Mega Premium Account Free – No Download limit With Unlimited Storage

Mega Premium account: free-No Upload limit No Download limit: Mega is an online cloud storage service offered by Mega Limited based in Auckland, This service is also famous for its file hosting offered mainly from its Web-Mobile apps(Windows, IOS, Android).

Mega famous with its uppercase term MEGA is most trusted for its security as it stores all files with an end to end encryption even before they are completely uploaded to the server. They have very strict policies for security purposes that employees at Mega limited are not allow to check uploaded files without pass key knowledge.

As Mega limited is not free to use service it has different subscription packages and charges. As 15 GB for free and additional 35 GB on a trial basis. If you are willing to pay then Mega limited, got your back with its 200GB,1TB,4TB,8TB with limited monthly bandwidth for each package.

You can generate a free Mega login Premium Account and passwords with the generator given below. Just click on the “Generate” button and wait for about 20-30 seconds. Your email ID and password will display. Now, all you have to do is enter these details inside the login panel on it’s side and you are good to go.

maga premium account
maga premium account

Mega Limit:

So here’s the big issue, Not everyone is willing to pay for this service. But if you are using the free version of MEGA, your downloads and uploads will be interrupted with the MEGA upload limit and Mega Download Limit. Whenever you’ll upload/download something bigger in your free mega space account.

It will state that the Mega bandwidth limit is exceeded. The mega limit is just so annoying that if you wanna download a single game for once. It will ask you to buy Mega-Pro account.

how to Bypass Mega Download limit/upload limit? is proud to provide you a mega premium account for free and we are the only one providing legit Mega Pro accounts for free. Stay away from the scams on web Mega premium account generator or Mega passwords/ passwords.

Here we show you how you can download unlimited files on You have no download limit or data volume. It’s completely free and the bypass is really easy!  Just look at the video below. In this video we explain how easy it is to download unlimited data on! You do not need a Premium account and you do not have to spend any money!

How does it work?

So here’s the frequently asked question, Why we provide Mega premium accounts free? How Mega premium accounts for free work? So we provide free mega accounts originally purchased from hard money. Another question arises why we provide them for free.

We have bought a dozen Mega premium accounts on a discount and start giving them for free to our site users. That’s the whole procedure we buy real accounts and give them to our site users and we earn some profit from the views.

Unlike other websites getting their users into a scam with Voucher code free to avoid Download/Upload limit or Mega NZ achievements but in reality, file upload limit or download limit will not be avoided as Mega NZ achievements not working and Voucher codes are already been used. Mega account pro cracks are also not working nowadays as mega is updating its data-bass on a daily basis.

The free users on MEGA receive:

  • 15 GigaBytes of base storage ‘quota.’
  • 35 GigaBytes before a month after signing up
  • Unlockable storage through ‘achievements’ which can expire
  • Maximum permanent storage of 50 GigaBytes

Whereas, the Premium MEGA users get four choices:

  • 200 GigaBytes of storage with 1 TeraByte(s) of bandwidth per month
  • 1 TeraByte(s) of storage with 2 TeraBytes of bandwidth per month
  • 4 TeraBytes of storage with 8 TeraBytes of bandwidth per month
  • 8 TeraBytes of storage with 16 TeraBytes of bandwidth per month

Features we offer:

A mega premium account offers Mega unlimited download and Mega unlimited storage with great bandwidth size. So you can download any file you want any time you want. Megadownloader is an application developed and used to download files and folders from mega.

Providing the highest possible bandwidth and it’s very useful. Mega down-loader is ‘not as good as IDM or Utorrent. But it is required to download files and folder from mega. Mega down-loader is not in near to the performance we get from IDM and Utorrent pro plus. We didn’t have to pay a single penny for them to download. But mega security and 24/7 super fast online storage are great in its own unique way.

what is mega Sync? Mega sync is an application that keeps your device connected with mega storage. Whenever you upload or change anything in your device relating to your Mega storage this application will auto-update these changes to your Mega storage account. Mega Sync connects your device to Mega storage to keep them both updated whenever one is updated.

Mega Premium account free-No Mega Upload limit/Mega Download limit is 100% legit and working providing great free experience to our low-end users. who just wanted to download a single file for the first time or they don’t want to spend on online cloud storage. Our service is free for everyone and our premium accounts work great in every region.

Get Mega Premium account free:

We have dozens of free Mega Premium accounts and if you want one we will be happy to provide you. Mega premium accounts are available with respect to region optimized performance. You may have to try twice because there are too many users online.

Maybe they have already used the monthly bandwidth limit of some accounts. But, We can guarantee our premium account stock is not running out anyway. If the number of users increases in the near future. As expected, we are the only one providing the great service we will add new accounts to our stock for sure.

Mega is surely one of the best cloud storage service available online while it has some pros and cons, nothing is perfect and we can see some good competitors to mega at the moment such as Media fire, Microsoft one drive and Google drive with great packages and amazing performance. One thing we don’t like about mega is its high cost and some missing features like not zipping the file when it’s uploaded and you have to download files one by one in your Mega space account.

