XamIdea Class 9 Book Solutions Free PDF Download

XamIdea Class 9 Book Solutions PDF Download: Students can refer to chapter wise XamIdea Class 9 Book Solutions. These solutions have been designed based on latest XamIdea Class 9 book issued for the current academic. Please refer to the links below to download the solutions in PDF format.

XamIdea Class 9 Book Solutions Download PDF free
XamIdea Class 9 Book Solutions Download PDF free



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XamIdea Economics Text book Solutions Class 9

Chapter 1 The Story Of Village Palampur
Chapter 2 People As Resource
Chapter 3 Poverty As A Challenge
Chapter 4 Food Security In India

Xam Idea English Textbook Solutions Class 9

Chapter 1 The Fun They Had Isaac Asimov
Chapter 2 The Sound Of Music Deborach Cwley
Chapter 3 The Little Girl Katherine Mansfield
Chapter 4 A Truly Beautiful Mind
Chapter 5 The Snake And The Mirror
Chapter 6 My Childhood A P J Abdul Kalam
Chapter 7 Packing Jerome K Jerome
Chapter 8 Reach For The Top
Chapter 9 The Bond Of Love
Chapter 10 Kathmandu Vikram Seth
Chapter 11 If I Were You Douglas James
Chapter 12 Road Not Taken Robert Frost
Chapter 13 Wind Subramania Bharati
Chapter 14 Rain On The Roof Coates Kinney
Chapter 15 The Lake Isle Of Innisfree
Chapter 16 The Legend Of The Northland Phoebe Cary
Chapter 17 No Men Are Foreign James Kirkupy
Chapter 18 The Duck And The Kangaroo Edward Lear
Chapter 19 On Killing A Tree Gieve Patel
Chapter 20 Trying W W E Ross
Chapter 21 A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal
Chapter 22 The Lost Child Mulk Raj Anand
Chapter 23 The Adventures Of Toto Ruskin Bond
Chapter 24 Iswaran The Storyteller R K Laxman
Chapter 25 In The Kingdom Of Fools A K Ramanujan
Chapter 26 The Happy Prince Oscar Wilde
Chapter 27 Weathering The Storm In Ersama Harsh Mander
Chapter 28 The Last Leaf O Henry
Chapter 29 A House Is Not A Home Zan Gaudioso
Chapter 30 The Accidental Tourist Bill Bryson
Chapter 31 The Beggar Anton Chekhov

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Xam Idea Geography Textbook Solutions Class 9

Chapter 1 India Size And Location
Chapter 2 Physical Features Of India
Chapter 3 Drainage
Chapter 4 Climate
Chapter 5 Natural Vegetation And Wildlife
Chapter 6 Population

Xam Idea History Textbook Solutions Class 9

Chapter 1 The French Revolution
Chapter 2 Socialism In Europe And The Russian Revolution
Chapter 3 Nazism And The Rise Of Hitler
Chapter 4 Forest Society And Colonialism
Chapter 5 Pastoralists In The Modern World

Xam Idea Maths Textbook Solutions Class 9

Chapter 1 Real Numbers
Chapter 2 Polnomials
Chapter 3 Linear Equation In Two Variables
Chapter 4 Coordinate Geometry
Chapter 5 Introduction To Euclid S Geometry
Chapter 6 Lines And Angles
Chapter 7 Triangles
Chapter 8 Quadrilaterals
Chapter 9 Areas Of Parallelograms And Triangles
Chapter 10 Circles
Chapter 11 Constructions
Chapter 12 Heron S Formula
Chapter 13 Surface Area And Volumes
Chapter 14 Statistics
Chapter 15 Probability

Xam Idea Political Science Textbook Solutions Class 9

Chapter 1 What Is Democracy Why Democracy
Chapter 2 Constitutional Design
Chapter 3 Electoral Politics
Chapter 4 Working Of Institutions
Chapter 5 Democratic Rights

Xam Idea Science Textbook Solutions Class 9

Chapter 1 Matter In Our Surroundings
Chapter 2 Is Matter Around Us Pure
Chapter 3 Atoms And Molecules
Chapter 4 Structure Of The Atom
Chapter 6 Tissues
Chapter 7 Diversity In Living Organisms
Chapter 8 Motion
Chapter 9 Force And Lows Of Motion
Chapter 10 Gravitation
Chapter 11 Flotation
Chapter 12 Work And Energy
Chapter 13 Sound
Chapter 14 Why Do We Fall Ill
Chapter 15 Natural Resources
Chapter 16 Improvement In Food Resources

XamIdea Class 9 Book Solutions Free PDF Download

Class 9 in the CBSE board of education is often known as the foundation of the higher class. Therefore, every student in Class 9 must learn all the topics efficiently to witness a successful future in different academic fields.

Developing a good base in this stage is exceptionally essential. CBSE board specifically design the Class 9 and 10 curriculums with the sole aim to instill practical knowledge within the students. In Class 9, learning from good study material like Xam Idea Solutions is crucial for shaping a better future for the students. Xam Idea Solutions for Class 9 has been proven to be beneficial for the CBSE students, who strategically use it to get a high score in the exams.

