IMO Class 9 Mathematics & Logical Reasoning MCQs Free pdf Download

IMO Class 9 Mathematics & Logical Reasoning MCQs Free pdf Download: The (International Mathematics Olympiad) IMO is an annual mathematics olympiad for students younger than 20 who have not started at university.

IMO Class 9 Mathematics & Logical Reasoning Chapter-Wise MCQs& Important Questions/HOTS Question Chapter-wise with Detailed Solution.

In this post, we are proving Mathematics & Logical Reasoning Chapter-wise MCQs, and HOTS Questions for IMO Session 2022-23 Class 9th Class with Detailed Solutions. IMO helps students improve their solving ability and analytical thinking by challenging them with high-end thinking questions. These questions prepare for future competitive exams.


The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) is organised by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). Every year, on the dates mentioned, all SOF-affiliated institutions conduct this test. The examination is divided into two levels: Level 1 and Level 2. The level-1 IMO test is available to all students in grades 1 to 12 from different educational boards. Students should initially clear the level-1 exam to attempt the level-2 test. Candidates who have passed the level-1 assessment are qualified to take the level-2 test. Scholarships and recognition are the types of awards presented by IMO.

IMO sample papers for Class 9 are reliable resources for improving your math olympiad performance. Students learn higher order problem-solving abilities to tackle difficult questions with the assistance of sample papers. The knowledge from these sites is crucial for laying the groundwork for further studies. The IMO requires students to employ their critical thinking skills. The purpose of this exam is to assess students’ conceptual understanding. Students may get an understanding of all the key concepts by solving class 9 math olympiad sample papers. Furthermore, it boosts students’ confidence to face competitive difficulties at various levels.

Education Learn Academy helps students succeed in the IMO exam by providing relevant material and study resources. For the IMO exam, their example papers cover a broad range of topics of varying difficulty levels to assist students in becoming familiar with the concepts. By completing these sample papers, students may assess their preparation and gain confidence.

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IMO Class 9 Mathematics & Logical Reasoning MCQs Free pdf Download

IMO Class 9 Mathematics & Logical Reasoning Chapterwise MCQs & Important Questions

Introduction of Euclid’s Geometry

Linear Equations of Two Variables

Coordinate Geometry

Lines and Angles

Area Related to Parallelogram  & Triangles â››

Surface Areas and Volumes

Logical & Reasonings

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