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Students can refer to SL Loney Solutions provided below. These solutions have been developed based on the latest SL Loney book for the current academic year. Please click on the links below to download the solutions in PDF format

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This book is the one of the most beautifully written book by Sl loney for IIT-JEE. Trigonometry is considered to be one of the easiest topics in mathematics by the aspirants of IIT JEE, AIEEE and other state level engineering examination preparation. It would not be untrue to say that most of the sources have taken inspiration from this book as it is the most reliable source.

The best part of this book is its coverage in Heights and Distances and Inverse Trigonometric Functions. The book gives a very good learning experience and the exercises which follow are not only comprehensive but they have both basic and standard questions which help the aspirants alot in their Jee preparation .

The book has not been written with the competitive examinations point  of view such that Jee mains and Jee advance so the student needs to refer the syllabus while studying this book .One of the best part of foreign author’s book is that the answers given at the end of the book are very accurate which is a rare feature in most of the books .

SL Loney Solutions Free PDF Download

Solutions to Plane Trigonometry by SI Loney
Chapter 1: Measurement of Angles
Chapter 2:  Trigonometrical Ratios
Chapter 3:  Simple Problem in Height And Distance
Chapter 4:  Application of Algebraic Sign to Trigonometry
Chapter 5: Trigonometric Function
Chapter 6: General Expressions for Trigonometrical Ratio
Chapter 7: Trigonometrical Ratios The Sum and Difference of Two Angles
Chapter 8:Trigonometrical Ratios Multiply and Submultiple Angles
Chapter 9: Identities and Trigonometrical Equations
Chapter 10: Logarithms
Chapter 11: Tables of Logarithms
Chapter 12: Relations Between The Side and Angles
Chapter 13: Solution of Triangles
Chapter 14: Height and Distances
Chapter 15: Properties of Triangle
Chapter 16: Quadrilaterals and Regular Polygons
Chapter 17: Angles of A Circle
Chapter 18: Inverse Circular Function
Chapter 19: Some Simple Trigonometrical Series
Chapter 20: Elimination
Chapter 21: Projections

Sl loney plane trigonometry pdf with solution | iit jee maths books pdf

Trigonometrical proportions of the entirety and contrast of two points item formulae, Trigonometrical proportions of numerous and sub-multiple of points, Identities &trigonometrical conditions, Logarithms, Tables of Logarithms, The Principle of Proportional parts, Relations between the Side &Trigonometrical proportions of the Angles of a triangle, Solution of triangles,

given different sides and the included point, vague case, Heights and Distances, Properties of a triangle, Quadrilaterals, Regular Polygons, Inverse round capacities, Summation of some basic trigonometrical arrangement, Elimination and Projections, each covering different ideas of Plane Trigonometry.

As Trigonometry consists largely of formula and the applications thereof, I have prefixed (on pages x to xvi) a list of the principal formula which the student should commit to memory. These more important formulas are distinguished in the text by the use of thick types. Other formulas are subsidiary and of less importance. The number of examples is very large. A selection only should be solved by the student on a first reading.

Is SL Loney really great for the JEE Advanced ?

JEE Advanced is the second part of JEE exam. After clearing the first part i.e. JEE Main you are qualified for this exam and if you clear this exam, then you will get admission in the top engineering colleges of the country like IITs. SL Loney isn’t sufficient for JEE preparation. If you are solving this book for JEE advanced then you are wasting your time. You can consider SL Loney a first step to your preparation. Instead of following this book you can go for some other books which are upto mark for the JEE mains and advanced. If you just want to solve this book for JEE then it will be only useful till JEE main exam.

Is it worth solving the plane trigonometry book by SL Loney for IIT JEE preparation?

SL Loney is a classical book on trigonometry which was written by a famous mathematician named SL Loney.

Considering for JEE preparation, here are the points which can be useful-

  • The book is very good to learn basic concepts and solve some basic examples when you begin any topic for the first time.
  • Some chapters like SOT, Height and Distance can be best covered using this book. The problems are of good level and are worth if you solve them.
  • As trigonometry involves many problems which involve manipulations so you need a lot of practice of such problems. In this respect, this book does not prove to be sufficient as most of the problems are of the basic level as compared to problems in JEE and hence you should cover some more problems from different resources. This does not hold for the chapter ‘Height and Distance’.
  • Many topics of the book are not included in the JEE syllabus so be aware of the syllabus as you go through this book. Not everything given in the book is required.
  • Miscellaneous section of chapters is very helpful with respect to JEE advanced. It has some of the very important questions.

Benefits of using SL Loney Solutions

SL Loney Solutions are being considered as one of the best books for students. Students like these books a lot. It has been always advised by expert teachers that they should study SL Loney books on a regular basis. This will help them to build a stronger understanding of the concepts. Having a strong base and a thorough understanding of all topics is really useful for students. They will be able to score good marks in their exams by reading SL Loney textbook. Students should go through the solutions provided on our website. As students struggle to find answers to various problems given at the back of each chapter. We have provided here a full database of all solutions for all classes in easy to download format.

SL Loney Solutions

All solutions for SL Loney are provided in PDF format. Students can easily download them and read by taking printouts. This will help you to study offline without the internet. The students should study SL Loney Questions and answers. Students will be able to like and understand all topics properly. Because going through the answers is very important. And these answers will help you a lot.

You can refer to our Textbook Solutions page for more solutions as here we have the biggest database of solutions for all chapters in books written by various publishers. All solutions are available for free for students.

Where can I download SL Loney Solutions?

You can download SL Loney Solutions from our website and have provided all solutions in PDF format. You can download everything freeIs SL Loney an important book?

Yes, all concepts and topics are explained in a very useful manner in this book written by SL Loney and we have provided all questions and answers for you to download.

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