Students studying the CBSE affiliated students must have their hands on the Xam Idea Solutions to unlock the paths to a new world of knowledge. The solutions cover all the important subjects like science and maths, including the topic with easy-to-understand explanations.

The solutions prepare the students for the examinations, giving them a glimpse of the exam pattern and several vital topics. Expert tutors craft all the solutions after thorough research and analysis of the CBSE class 9 exam pattern. The solutions help in the students’ overall growth, featuring incredible tips and tricks to score well in the exams.

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How to Get Good Marks with the Xam Idea Solutions?

Fetching good marks in the core subjects like science and Maths is pretty easy. The students can take the assistance of Xam Idea Solutions to get a hands-on bag full of techniques to approach and solve problems in the examination. To score well in the examination, the students need to follow certain principles, which are as follows –

  • The initial step to achieve excellent marks is to pick up Xam Idea Solutions through online platforms.
  • Go through the complete solutions and make sure to cover all the concepts and theories of each chapter.
  • Follow a proper schedule to devote the maximum time to the weak topics and polish time management skills.
  • Practice all the questions from the Xam Idea Solutions and refer to the explanations in case of any difficulties.
  • Regularly appear for a mock test to burnish learning of different subjects to improvise knowledge.

Reference Book Solutions

Class 9 Xam Idea Solutions

Xam Idea Solutions Class 9 is the most premium study resource to effectively understand complex concepts and theories. All the solutions are constructed in easy-to-learn language. The solutions bring a complete package of detailed illustrations on each topic, which helps the students elevate their problem-solving skills and grasp more knowledge efficiently.

All the textbook questions are solved in the simplest manner, compiled with relevant figures and diagrams to make learning much easier. Thoroughly solving questions from the solutions help the students effectively visualize the questions that are most likely to come in the exams. The solutions help the students gain in-depth knowledge about maths and science concepts, which prepares them for higher-grades.

Class 6 to 12 XamIdea Solutions PDF Download

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chapters in the XamIdea book.

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Xam Idea Class 9 Solutions Free Pdf Download

We provide you with one of the best and reliable Xam Idea Class 9 Solutions. The Solutions are developed by the SelfStudys expert and skilled team of teachers who have huge experience, covering the entire syllabus of the exam. Scoring high marks in all subject will become easy if you adopt the correct approach and make your fundamentals strong in the subject. So, to help you in your preparation of the exam, our Xam Idea Class 9 Solutions are prepared in such a way covering all the questions-answers in the great-structured format.

The solutions of Xam Idea holds high regard among students of CBSE Class 9. The reference solutions are in accordance with the latest CBSE exam pattern. Every chapter has been explored fully for the advantage of both students and teachers. The Xam Idea Class 9 Solutions are provided here so that students can read the concepts of the chapter more efficiently.


Xam Idea Books Class 9

Xam idea Solutions is a unique learning experience. Every book is divided into two parts such as Part A and Part B. Part A include the Basic Concepts of the Chapters, Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions, important NCERT questions and important questions of Previous Years’ examinations. Part B covers the latest solved CBSE Sample Papers, Model Question Papers for practice and Previous Year’s solved Examination Papers.

Features of Xam Idea Class 9 Solutions

  • The Xam Idea Class 9 solutions cover the complete syllabus of the exam.
  • The skilled and well- experienced subject teachers who hold huge experience has prepared these solutions.
  • Clear your doubts and get step by step answers to the questions asked in the Xam Idea Class 9 textbook.
  • You can access these solutions at free of cost.
  • Getting good marks in the exam will become easy for you if you plan your preparation from the Xam Idea Class 9 Solutions.
  • The easy to understand language and well-structured format is sure to help you in your preparation for the examination.

Xam Idea Class 9 Solutions PDF

Xam Idea Class 9 is one of the important and useful solutions prepared by experienced experts in India. This Solution deals with the different subjects such as Maths, Science, History India & the Contemporary World-II, Geography Contemporary India–II, Political Science Democratic Politics–II, Economics Understanding Economic Development and English helping you to prepare for the CBSE board examinations. It is suggested to follow this solution for scoring well in the Class 9 board exams.

Get complete answers to all the chapter questions of Xam Idea in our solutions, which give comprehensive explanations and step by step answers to help students in learning the chapters in a detailed way. These Xam Idea solutions for Class 9 guides students to solve the complex questions in the book. The solutions are created in a concise manner by experts to help you in the exam preparation.

Benefits of Studying with Xam Idea Class 9 Solutions:

It is always recommended for the Class 9 students to start the preparation with NCERT books. After completing that, you should move to reference textbooks. After extensive research, the subject experts of SelfStudys have drafted the Xam Idea solutions for Class 9. Our Solutions are important in numerous ways and offer countless advantages to them. Some of the best benefits of Studying with our Solutions are as follows:

  • Our Solutions can help you in anticipating the type of questions which can be asked in the examination.
  • For a clear understanding of the subjects, our Solution is divided into different parts of the exam.
  • With our Solutions, get to grasp the deeper knowledge of the chapters in a simple language.
  • Our Xam Idea Solutions are free of errors.
  • The design of our Solutions is well- organized.

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