(PDF) Aakash Catalysts Package Book for Neet Free pdf download

(PDF) Aakash Catalysts Package Book for Neet Free pdf download: Hey, I solved catalyst package for physics and chemistry and they had some really good questions . So if you think that you are done with your usual packages and want to do some quality questions you should definitely solve them .

Catalyst package of PCB contains Q that test your analytical skills at an intermediate level. Though NEET PCB section would rarely contain such Q, it is still a good way to test if your concept and application of the same are strong enough to tackle any kind of Questions in neet exam.

I got my aakash catalyst package approx 50 days before neet 21 and before that also i also got aakash last leap. As I have got last leap earlier than catalyst package I started solving last leap but only for Physics and Chemistry as biology was very much out of ncert in last leap.

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(PDF) Aakash Catalysts Package Book for Neet Free pdf download
(PDF) Aakash Catalysts Package Book for Neet Free pdf download

Aakash Catalysts Package Book for Neet pdf download

Though some questions in last leap were also very also not relevant for neet but i finished whole last leap( for phy and chem) and also revised 2–3 times the mistakes i made and didn’t prefer doing Catalyst package .

After solving whole last leap i could say that some question were extremely helpful. Coming to aakash catalyst , some of friends solved both last leap and catalyst and after talking to them they said that level of question was somewhat easy in catalyst package than last leap and was more relevant for neet than last leap.

So I should prefer you should solve this package but only when you have thoroughly gone through all your notes and questions you practiced whole year and want to practice some new relevant questions for neet.

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Talking individually :

  1. Physics catalyst is the best out of three . Each and every question is based on a unique concept and solving a chapter out of it is like revising every nook and corner of that chapter . So certainly go for it.
  2. Chemistry’s catalyst is also good . Especially in physical chemistry the situation is identical to physics and there are some really classy questions . The inorganic content is rather small and I agree that there aren’t sufficient questions for enough practice . Talking about organic , the questions are nice but there are some questions that are based on certain concepts and name reactions that are irrelevant for NEET and even if you aim 720 still you would want to skip them .
  3. I would ask you to refrain yourself from biology catalyst because I feel some questions have got wrong answers for them. Also human physiology has some of these weird questions that are not from NCERT and would certainly make you doubt your preparation.

Keep studying and stay strong

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BookAakash Catalyst For NEET
AuthorAakash Study Materials
Publishing Date2023
PublisherAakash Study Materials
Number of Pages600
SubjectClick to Download
Aakash catalystDownload

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Did you find the NEET catalyst package given in Aakash beneficial for your NEET preparation?

So we were provided with the Catalyst Package somewhere in the September/October…I don’t exactly remember the time…

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I started solving it with the chapter Plant Kingdom then after doing 20 questions I closed the package. The simple reason was the type of questions these packages were based on.Inside it,you get too many questions based on data and concepts beyond NCERT and sometimes too much difficult with respect to NEET perspective.

Few days later, I again took the package and this time tried human physiology. Again, you will get irritated with the questions which are out of context and prescribed syllabus. Already being average at biology,I avoided this package till date so also advise anyone to skip it.


Physics is moderate in this package.In fact, you will find only good level of questions in the package and they cover most of the topics in the chapter.

Again, I found it less comprehensive with NCERT and theoretical questions. Since, I had solved the JEE DC pandey throughout the session so physics was as such on tips and I again skipped these packages but now I have started doing some chapters from it. Eg : EMW, VCM , Optics, Gravitation,magnetism & matter just to check if everything is still fine or not.


Finally, Chemistry questions are really good in these packages. Do Inorganic section specifically from it. Organic section is moderate though a little number of unworthy questions are added in it. Physical chemistry section is nothing much to be mentioned. It’s same like our routine packages.


Honestly, to me, this package didn’t carry any importance or gave any cut above the materials I already had. Even my friends were not very much glad with it’s experience. So in simple words : Avoid it now.

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