MP Board Class 10th Maths Solutions गणित

MP Board Class 10th Maths Solutions गणित MP Board Class 10th Maths Solutions Guide Pdf Free Download गणित in both Hindi Medium and English Medium are part of MP Board Class 10th Solutions. Here we have given NCERT Madhya Pradesh Syllabus MP Board Class 10 Maths Book Solutions Ganit Pdf.

MP Board Class 10th Maths Solutions

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Subject:Maths – गणित
Medium:English – हिंदी
MP Board Class 10th Maths Solutions

MP Board Class 10th Maths Book Solutions in English Medium

  1. Class 10 Real Numbers
  2. Class 10 Polynomials
  3. Class 10 Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
  4. Class 10 Quadratic Equations
  5. Arithmetic Progressions
  6. Triangles Class 10
  7. Coordinate Geometry Class 10
  8. Introduction to Trigonometry Class 10
  9. Some Applications of Trigonometry Class 10
  10. Circles Class 10
  11. Constructions Class 10
  12. Areas Related to Circles Class 10
  13. Surface Areas and Volumes Class 10
  14. Statistics Class 10
  15. Probability Class 10

MP Board Class 10th Maths Book Solutions in Hindi Medium

उत्तर प्रदेश, मध्य प्रदेश, and गुजरात में भी NCERT की किताबें लगने के बाद हम लोग UP बोर्ड, MP बोर्ड, Gujrat Board के लिए भी अध्धयन सामग्री बना रहे हैं। अगर UP Board NCERT Solutions प्राप्त करने में विद्यार्थियों को किसी प्रकार की परेशानी हो रही है तो हमें Contact करें UP Board Secondary Education (High School) के लिए अध्ययन सामग्री, Sample Papers, Notes तथा पश्नों के हल यहाँ से प्राप्त करें।

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths (Hindi Medium)

We hope the given MP Board Class 10th Maths Solutions Guide Pdf Free Download गणित in both Hindi Medium and English Medium will help you. If you have any query regarding NCERT Madhya Pradesh Syllabus MP Board Class 10 Maths Book Solutions Ganit Pdf, drop a comment below and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Chapter 1: Real Numbers

Real Numbers is one of the scoring chapters for Board exams. It follows the Euclid’s Division Algorithms and Lemma. The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic helps to split the composite numbers into primes. It is suitable for solving the questions of exercise 1.2 of chapter 1, class 10 Maths. It also helps to evaluate HCF or LCM of 2 or 3 numbers. Lemma helps split the composites into primes. First and third exercises contain the related sums of lemma. It requires step by step algorithm. One can check if the number is terminating or not.

Chapter 2: Polynomials

This chapter is related to Class 9 Maths Chapter 2 Number systems. Here, we will learn how to find zeros of a quadratic polynomial and its uses. Set relations between zeroes and coefficient of variables. We will also learn to derive a quadratic polynomial using the sum and product of zeroes. Long division method for a polynomial helps us in 10th Maths Exercise 2.4. The last exercise 2.4 is an optional exercise not for CBSE Board Exam March 2021.

Chapter 3: Pair Of Linear Equations In Two Variables

Class 10 Maths Chapter 3 is similar to Class 9 Maths Chapter 4 Linear Equations in Two Variables. However, the pair of linear equations of class 10 help to find out their solutions. Use any of methods like Graphical method, elimination, substitution and cross multiplication to solve. Exercise 3.1 of Class 10 Maths tells us how to form an equation for the word problem, whereas Exercise 3.2 provides a graphical way for the sums. Similarly, exercises 3.3, 3.4 & 3.5 follow Elimination, Substitution and Cross Multiplication Method to get the result. Exercise 3.6 contains a variety of problems which are non-linear format. So, convert first into a linear format to solve them. Exercise 3.7 is an optional exercise, not for CBSE Board Exams.

Chapter 4: Quadratic Equations

An equation is whether quadratic or not a quadratic; this is the concept of Exercise 4.1 of Class 10 Maths. Exercise 4.2 includes the solving of quadratic equations by factor method. Just like Chapter 3, it also contains the word problems based on the quadratic forms in Exercise 4.3. Questions based on Speed, Distance and time are asked in CBSE and UP Board exams most of the time. Before the finding roots of a quadratic equation, we have to check if roots exist or not. Exercise 4.4 covers the fact that roots are real or imaginary.

Chapter 5: Arithmetic Progression

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