Download Mega Premium Accounts free:

Our team is working as hard as possible and delivering our full potential in order to crack premium accounts of mega and Mediafire and in this article we have discussed the method of cracking premium accounts and we have provided some accounts for free as well, If you are willing to enjoy free unlimited data bandwidth for online and offline storage then do click on the download button to get a complete list of accounts.

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Mega Premium account free (provided on our website and servers) are fully working and if you see any file stored online or saved as offline download then do not delete that file or don’t change account password or name so other users can enjoy some free juice as well.

Here is the list of some premium Mega Accounts:

⚠️ If You don’t get the accounts it doesn’t mean that it’s fake it means the accounts was claimed by another user so be fast to claim ❤️❤️

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Features of mega


You can sync your data on the device easily with mega. One of its key features is you can just sync files and transfer from one mega cloud to another with just file sharing links. Just use apps of mega and sync files from one mega account to another. This makes file sharing easier a lot as we don’t need to download and upload files like we do with traditional cloud service providers.

File sharing

File sharing is more secured and encrypted. Even links are encrypted. You can also add highly secured key on link to make file sharing more secured.


Mega provides end-to-end zero-knowledge encryption. This makes sharing and storing of file highly secured. Mega is suitable for sharing confidential documents because of it’s high security.

File preview

You can preview your file on mega website or apps. Preview of media like photo, videos and documents are also available with the file-sharing link. Because of this feature you can know about the file you are downloading.

Web apps

Web-based apps makes file management and syncing more easier. Desktop extension of mega is available to make its use more effective on desktop browsers. Android and ios apps are also highly user friendly.

How to get mega cloud pro for free?

You need to have edu email for this method. Any type of edu email works for this method. I have tested with edu email of various universities and colleges and every single of them worked. We can get a mega pro lite subscription of 1 year for free. Let’s discuss how to get mega cloud pro for free in detail.

  • You need to have edu email for getting mega cloud pro lite for free. You can use your own edu email. If you don’t have edu email then learn from our method 1 and method 2.
  • Now we need to email mega cloud with our edu email. Sent an email at [email protected] like I did. I will give you sample of the email which I had sent to mega cloud. You can modify it as per your choice.
  • Here is the sample of the email that I sent to the mega cloud to get a free voucher code of pro lite subscription. Please be creative and modify the email rather than just copy-pasting.
Subject: Regarding extra storage


I am a student. In this hard
time, I am getting lots of digital
materials for my study but I am
having a lack of storage capacity.
I am looking for some place to 
store my educational materials.
It would be lovely to  get one
account from you.

Thank you
  • Now wait about an hour or day and you will get your voucher code on your edu email. Remember this method gives 100% working rate with edu email.
  • Now after you got your free voucher code of mega pro lite subscription, you need to redeem it.
  • Login to cloud website with your mega account.
  • Now open a new tab on same browser and go to Then enter the free mega cloud pro lite voucher code that you got on email.
  • After that it will ask if you want to redeem your free mega cloud voucher. Click okay.
  • Congratulations, you got mega cloud pro lite subscription for free.
  • Enjoy your free mega cloud storage pro subscription for 1 year.

This is the end for another awesome article. I hope you will share and support us. If you want to donate us then feel free to check our donation page. Stay updated till our next article.

MEGA Premium Features

Many features are already present in this cloud storage. Also, new features and functions are being added to it every day. Below is a brief description of some of the features,

  • Storage: In the premium version, will get 400 GB to 16 TB storage. So, you can store everything like your pictures, videos, songs, APK files, documents, movies and access them at anytime from anywhere. It’s the best than any other platform.
  • Bandwidth: Get bandwidth from 1 TB to 16 TB. Bandwidth is basically a maximum data transfer capacity of a computer network that helps other people to download your file. This means that the higher your bandwidth limit, the more people will be able to download your provided file.
  • Share files: There is an account in MEGA or not, it is not considered. You can now share your files with any type of person easily. For this, upload files, click the right button on the file, press the Get Link button, copy it, then share.
  • Auto backup: Now, you can use the auto backup feature from its site or app.
  • Collaboration: It helps users to collaborate with official team members. Share your files and folders with other people through end-to-end encryption. This will keep all your files safe, secure, and private. Also, using the MEGAdrop, you can share folders outside of the MEGA network.
  • Secure communication: There is a MEGA chat feature that you can use to communicate with other people securely and privately. Just go to the conversation option, press the New Chat Link, enter a Group Name, copy the link and send it to those people with whom you want to talk.
  • 100% safe: Since they provide the end-to-end encryption feature to protect your files, chats, and other documents, so there is no chance to leak your files with third-party companies. Even, you can turn on the 2-step verification to protect your account from hackers.

Mega co nz premium account generator

All of the premium accounts mega co nz are made with the program. Free premium accounts are up to date. Change your password when you log in to the free premium account Try logging in with all mega co nz accounts premium one by


A proper and organized mechanism to store and secure your data and prevent it from misuse is to place it on the cloud. While you might be cautious about the ill effects of virtualization, it is as real as your data and a Mega Premium Account allows real-time updates on the same.

You can share, delete, download, transfer, and place in its right hierarchy by maintaining your own file system on MEGA. Even if it demands charges to keep your files intact, use these tools and tricks to safeguard your data and also your purse from cashing in on everything!

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