XamIdea Class 8 Book Solutions Free PDF Download

XamIdea Class 8 Book Solutions Free PDF Download: Students can refer to chapter wise XamIdea Class 8 Book Solutions. These solutions have been designed based on latest XamIdea Class 8 book issued for the current academic. Please refer to the links below to download the solutions in PDF format.

XamIdea Class 8 Book Solutions Download PDF free
XamIdea Class 8 Book Solutions Download PDF free



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Xam Idea Civics Textbook Solutions Class 8

Chapter 1 The Indian Constitution
Chapter 2 Understanding Secularism
Chapter 3 Why Do We Need A Parliament
Chapter 4 Understanding Laws
Chapter 5 Judiciary
Chapter 6 Understanding Our Criminal Justice System
Chapter 7 Understanding Marginalisation
Chapter 8 Confronting Marginalisation
Chapter 9 Public Facilities
Chapter 10 Law And Social Justice

Xam Idea Geography Textbook Solutions Class 8

Chapter 1 Resources
Chapter 2 Land Soil Water Natural Vegetation And Wildlife
Chapter 3 Mineral And Power Resources
Chapter 4 Agriculture
Chapter 5 Industries
Chapter 6 Human Resources

Xam Idea History Textbook Solutions Class 8

Chapter 1 How When And Where
Chapter 2 From Trade To Territory The Company Establishes Po
Chapter 3 Ruling The Countryside
Chapter 4 Tribals Dikus And The Vision Of A Golden Age
Chapter 5 When People Rebel 1857 And After
Chapter 6 Colonialism And The City The Story Of An Imperial
Chapter 7 Weavers Iron Smelters And Factory Owners
Chapter 8 Civilising The ‘native’ Educating The Nation
Chapter 9 Women Caste And Reform
Chapter 10 The Changing World Of Visual Arts
Chapter 11 The Making Of The National Movement 1870s–1947
Chapter 12 India After Independence

Xam Idea Science Textbook Solutions Class 8

Chapter 1 Crop Production And Management
Chapter 2 Microorganisms Friend And Foe
Chapter 3 Synthetic Fibres And Plastics
Chapter 4 Materials Metals And Non Metals
Chapter 5 Combustion And Flame
Chapter 6 Conservation Of Plants And Animals
Chapter 7 Cell Structure And Functions
Chapter 8 Reproduction In Animals
Chapter 9 Reaching The Age Of Adolescence
Chapter 10 Force And Pressure
Chapter 11 Friction
Chapter 12 Sound
Chapter 13 Chemical Effects Of Electric Current
Chapter 14 Some Natural Phenomena
Chapter 15 Light
Chapter 16 Stars And The Solar System
Chapter 17 Coal And Petroleum
Chapter 18 Pollution Of Air And Water

Class 6 to 12 XamIdea Solutions PDF Download

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chapters in the XamIdea book.

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XamIdea Solutions Class 7
XamIdea Solutions Class 8
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XamIdea Solutions Class 10
XamIdea Solutions Class 12

XamIdea Class 8 Book Solutions Free PDF Download

In Class 8, all CBSE students experience a drastic change in their academic journey. They enter the secondary level of education, and the difficulty in their syllabus levels up. The CBSE board has experienced a sea of change in recent years. Presently, the Xam idea Solutions for Class 8 is more in demand.

For several years, the Xam idea Solutions has helped the CBSE students to prepare for their examinations. It supplies them a bag full of hand-picked questions along with 100% accurate solutions to uplift their preparation level.

Xam idea Solutions is complemented as the best study material strictly designed according to the latest CBSE syllabus. It is the ideal preparation guide for secondary and higher secondary students who are at a crucial academic stage. All the solutions are curated by subject experts who efficiently prepare them after keenly analyzing the past year’s questions.

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Practicing several types of questions from the Xam idea Solutions Class 8 helps the students get a thorough understanding of all concepts and theories. With these solutions, the students can most accurately learn all the chapters in Class 8. It enhances their thinking skills and polishes their logical answering abilities to help them score well in the examinations.

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Why should the students prefer the Xam idea Solutions for Class 8?

Xam idea Solutions undoubtedly play a significant role for the students to score well in Class 8 examinations. The solutions aid the student’s preparation to help them secure good marks, shaping their academic future.

