Class 10 Science Notes Free Pdf Download Hindi Medium

Class 10 Science Notes: We have made all our notes available free of cost now. It is the best news for 10th class students. All our notes are going to be very useful for you. Regardless of the education board, you can get amazing benefits from our study material.

Because here in this article, we will provide you with NCERT class 10 Science Notes in Hindi medium. You will be able to download the Pdf file for all the chapters i.e.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 etc. These notes will be useful for students of many state and central education boards. These notes have been prepared by experienced teachers.

The notes are very popular amongst the students. These notes have colourful images and diagrams. The text and font in the notes are also colourful. You will be happy to read these notes, because of their beautiful design. Not only the design is beautiful, the matter provided in the notes is also excellent. Our students who have bought these notes are able to score good marks in the final exams of their tenth class.

Class 10 Science Notes Free Pdf Download Hindi Medium
Class 10 Science Notes Free Pdf Download Hindi Medium

We are giving the notes free of cost these days. And soon we are going to provide 10th Class previous year solved question papers, Sample Papers, Model Test Papers, Mock Test Series, Questnaries also. You will be able to know the important Question Answers (Long, Short, MCQs, HOTs) after reading from our notes. Assignments, Practicals, Syllabus, Time Table, Exam Pattern are also available here.

If you need anything related to your 10th class science subject, you can search them in the search box available on our website For mobile users, the search box is available at the end of the article. Laptop users can find the search box around the top right corner of the site.NCERT Class 10 Science Notes in Hindi Medium Pdf Free Download.

NCERT Class 10 Science Notes in Hindi Medium Pdf Free Download

Each one of you wants to be successful in your life. And it is not difficult. You can be successful in your life by getting a quality education. You go to school daily and learn new things. In this way, you learn new things every day.

And modern time is a time of Science and Technology. If you want to be successful in any field of life you need appropriate knowledge of science. With the help of this, you can live your life with fewer problems.

And the subject of Science has been introduced in the 10th class syllabus, to develop the logical thinking of the student. Science also provides you with facts about the happening of any event. We see many things in our day to day life. These things are related to Science. Be it the boiling of water or the development of plants. Everything in the day to day life belongs to science.

So it becomes an important thing to learn this subject. And this subject can be learnt easily and effectively if we do practicals. This subject can not be learnt effectively without doing practical. That’s why the various education boards have introduced practical books in the syllabus of Science.

We advise you to start doing your practical work at the start of the academic session. Here we are providing you with the science notes. You can take the help of these notes to understand the different concepts of Science. You can also do some experiments. Here we would like to advise you not to conduct an experiment in the absence of an expert teacher.

Biology Part’s Notes

  • Class 10 Science Chapter 6 Notes Hindi Pdf
  • Class 10 Science Chapter 7 Notes Hindi Pdf
  • Class 10 Science Chapter 8 Notes Hindi Pdf
  • Class 10 Science Chapter 9 Notes Hindi Pdf

Physics Part’s Notes

  • Class 10 Science Chapter 10 Notes Hindi Pdf
  • Class 10 Science Chapter 11 Notes Hindi Pdf
  • Class 10 Science Chapter 12 Notes Hindi Pdf
  • Class 10 Science Chapter 13 Notes Hindi Pdf
  • Class 10 Science Chapter 14 Notes Hindi Pdf
  • Class 10 Science Chapter 15 Notes Hindi Pdf
  • Class 10 Science Chapter 16 Notes Hindi Pdf

Either you have lost your science book or it has been damaged. You need not worry. Here we are going to provide you with the 10th class notes of science subject in the pdf form. These notes will help you to study science where ever you want. You need not carry heavy books. You can download this on your mobile. And you can start to learn anywhere you find perfect for you.

If you want to study your science subject on mobile, you can download these pdf files of notes. With these notes, it will be easy for you to study where you want. You need not keep heavy books or photocopies with you. You can just download the pdf notes and study them wherever you want to study.

Here we have given links for all the chapters of your science book (Physics, Chemistry, Biology). You can click on any chapter. By clicking on the link you will be able to download that chapter.

Chemistry Class 10th
lesson 1 Chemical Reactions and EquationsDownload
lesson 2 acids, bases and saltsDownload
Lesson 3 metals and non-metalsDownload
Lesson 4 carbon and its compoundsDownload
Lesson 5 periodic classification of elementsDownload
Biology Class 10th
Lesson 6 biological processDownload
Lesson 7 control and coordinationDownload
Lesson 8 How do organisms reproduce?Download
Lesson 9 heredity and biological evolutionDownload
Physics Class 10th
Lesson 10 Light – Reflection and RefractionDownload
Lesson 11 The human eye and the colorful worldDownload
Lesson 12 electricDownload
Lesson 13 magnetic effects of electric currentDownload
Lesson 14 sources of energyDownload
Lesson 15 our environmentDownload
Lesson 16 management of natural resourcesDownload
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You can click on any of the links above. After that, you will be able to download the Pdf file of your science’s chapter.

It will be your mobile guide for Science subjects. With the help of this you can study anywhere you want. It will be always with you. And the most important thing is “It has been made by the teachers who have 20 years of experience”

Note: NCERT prepares the syllabus for class 10th all over India. Every state has to follow this syllabus. Further NCERT has also asked the State Education Boards to use the textbooks of NCERT. You can also download the full textbook of Science from the NCERT website. Here is the link to download NCERT Vigyan Book for the class.

How to Download Class 10 Science Notes in Hindi

It is very simple just click on link from the chapter table.

Disclaimer: All CBSE and NCERT notes available on this links provided on the site are for educational and study purposes only. We provide the links which is already available on the internet. The content is meant for individual and non-commercial uses only. We don’t want to violate any copyright law.

Class 10 Science Notes in Hindi Pdf  and Handwritten provided for students who are financially troubled but deserving to learn. Thank you!

Thanks for reading online or downloading Class 10 Science Textbook PDF. Even more if you need any Class 10 Science Notes, then please comment below. Our team will try best for you.

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