NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths PDF 2023

Here we are providing NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths, one can easily download the PDF. All the chapters of Maths of class 6 is listed below.

All the Solutions, provided by us are latest and up to date according to new NCERT Syllabus.

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NCERT Solution for Class 6 Maths – Free PDF Download

Chapter 1 Knowing Our Numbers
Chapter 2 Whole Numbers
Chapter 3 Playing With Numbers
Chapter 4 Basic Geometrical Ideas
Chapter 5 Understanding Elementary Shapes
Chapter 6 Integers
Chapter 7 Fractions
Chapter 8 Decimals
Chapter 9 Data Handling
Chapter 10 Mensuration
Chapter 11 Algebra
Chapter 12 Ratio and Proportion
Chapter 13 Symmetry
Chapter 14 Practical Geometry

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Are you in search of well-crafted, free NCERT solutions for 6th-grade Mathematics? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Many students perceive mathematics as a challenging subject, where a lack of clarity on concepts can hinder their progress. In Class 6, the curriculum introduces new mathematical concepts.

Up to this point, students were primarily acquainted with the number system. However, the concept of integers is now introduced, which can often leave students perplexed when it comes to identifying and solving problems involving positive and negative numbers. Additionally, understanding the number line can become quite complex for them.

NCERT books are the standard textbooks used by CBSE schools and some state boards. Studying through NCERT ensures that you cover all the topics prescribed by CBSE and guides you toward a brighter academic future. Our solution book provides comprehensive solutions for all sixteen chapters, presented in a systematic order. Beginning with “Knowing Our Numbers,” progressing to “Whole Numbers,” and delving into “Playing with Numbers,” each chapter offers meticulously crafted solutions for the practice exercises found at the end of your NCERT textbook.


NCERT sols for class 6 Maths, Science, Social science, English and Hindi are given below to download in PDF form.

Understanding integers, fractions, and decimal handling is of utmost importance in Class 6, as even a minor misunderstanding can lead to a loss of the core concepts. Our solution book not only serves as your reliable guide but also as a steadfast companion available to assist you 24/7. You can easily refer to the solutions to understand the approach taken and seamlessly grasp the techniques applied.

Each solution has been meticulously worked through until the final answer is derived. This approach not only aids students in comprehending how step marking is performed in examinations but also lays a solid foundation for their board exam preparations.

Mathematics is essentially a fusion of formulas and numbers that equip you with the skills to solve everyday calculations, numerical challenges, and even industry-related problems. Subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Accounts rely heavily on mathematics. In Class 6, the curriculum introduces fundamental concepts of algebra and ratio & proportion. Our NCERT solutions for Class 6 Mathematics can serve as valuable references for your studies and homework.

Feel free to share this resource with your friends and classmates, and you’ll instantly become a popular figure within your group. You can easily download the solution book for free from Additionally, students can access solutions for other textbooks at no cost.


Free Class 6 PDF downloads Students can benefit greatly from math solutions. Concepts like integers, fractions, and decimals are explained in detail.

These answers function as dependable friends, providing step-by-step instruction and helping pupils get ready for tests. These solutions are vital since math is necessary for other topics like physics, chemistry, and accounting.

Due to the introduction of algebra and ratio & proportion in Class 6, these materials are helpful for studying and doing homework. The sharing of these tools among peers helps foster a positive academic environment. Use these free PDFs to succeed in math and other subjects.


किसी स्कूल में चार दिन के लिए एक पुस्तक प्रदर्शनी आयोजित की गई। पहले, दूसरे, तीसरे और अंतिम दिन खिड़की पर क्रमशः 1094, 1812, 2050 और 2751 टिकट बेचे गए। इन चार दिनों में बेचे गए टिकटों की कुल संख्या ज्ञात कीजिए।

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths in PDF

पहले दिन बेचे गए कुल टिकट = 1,094
दूसरे दिन बेचे गए कुल टिकट = 1,812
तीसरे दिन बेचे गए कुल टिकट = 2,050
अंतिम दिन बेचे गए कुल टिकट = 2,751
बेचे गए कुल टिकट = 7,707
अतः, इन चार दिनों में बेचे गए टिकटों की कुल संख्या 7,707 है।

Write the three whole numbers occurring just before 10001.

10,001 – 1 = 10,000
10,000 – 1 = 9,999
9,999 – 1 = 9,998

Which factors are not included in the prime factorization of a composite number?

1 is the factor which is not included in the prime factorization of a composite number.

The product of three consecutive numbers is always divisible by 6. Verify this statement with the help of some examples.

Among the three consecutive numbers, there must be one even number and one multiple of 3. Thus, the product must be multiple of 6.
(i) 2 x 3 x 4 = 24
(ii) 4 x 5 x 6 = 120

Use strip and fasteners to make a triangle and a quadrilateral. Try to push inward at any one vertex of the triangle. Do the same to the quadrilateral. Is the triangle distorted? Is the quadrilateral distorted? Is the triangle rigid? Why is it that structures like electric towers make use of triangular shapes and not quadrilateral?

No, the triangle is not distorted but the quadrilateral is distorted and also the triangle is rigid.
Structures like electric towers make use of triangular shape so that they could not be distorted and they could be rigid.

What is a pictograph?

A pictograph represents data through pictures of objects. It helps answer the questions on the data at a glance.

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