How to Download U-LIKE Class 10 Mathematics CBSE Sample Papers & Model Test Papers PDF 2024

CLASS 10 U-LIKE Mathematics CBSE Sample Papers: Hello friends, welcome to my Blog. If you have been searching for a LIKE Class 10 Mathematics CBSE Sample Papers on the entire internet and couldn’t find it anywhere, your search time is now over because we have made Blog Post it and uploaded the sample paper as well. If you download it, please share and support our channel after downloading.

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We bring you a different kinds of books. You can carry this book where ever you want. It is easy to carry. It can be an ideal gift to yourself and to your loved ones. Care instruction keep away from fire. CLASS 10 U-LIKE Mathematics CBSE Sample Papers.

How to Download ULIKE Class 10 Mathematics CBSE Sample Papers & Model Test Papers PDF
How to Download ULIKE Class 10 Mathematics CBSE Sample Papers & Model Test Papers PDF

What makes these Sample Papers special?

Updated Syllabus & Solved Papers:
Includes the latest syllabus and fully solved board papers.

Timed Revision:
Topic-wise notes, smart mind maps, and mnemonics to help you study efficiently.

📚 Extensive Practice:
Over 2000 questions with board marking scheme answers. Plenty of practice to help you excel.

🔍 Concept Clarity:
500+ concepts and 50+ concept videos to make learning fun and easy.

🧩 NEP 2020 Compliance:
Includes competency-based questions aligned with the latest educational trends.

These Sample Papers are your ultimate study tool. They’ll help you tackle every challenge and ace your exams.

Special thanks to the Oswaal Editorial Board for creating this resource, and to the students, parents, and teachers for their valuable feedback.

Latest Study Material

Features of CLASS 10 U-LIKE Book

Features of the U-LIKE Book CBSE Sample Papers:

  • Up-to-date Design:
    Follows the latest CBSE question paper format, syllabus, and marking scheme.
  • Comprehensive Coverage:
    More than ten sample question papers covering key concepts for exams.
  • Latest Solved Paper:
    Includes the latest solved sample paper with the CBSE marking scheme.
  • Question Types:
    Includes all question types specified by CBSE for exam success.
  • Detailed Answers:
    Provides detailed answers from the CBSE marking scheme, following the word limit for self-evaluation.

ULIKE Class 10 Mathematics CBSE Sample Papers PDF DOWNLOAD


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How to Download ULIKE Class 10 Mathematics CBSE Sample Papers

Which sample papers are best for the class 10 CBSE exams?

Hi, firstly I passed grade X in 2021 with the CGPA system in CBSE, I had scored 9.4 CGPA and passed grade XII in 2023 from CBSE with 85.6% in PCB stream.

So now coming to your question, I would first suggest you to be completely perfect with NCERT content for subjects math, science and SST, here itself 70% of your preparation would be done and also have good idea of your lessons and other stuff in language subjects and if you have any other elective subject that too.

So all these above must be done by December end perfectly.

Now coming to the last two month revision, and doing revision at this point means solving as many as papers you can within the given time similar to the actual exam.

My suggestion would be:

  1. Solve the official sample paper issued by the board and check your answers with the marking scheme and rectify yourself.
  2. Instead of solving any sample papers issued by various publishers, solve previous year’s board papers of all regions { ALL INDIA, DELHI SET, & FOREIGN SET}. Minimum 6–8 years papers is more than sufficient. ALSO PLEASE REMEMBER CBSE DOES REPEAT FEW QUESTIONS SOMETIMES.
  3. With this you are revising your concepts and also solving papers.
  4. The previous year papers are easily available on net along with marking scheme.
  5. If you really want to purchase any sample paper, then go for ARIHANT.
  6. Prepare a good schedule when to solve which paper and kindly avoid any distraction and set an exam like environment


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