a simple language.
  • Our Xam Idea Solutions are free of errors.
  • The design of our Solutions is well- organized.

Xam Idea Class 9 Science Solutions

Xam Idea Class 9 Solutions of Science cater to all your needs by providing step by step detailed answers for all the questions. The step by step solutions let you understand the methodical mechanism of answering all types of questions. All the solutions are created following explanatory methods to help students during their exam preparation and enable them to score maximum marks.

Xam Idea Class 9 Science Solutions

Xam Idea Class 9 Solutions for Science cover all the chapters of class 9 CBSE syllabus. They are designed to be highly user-friendly. Xam Idea Class 9 Science book has two parts namely Part A and Part B. 

  • In part A each chapter consists of a summary of concepts taught in the form of flowcharts and are named as ‘Basic Concepts’ followed by some significant selected NCERT questions, problems from previous year papers and other multiple-choice and subjective questions. 
  • Part B includes pen-paper tests, multiple assessment tests, and unsolved model question papers for ample practice 

The 16 chapters covered in Xam Idea Class 9 Science Solutions include matter in our surrounding and whether it is pure or not, atoms and molecules, the structure of the atom, the fundamental of the unit of life, tissues, diversity in the living organism, motion, force and laws of motion, gravitation, floatation, work and energy, sound, diseases in human beings, natural resources and improvement in food resources.

The questions given in this book vary from the very short answer, short answer, multiple-choice, long answer, value-based questions and higher-order thinking skills-based questions. Our Solutions assure a thorough understanding of all the concepts and topics because they have been prepared with a comprehensive and holistic approach. The illustrative diagrams, figures, charts and tables make them very useful for learning, practicing, revising and retaining purposes. 

Xam Idea Class 9 Maths Solutions

Xam Idea Class 9 Solutions for Maths has two parts namely Part A and Part B. 

  • Part A provides basic constituents at the start of each chapter and then gives some selected NCERT questions followed by questions from the previous years’ exam paper. Some other question types our solutions cover include assertion-reason type questions, multiple-choice questions, true-false, match the following type and fill in the blanks type questions. 
  • All questions are as per new CBSE guidelines. At the end of every chapter, full-length self-assessment tests are given. Part–B includes CBSE question papers of the previous academic year and unsolved model papers based on CBSE board papers.

Xam Idea Class 9 Maths Solutions covers all the 15 chapters of class 9 Maths Syllabus in a comprehensive yet manner and those are number systems, exponents of real numbers, rationalisation, polynomials, linear equations in two variables, coordinate geometry, Euclid’s geometry, lines and angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, areas of parallelograms and triangles, circles, constructions, Heron’s formula, surface areas and volumes of various three-dimensional objects, statistics and probability.

The best part of our Xam Idea Solutions is that they provide you with enough opportunity to self-assess yourself and work on your shortcomings. All the multiple-choice questions, very short answer questions, assertion-reason type questions, true-false, match the columns and fill in the blanks type questions are included and have been answered methodically and logically in our smart and strategic solutions. The large variety of questions types makes them the most preferred study reference material. 

Our Xam Idea Class 9 Solutions facilitate fast, easy, and effective exam preparation and revision. Our experts have written solutions using the best problem-solving methods. You will largely benefit from the smart tips and techniques provided to solve even the most difficult maths questions.

Why use Xam Idea Class 9 Solutions by Instasolv

Our Science and Maths experts have provided the best possible solutions for questions asked in each chapter of Xam Idea Class 9 Books. Other features and benefits of our solutions have been discussed below –

  • The step by step solutions let you understand the methodical mechanism of answering all types of questions.
  • Our solutions help you to build your fundamentals in a very strong manner in early academic years, such as Class 9.
  • Students can eliminate the lack of self-confidence while answering the questions by going through the methodical answers provided by our experts. 
  • The solutions are supplemented with descriptive figures, diagrams and illustrations wherever required for your clear understanding.
  • Our Xam Idea Solutions for CBSE Class 9 students solve the most difficult questions in the book with easy tips and techniques. 
  • Every problem has been accurately answered in a complete manner in our solutions using simple and easy language.

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