Blackbook of English Vocabulary by Nikhil Gupta May 2024 Latest Edition Pdf Free Download

Blackbook of english vocabulary 2024 download: Hello friends, welcome to my Blog. If you have been searching for a Blackbook of English Vocabulary May 2024 edition for Government Exam pdf on the entire internet and couldn’t find it anywhere, your search time is now over because we have made videos on it and uploaded the sample paper as well.

If you’re a serious aspirant aiming to boost your score in English idioms, antonyms, and synonyms, this book is a must-have. The page quality is excellent, and the content is top-notch.

One of the best features is the inclusion of synonyms and antonyms with their definitions, which greatly aids in understanding and application.

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Blackbook of English Vocabulary by Nikhil Gupta May 2024 Latest Edition Pdf
Blackbook of English Vocabulary by Nikhil Gupta May 2024 Latest Edition Pdf

About the Author

Nikhil Gupta is a well-known expert in preparing for competitive exams. He creates detailed and helpful study materials that have helped many students succeed. His resources are designed for exams like SSC, Railways, Banking, and other government tests.

BookBlackBook of English Vocabulary by Nikhil Gupta May 2024 Edition
AuthorNikhil Gupta
Publishing DateMay 19, 2024
PublisherNikhil Gupta
Edition1st Edition
LanguageEnglish Medium
Book Weight980 grams

About Book:

The detailed classification of questions makes this book unique and highly effective for competitive exams. The Blackbook of English Vocabulary is the ultimate guide for students preparing for SSC and other competitive exams. Updated with vocabulary up until May 2024, this essential resource targets SSC, DSSSB, Banking, Defence, etc.

Ideal for SSC, banking exams, DSSSB, NDA, CDS, AFCAT, MBA, TET, and other government exams.

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What I Think About Book:
Our aim is to help you, and in return, we don’t want anything except support, so that you can spread our videos far and wide. Find more details and Google drive link below. All Subjects Latest Edition Free are available at Education learn academy and can be downloaded free of cost.

Key Features

  • Extensive Coverage: Vocabulary from SSC exams since 1997 and over 800+ sets from various exams.
  • Error-Free Vocabulary: Unique and unrepeated vocab list.
  • Frequency Indicator: Marked with #R to denote importance.
  • Comprehensive Content: Includes One Word Substitutions, Idioms/Phrases, Synonyms, Antonyms, Spelling, Homonyms, Phrasal Verbs, Fixed Prepositions etc.
  • Special Sections: Detailed coverage of The Hindu’s vocabulary, roots, prefixes, suffixes, and 24 specialized wordlists.
  • Enhanced Learning: Over 20,000 words with clear Hindi meanings.
  • Practice Sets: Exam-based Practice sets in every chapter.
  • Fastest Revision Tool: Best book for the quickest vocab learning and revision.
  • Toppers Choice: Number 1 book Used by even AIR 1 for vocabulary.

The Blackbook of English Vocabulary is your one-stop shop for conquering the vocabulary sections of competitive exams like SSC, Banking, Defence, and more. This comprehensive resource, updated with the latest terms from April 2024, gives you everything you need to excel:

Who Can Benefit?

The Blackbook of English Vocabulary is ideal for candidates preparing for SSC, Banking, DSSSB, NDA, CDS, AFCAT, MBA, TET, and various other government exams.

Blackbook of English Vocabulary by Nikhil Gupta May 2024 Latest Edition Pdf Free Download

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Before writing about the “Blackbook of English Vocabulary,” I thought it was necessary to do some research. I found out that many sites claim to have information about it, but most of them are fake. Some offer old versions of the book, and others don’t provide any links at all. So, I decided to buy the book and asked the owner if I could post it on my site. They agreed and said I could post the PDF. If someone likes it, they can buy it from an offline store, which made sense to me.

My research showed that no one was offering the PDF, and many people were requesting it in my email and website comments. So, I had to write this post. The problem isn’t writing the post; the challenge is getting it to rank well. I try my best to write good content, but due to frequent updates, the post doesn’t rank as expected. I’ve been working hard, as you can see from this article, which I’ve been writing since 10 AM, and now it’s 4 PM—six hours in total. But I enjoy writing, so I keep doing it.

As for the book, let me tell you it’s the best forpreparing for SSC, Banking, DSSSB, NDA, CDS, AFCAT, MBA, TET, and various other government exams.. I’ve shared its details on YouTube, and you’ll find the video in my post. No one else on the internet has uploaded this book, and I doubt anyone will. But you can search and research yourself; it’s the best for English vocabulary.

Students have trusted it for many years, and it’s exclusively available on our site. I hope Google brings my article to you. Thank you for reading my post until the end, for spending your time, and for downloading the PDF. If you have any issues, feel free to comment or email me.

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