Class 10 Social Science Most Important Questions Chapterwise PDF Download 2024

Class 10 Social Science Most Important Questions Chapterwise: Welcome everyone To Education Learn Academy. I am Hemant Singh, and today we are discussing Class 10 Social Science for CBSE. In this Blog I am Share CLASS 10 Social Science MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS. I am Hemant Singh I Will Provide revision notes for Class 10th CBSE exams. The Blog QUESTIONS covers important chapters and topics providing insights and guidance on exam preparation.

I know the significance of understanding key topics, solving sample papers, and following updated guidelines. The QUESTIONS cover a range of subjects, and the pdf encourage reader to check the description for additional resources and offers.

Any doubts feel free to comment, i WILL promises to I WILL respond.

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Information Table

Topic NAMESocial Science MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS Class 10th
SubjectSocial Science
Academic SessionYear 2024-25 CBSE Exams
MediumEnglish and Hindi Medium
AuthorHemant Singh
Number of Pages46

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Which chapters are in My Class 10 Social Science book?

There is no important chapter in class 10th Social Science as the bifurcation of marks is given as per units not as per chapters. so all chapters are equally important for students.


  1. The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
  2. The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China
  3. Nationalism in India
  4. The Making of a Global World
  5. The Age of Industrialization
  6. Work, Life, and Leisure
  7. Print Culture and the Modern World


  1. Resources and Development
  2. Forest and Wildlife Resources
  3. Water Resources
  4. Agriculture
  5. Minerals and Energy Resources
  6. Manufacturing Industries
  7. Lifelines of National Economy


  1. Power Sharing
  2. Federalism
  3. Democracy and Diversity
  4. Gender, Religion, and Caste
  5. Popular Struggles and Movements
  6. Political Parties
  7. Outcomes of Democracy


  1. Development
  2. Sectors of the Indian Economy
  3. Money and Credit
  4. Globalization and the Indian Economy
  5. Consumer Rights

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If a students wants to score more marks in Social Science examination and if he and she doesn’t want to learn all the syllabus, so I will suggested them to learn at least two chapters from HISTERY, biology and physics portion.

As per my suggestions you should learn chapter 1,2 6,8 9 and 10. You will definitely score more than 70% marks in the exams.

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Tips for Effective Preparation:

The ratio should be 2:4:6 For BIO CHEM And PHY respectively physics zyada padhna hai rank yahi se aayega

•DONT DRINK TEA yes I’m saying right because no doubt it cures your sleepiness but after Some time your max energy will get drained instead eat banana and drink water

•ye itna asaan nahi hoga you will require some day to implement this

• USE EARPLUGS or WHITE NOISE (my recommendation earplugs)

This will going to enhance your focus and concentration

• Avoid Unnecessary Binge watching like YouTube

Our selection is inversely proportional to the usage of mobile and directly proportional to the duration of flight mode 😌

•Desi trick for long sitting

Like if you belong to middle class family then 99% you sit And study on a plastic chair which feels disgusting because it causes back pain what i used to do is that i put a pillow on my back and it gives me the professional chaitr vibe (just kidding 🙃)

• Turn Your Mobile Data off and if possible put your devices on Flight mode

• Use stop watch and monitor ur self because no one is going to do it for you

• Avoid Unnecessary Addiction

• Plan your day before going to bed

•Study from books instead of pdfs

• Lecture Dekhna padhai nahi hoti Remember it self study or video lectures dekhne mein bhot antar hota hai

• My favourite tip (it’s weird but work for me😂)

Use gelpens like Trimax because likhne mein mazaa ata hai 🙂

Bas Padhai karte raho hai

Thanks for reading

Signing off


Class 10 Social Science Most Important Questions Chapterwise PDF Download 2024
Class 10 Social Science Most Important Questions Chapterwise PDF Download 2024


Subject:PDF LINK
Class 10 ScienceClick here

How was the CBSE Class 10 Science Board Paper 2024?

1.You can listen to music or even dance, honestly dancing is the best thing to do.. Like when we dance it makes you feel happy and reduces stress really (scientifically bolun to- it increases levels of the feel-good hormone serotonin).. This one really works for me I hope it works for you too

2. Do mandala art (I’ve given the reference below) .. During exams I get stressed so much.. So this helps me to relax and not overthink

3. I’m not a type of person who prefers writing down your thoughts in those 10 minutes because I start thinking too much then.. I’m using that 10 minutes to relax right? So I don’t prefer writing my thoughts at that time.. It distracts me.. But if you think you feel better doing this you can try

But rather than writing your thoughts, write positive words like I normally write”you’re doing so well krisha” or “you know you will do it” .. If you’re feeling negative.. Like I’m a type of person who studies at the last I panic when I’m not able to finish the syllabus fast… So I write things like “this too shall pass” to keep myself that’s how I console myself and try to stay positive

4.If you’re studying for hours now.. You can just relax.. Breath in breath out and close your eyes and just relax.. Stretch if you want to, just get up have a glass of water.. Water literally helps you to concentrate and feel relaxed so you should drink water during your study time.

5.Search study motivation videos(watch shorts) -like I feel motivated when I see shorts on YouTube relates to I just repeat one again and again and relax.


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MY blog provides Class 10 Social Science exam preparation. From understanding key concepts to practical tips for effective studying. I AM SHARE MY PERSONAL NOTES MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS CHAPTER WISE WITH ANSWER IN TODAY BLOG. STUDENT CAN DOWNLOAD AND STUDY WELL TOP IN EXAM WITHOUT ANY TENSION. personal exam experience I WILL SHARE. I AM offers a comprehensive approach to achieving success. The personal experiences shared MY PERSONAL MEMORY, I WILL motivating students to work hard and stay consistent in their efforts.

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