Vedantu JEE Crash Course Sprint Modules with Solutions Free Pdf Download 2023

Vedantu JEE Crash Course Sprint Modules with Solutions Free Pdf Download: Are you searching for a Vedantu JEE Crash Course Sprint Modules prepare for your JEE Main Sept this Next year?

If you answered yes, then you’re in the right place. Here we will provide you with a free download of the Sprint JEE Main Mathematics Question Bank.

This question bank was formulated by experts in the field and will help you boost your scores in the exam. So don’t wait any longer and download it today!

Vedantu JEE Crash Course Sprint Modules with Solutions Free Pdf Download
Vedantu JEE Crash Course Sprint Modules with Solutions Free Pdf Download

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Vedantu JEE Crash Course Sprint Modules

Vedantu JEE Crash Course Sprint Modules: It conducts very good concept base problems it contains both jee mains and jee advanced base problems. If you are average student then by the help of this problems you can increase your level and easily crack this jee main exam .

We will providing Vedantu JEE Crash Course Sprint Modules with Solutions Download links here: MODULES JEE MAIN AND ADVANCED 2023. Someone has uploaded VEDANTU JEE MODULES on DRIVE LINKS. You can get it for free by clicking on the Google Drive links provided.

Download Vedantu JEE Crash Course Sprint Modules with Solutions for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics from this page. All disciplines are critical components of the IIT JEE Main and Advanced. These Vedantu JEE Main & Advanced MODULES have been uploaded for students in grades 11 and 12.

Also all other online platforms are also good but don’t addicted to this online platforms otherwise you can only watch this video and don’t work on your self study. Don’t forget on the way of good things there are bad things also.

There is nothing better than doing work on your weak sides. Believe me if you’re really work on your weak point then definitely you can increase your level.

More Study Matrial Click Here to Download

Vedantu JEE Crash Course Sprint Modules with Solutions Free Pdf Download

Physics Pdf Download

Chemistry Pdf Download-

Mathematics Pdf Download-

Which is better for the JEE, Vedantu or Unacademy?

I would suggest that both platforms are almost similar.But it depends on teachers.


1.Teachers: Vedantu has lots of teachers, once you purchase some course they will allocate you in some batch, in which teachers are selected by Vedantu Team.Whereas in Unacademy there are so many batches and you can enroll in an number.

  • (For Eg: If Namo Sir teaches Physics in Batch ‘A’ and Sameer sir teaches Maths in Batch ‘’B and not for A,Then you can enroll in both and see accordingly).Unacademy also has a separate batch which has teacher’s from Kota teaching you, which makes you feel more confident about your preparation. So,Unacademy gets a point here.

2.Price: Vedantu Prices are far more costlier than Unacademy , Hence Unacademy gets a point here.

EDIT 1: Here Both Vedantu and Unacademy gets a point as of 4/9/2020, as Unacademy is going with Price Hike, and Vedantu with its new Subscription Model (Vedantu Pro), has similar Pricing.

3.Free Courses: Unacademy provides complete courses for free on Youtube and is taught in detail by the greatest teachers, whereas Vedantu doesn’t have dedication in giving complete content regularly.Hence again Unacademy gets a point here

But, eventhough teaching is good, I faced a problem in both Platform,For a student teaching doesn’t feel that mind touching because teachers don’t teach on board, they write it on a Tablet/Laptop and Webcam Video of Teacher is seen on their Premium courses and I felt Unacademy JEE LIVE was better than Plus, hence I left plus and started using Unacademy JEE Live Daily

EDIT 2: Due to this Coronavirus Pandemic worldwide, all teachings have shifted online, so I dont think it makes more sense now. So now offline and online coaching seems the same.

4. APP User Interface: Unacademy’s app has less crashes than Vedantu, Unacademy’s Plus App is more better organised than Vedantu.

  • Eg: 1. In doubt section of Vedantu’s App, after each doubt is solved it asks about “Whether teacher was able to solve doubt”. When you go to ask the doubt again, it asks the same again, after two- three times doing same it will allow you to ask the doubt.

2.Even Schedule part (Interface) of Unacademy looks more good than Vedantu.

Both Unacademy and Vedantu has good teachers, but Unacademy has creative way of teaching. The way they teach by making you realise about the concepts through Killer Visualisation is really awesome.

I don’t remember any formulas now, but derive all by visualizing.(In my college they always used to say to mug-up formulas, and the examples given on board was very difficult to understand, but was made easy through graphical representation on Unacademy JEE Live Daily)

Trust me UNACADEMY is comparitively better than Vedantu for both JEE and NEET.

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Dear Friends, if you don’t like these honest review. Please forget about this here itself. Don’t force me to delete this one or report it as someone did it. Anyhow You may be a fan of either of the platform.But these are my honest opinions. If you don’t agree this leave it from your mind right now.

Thanks to all those who supported me.

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