MP Board Class 8th Special English Solutions Chapter 7 Nothing You Can’t Do

MP Board Class 8th Special English Solutions Chapter 7 Nothing You Can’t Do

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Nothing You Can’t Do Textual Exercise

Word Power

A. Write the words given below against their correct meanings. Find out the correct meaning with the help of a dictionary:

image 64
MP Board Class 8th Special English Solutions Chapter 7 Nothing You Can’t Do 5


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B. You already know that there are five sense. Certain words are related with the sense of sight, Example : stare, look
similarly there are words related to the sense of hearing.
Example : loud, booming
Some words describe different ways of touching.
Example: grab, press
Moreover, there are words that describe how things smell.
Emample : stinking aromatic
Finally, there are words that describe the four common tastes.

Some such words are given in the block given below:

Pick up the words, decide to which sense they relate to, and write them in the column. One in each case is done for you.


A. Rearrange the following sentences in the correct order:

Question 1.
Sharad boarded a train to Delhi one November evening.
Sharad boarded a train to Delhi one November evening.

Question 2.
Sharad’s seat was in a compartment occupied by young disabled athletes.
Sharad’s seat was in compartment occupied by young disabled athletes.

Question 3.
Sharad was thrown out of a moving train and his right arm was cut off.
Sharad was thrown out of a moving train and his right arm was cut off.

Question 4.
Sharad hid his severed arm with a shawl after the accident.
Sharad hid his severed arm with a shawl after the accident.

Question 5.
Marjeet introduced him to his friends.
Manjeet introdused him to his friends.

Question 6.
They did not sleep that night.
They did not sleep that night.

Question 7.
The train ride gave confidence to Sharad.
The train ride gave confidence to sharad.

B. Answer the following questions :

Question 1.
How did Sharad become disabled?
Sharad lost his right hand in a train ride. He left his seat in an express train after having supper to wash his hands. As he finished and turned, the train suddenly jerked throwing him off balance. He was flung night out of the door to lose his right hand.

Question 2.
Why did he constantly hide his disability?
He did not like to show his disability to anyone. Therefore he constantly hid his disability.

Question 3.
Why did Sharad not meet the eyes his travel-mates when he settled down in his seat?
Sharad felt shy due to his disability. He had fear that his travel-mates would notice it. Hence he did not meet their eyes.

Question 4.
Who introduced Sharad to the other students?
Manjeet introduced Sharad to the other students.

Question 5.
What was the name of the girl who had the ‘face of an angel’?
Her name was Angel.

Question 6.
What disability did Kumar have?
Kumar was blind.

Question 7.
What in Abilympics?
Abilympies is an event where people with disability compete to show the world that people with or without disability enjoy equal rights and opportunities.

Question 8.
What and where were the first-international Abilympies held?
The first International Abilympics was held in Tokyo in 1981.

Question 9.
What brought a change in Sharad’s view of his disability?
Sharad had a talk with some disabled athletes in the train. He got impressed to learn that those disabled athletes had positive attitude towards life. They had not hidden their disability with a shawl like him. This left a deep impact on Sharad’s mind. Now his view changed completely.

Question 10.
Sharad’s travel-mates were going to Delhi to participate in the Abilympics. From the clues given in the text, can you guess what year was it?
It was the year 2003.

Question 11.
Which one of the following words does not relate to the character of Sharad :
nervous, timid, shy, fearful, cheerful, meek.

Question 12.
Which one of the following words does not relate to the character of Sharad’s travel-mates :
confident, cheerful, pleasant, selfish, lively, encouraging

Question 13.
Given below is a layout of the compartment where Sharad sat along with Angel, Manjeet, Shahida, Kumar and Vikas. From the clues produced in the text, assign each child the correct seat. Sharad’s seat is done for you.

Question 14.
Which sentence in the lesson talk us that the season was winter when Sharad travelled to Delhi?
It was a cool November evening and I was thankful that the shawl on my shoulder would go unnoticed.

Let’s learn

‘Will’ as Model Auxiliory is used for different purposes –

(i) We use I’ll or I will when we decide to do something at the time of speaking: Oh, I haven’t shut the windows, I’ll go and shut it.
Did you talk to Mona? Sorry, I forgot I’ll phone her now.

(ii) We often use will in these situtations also :

  • Offering to do thing.
    eg. I’ll help you to carry those books.
  • Asking somebody to do something (Will you?).
    eg. Will you lock the cupboard, please?