Therefore, all CBSE students must take references from the Xam idea Solutions in case they are stuck with those complicated concepts. They are easy to understand and entirely accurate, which covers all topics of Class 8. The solutions primarily cover the most important subjects of Class 8, including Science, Maths, Geography, History and more. Here are the reasons why the students must take help from the Xam idea Solutions for Class 8 –

  • The solutions feature an ample amount of problems covering each chapter of Class 8 discussed thoroughly.
  • The Xam idea Solutions support the student’s learnings and help them strengthen their base in different concepts and theories.
  • It helps them to improvise their knowledge and clear out their doubts to boost their exam preparation.
  • The Xam idea Solutions are the most reliable and versatile study materials to help the students detect their lacking areas and quickly overcome their weaknesses.
  • All the solutions are free of cost, and the students can easily download them online.

Reference Book Solutions


The Xam idea Solutions is the complete guide for the class 8 students. Designed as per the latest CBSE syllabus, the solutions are the stepping stones to get good marks in the exam. The solutions are crafted by skilled faculties who present their years of learnings and experience through the content. Scoring high marks in Class 8 exams is extremely easy with the Xam idea Solutions.

With the right approach and solutions, the students can strengthen their fundamentals in different subjects. Xam idea Solutions is beneficial in numerous ways that help the students grab lucrative marks in exams.

Xam Idea Class 8 Science Solutions

We provide you with one of the best and reliable Xam Idea Class 8 Science Solutions. The Class 8 Science Solutions are developed by the SelfStudys expert and skilled team of teachers who have huge experience, covering the entire syllabus of the exam. Scoring high marks in all subject will become easy if you adopt the correct approach and make your fundamentals strong in the subject.

So, to help you in your preparation of the exam, our Xam Idea Class 8 Science Solutions are prepared in such a way covering all the questions-answers in the great-structured format.

The Class 8 Science Solutions of Xam Idea holds high regard among students of CBSE Class 8. The reference Class 8 Science Solutions are in accordance with the latest CBSE exam pattern. Every chapter has been explored fully for the advantage of both students and teachers. The Xam Idea Class 8 Science Solutions are provided here so that students can read the concepts of the chapter more efficiently.


Xam Idea Books Solutions Class 8

Xam idea Class 8 Science Solutions is a unique learning experience. Every book is divided into two parts such as Part A and Part B. Part A include the Basic Concepts of the Chapters, Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions, important NCERT questions and important questions of Previous Years’ examinations. Part B covers the latest solved CBSE Sample Papers, Model Question Papers for practice and Previous Year’s solved Examination Papers.

Features of Xam Idea Class 8 Science Solutions

  • The Xam Idea Class 8 Solutions cover the complete syllabus of the exam.
  • The skilled and well- experienced subject teachers who hold huge experience has prepared these Class 8 Science Solutions.
  • Clear your doubts and get step by step answers to the questions asked in the Xam Idea Class 8 textbook.
  • You can access these Class 8 Science Solutions at free of cost.
  • Getting good marks in the exam will become easy for you if you plan your preparation from the Xam Idea Class 8 Science Solutions.
  • The easy to understand language and well-structured format is sure to help you in your preparation for the examination.

Xam Idea Class 8 Science Solutions PDF

Xam Idea Solutions is one of the important and useful Solutions prepared by experienced experts in India. This Solution deals with the different subjects such as Maths, Science, History India & the Contemporary World-II, Geography Contemporary India–II, Political Science Democratic Politics–II, Economics Understanding Economic Development and English helping you to prepare for the CBSE board examinations. It is suggested to follow this solution for scoring well in the Class 8 board exams.

Get complete answers to all the chapter questions of Xam Idea in our Class 8 Science Solutions, which give comprehensive explanations and step by step answers to help students in learning the chapters in a detailed way. These Xam Idea Class 8 Science Solutions for Class 8 guides students to solve the complex questions in the book. The Class 8 Science Solutions are created in a concise manner by experts to help you in the exam preparation.

Benefits of Studying with Xam Idea Class 8 Science Solutions:

It is always recommended for the Class 8 students to start the preparation with NCERT Books Solutions. After completing that, you should move to reference textBooks Solutions. After extensive research, the subject experts of SelfStudys have drafted the Xam Idea Class 8 Science Solutions. Our Class 8 Science Solutions are important in numerous ways and offer countless advantages to them. Some of the best benefits of Studying with our Class 8 Science Solutions are as follows:

  • Our Class 8 Science Solutions can help you in anticipating the type of questions which can be asked in the examination.
  • For a clear understanding of the subjects, our Solution is divided into different parts of the exam.
  • With our Class 8 Science Solutions, get to grasp the deeper knowledge of the chapters in a simple language.
  • Our Xam Idea Class 8 Science Solutions are free of errors.
  • The design of our Class 8 Science Solutions is well- organized.

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