CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Most Important Questions Chapterwise PDF Download 2024

Class 10 Mathematics Most Important Questions Chapterwise: Welcome everyone To Education Learn Academy. I am Hemant Singh, and today we are discussing Class 10 Mathematics for CBSE. In this Blog I am Share CLASS 10 Mathematics MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS. I am Hemant Singh I Will Provide revision notes for Class 10th CBSE exams. The Blog QUESTIONS covers important chapters and topics providing insights and guidance on exam preparation.

At last , I would advice you to never skip ncert because they are the actual textbooks and the questions in your board exams are framed from ncert itself in your class 10th boards.

When you start studying, don’t procrastinate; just do it. Make a to-do list early in the morning or night before going to bed. You can study for 1 or 2 hours, then take a break of 10–20 minutes.

If you complete everything on your to-do list or complete most of the things, then reward yourself with something nice.

CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Most Important Questions Chapterwise PDF Download
CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Most Important Questions Chapterwise PDF Download

Self belief and hard work will always earn you success.

Any doubts feel free to comment, i WILL promises to I WILL respond.

Information Table

SubjectAll Chapter
Academic SessionYear 2024-25 CBSE Exams
MediumEnglish and Hindi Medium
AuthorHemant Singh
Number of Pages26

How Many Chapter in Pdf?

The chapters in CBSE Class 10 Mathematics:

  1. Real Numbers
  2. Polynomials
  3. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
  4. Quadratic Equations
  5. Arithmetic Progressions
  6. Triangles
  7. Coordinate Geometry
  8. Introduction to Trigonometry
  9. Some Applications of Trigonometry
  10. Circles
  11. Constructions
  12. Areas Related to Circles
  13. Surface Areas and Volumes
  14. Statistics
  15. Probability

What the most effective strategies for improving concentration and focus while studying?

I Will Share based on personal experiences or scientific insights. Our addiction to dopamine rushes from mindless phone browsing, Instagram and YouTube scrolling, Netflix series, and other mindless media consumption has made it hard for us to focus for more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time. my brain has to be rewired. Even if you don’t want to, complete these every day. If you have enough discipline and approach tasks as a habit or routine rather than relying on your emotions or mood, you can accomplish any activity with ease.

✅ As you read, use a pen or pencil to sketch the lines as you go. If conditions permit, you can try reading aloud or whispering.
✅ Create a study schedule that allocates the morning hours to tough and weak topics, and the evening hours to review and practice questions.

✅ If you can’t study independently, use the Pomodoro technique.

✅ Study for 25 minutes at a time, followed by a 5-minute break. Instead of using your phone at that time, take a break and do something productive like stretch, stare out the window, sip a glass of water, or refill your water bottle. But refrain from using your phone.

✅ If you’re not in a peaceful place, use apps that create white noise. Put in your earbuds and turn the music up just enough to drown out background sounds.

✅ Create lists of things to accomplish. Put the day’s subjects in writing. After finishing a task, cross it off. It provides enough drive to finish the subsequent work. Jot down a minimum of three daily chores. Add easier activities as well, including walking at a brisk pace and consuming eight glasses of water.

✅ Find a study partner, and when you both study within the same time window, discuss how much you managed to accomplish. Alternatively, you two talk about how much you accomplished during the day.
And when you’re studying, stash your phone in a drawer, a different room, or an almirah.

How many hours should a 10th student study?

First of all it depends that how much you study and no how many hours you study. If you are completely focused on whenever you study without any distraction then 3–4 hrs should be enough for 10th grade. But if you keep getting distracted by your phone, clock, tv etc then I think even 7–8 hours might not be enough.

India is adopting new education policy and due that even boards paper are becoming more and more conceptual day by day. They are not becoming hard but they are just becoming conceptual. Now a days I am seeing that in cbse boards 10th and 12th paper tries its best to not ask any question which is totally based on memorization and wants students to think a little to be able to answer.

Now a days they give too many things written in question paper which previously students used to remember and question papers just used to ask that information directly. Now a days they are focusing on conceptual learning which is needed if we want a good education system and a better future for our country.

Which book is the best for math and science for class 10?

Jai Hind friends, my name is Hemant Singh. According to me the best book for maths and science for CBSE class 10 :

  1. Personally I recommend you first go with Ncert TextbookNcert Exemplar (Arihant) for both Maths and Science. Also recommend for all subjects.
  2. For Maths reference book, Rs Aggarwal is very good for practice which has plenty types of questions. For sample paper you can go with Educart or Oswaal.
  3. For Science reference book, S.chand is extremely good for concepts (also for self study). For sample paper you can go with Educart or Oswaal.

Thank you all so much for reading 🙏

Disclaimer : It is not a paid promotion. It’s my personal views basis on my last 5 years experience.

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In this post from Education Learn Academy, I Am Hemant Singh, Class 10 Mathematics students preparing for CBSE exams. My Science Book Feature important questions, revision notes, and practical strategies, along with the inclusion of an information table and guidance on improving concentration, adds significant value to students’ exam preparation.

I am advice to never skip NCERT, establish a disciplined study routine, and focus on conceptual learning aligns with the evolving trends in educational policies. The post provides insights into the recommended study duration for 10th-grade students and suggests key reference books for Mathematics and Science.

My personal recommendations, supported by a disclaimer of not being a paid promotion, contribute to the authenticity of the content. Overall, I Will Share comprehensive guide, experiences and practical insights, making it a valuable pdf for Class 10 students.

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