(iii) We also use ‘will’ for

  • Promising to do something
    eg. I’ll return the book on Friday.

Given below are exercises based on the use of ‘will’ for ‘Promising to do something

New Year Resolutions.
The New Year has much more to offer than mere celebration. Some people make resolution on the New Year eve. Usually these resolution are of two types:

(a) Wishes, that people make to be ful filled in the New Year.
(b) Quitting some bad habit in the New Year.

Question 1.
Given below are some bands on which New Year Resolutions are written. Read each one of them carefully. If you think it is about a wish,then write ‘a’ in the circle. If the resolution is about quitting an undesirable habit, then write ‘b’ in the circle.

Question 2.
The bands given above belong to the following people. From the clues given below, write the name of the person in the band.

  1. Priyank plays football.
  2. Asif is very fond of chocolates.
  3. Mohini dances well.
  4. Jayant has failed in the quarterly examination.
  5. Mandeep watches late night shows on TV.
  6. Salma is in the habit of telling lies.


  1. I will become the highest goal scorer of the football clubs – Priyank.
  2. I will stop eating chocolates – Asif.
  3. I will win the school dance competition – Mohini.
  4. I will stand first in the class – Jayant.
  5. I will never fall asleep in class Mandeep.
  6. I will never tell a lie again – Salma.

Question 3.
Some similar sentences are given below. Frame resolutions related to each sentence as given in the previous exercise.

  1. Abhishek does not do his homework in time.
  2. Javed has lost the Chess Champion ship.
  3. Suman sings sweetly.
  4. I drink tea a lot.
  5. Ruchi is very fond of ice-cream.
  6. Neha wastes her time in gossips
  7. Manoj quarrels with his sister.


  1. I will always do my home in time.
  2. I will win the next Chess Champion ship.
  3. I will win the singing competition.
  4. I will stop drinking tea a lot.
  5. I will always eat a lot of ice cream.
  6. I will never bring poor marks in the test again.
  7. I will stop quarrelling with my sister.

Let’s Talk

Read this article from a newspaper:

Work in pairs. One pupil will be the newspaper reporter and the other will be Amar Jyoti. Complete the question and answer in this interview.
Reporter : Where was the Chess Championship held?
Jyoti : It was held in New Delhi.
Reporter : How many titles did you win for children below 10 years.
Jyoti : Iwon five titles for children below 10 years.
Reporter : Is there anybody who has helped you with your chess?
Jyoti : Yes, my coach and my elder sister.
Reporter : Did you draw lose any game?
Jyoti : I drew three and lost four games.
Reporter : What do you want to be when you grew up?
Jyoti : A Chess Grandmaster.

Let’s Read

Read these announcements from a school notice-board:

Notice – Board

Now answer these questions :

Question 1.
How many students are selected in the school Hockey team?
Eleven students are selected in the school Hockey team.

Question 2.
Who is Mrs. Mohini Giri?
Mrs. Mohini Giri in the chairper son, Guide of service New Delhi.

Question 3.
Which teacher is going to retire?
Mrs. Sarita Joshi is going to retire.

Question 4.
What is the problem which the school is facing this week?
The school is facing the problem of drinking water this week.

Question 5.
Look at ‘This week’s notice?’ What trouble might have taken place on an earlier occasion?
The participants may be late due to rehearsal.

Let’s Write

Given below is the personal information about one of your friends :

  1. Name : Mohit Sinha
  2. Date of Birth : July 6, 1992
  3. Place of birth : Bhopal
  4. Address : HIG-63, North T.T. Nager, Bhopal
  5. Father’s name : Mr. Asit Sinha
  6. Mother’s name : Mrs. Anjali Sinha
  7. Height : 149 cm.
  8. Weight : 40 kg.
  9. General appearance : Fair, slim., active, cheerful, friendly
  10. Likes : Company of friends, Judo
  11. Dislikes : People who cheat others.
  12. Ambition : Wants to become a chartered accountant.

Keeping in mind the above information write a paragraph :
My friend Mohit Sinha was born on July 6, 1992 at Bhopal. He lives with his parents Mr. Asit Sinha and Mrs. Anjali Sinha at….
HIG-63, North T.T. Nagar, Bhopal.
His height is 149 cm and weight is 40 kg.
He is fair, slim, active, and cheerful.
He is friendly to all. He likes company of friends.
His favourite game is Judo. He does not like the people who cheat others.
He wants to become a Chartered accountant.

Nothing You Can’t Do Word Meanings

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