Free Minecraft Premium Accounts & Passwords 2022

Premium Minecraft Accounts: Want to play Minecraft Games? For that, you need a Minecraft Premium Account. If you don’t have Minecraft Premium Account then Don’t Worry about it. In this article, we have covered all of Minecraft Accounts and how to get free access to these Minecraft Accounts in 2020.

Minecraft Accounts & Passwords
Minecraft Accounts & Passwords

Every year, numerous games are launched for gamers. However, only a few games gain worldwide popularity. One of the world-famous game is Minecraf

t. It is a video game developed by Mojang. Minecraft is a single-player as well as a multiplayer sandbox, survival game.

You can play this game on various platforms such as Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, etc. Minecraft is one of the greatest-selling video games. The graphics of this game are not that mesmerizing but, the gameplay is very addictive. Once you begin playing this game, you will not be able to keep track of your time.

However, you are required to create an account to play this game. Thus, here we are with a complete guide which you can refer while creating a Minecraft account


  1. You can easily change and Customize Skins for Characters.
  2. (Update) Save the Game at any Level.
  3. New Fresh and Cool Characters.
  4. Latest Premium Verison of Minecraft 2020.
  5. Transfer funds to Game Developers.

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How to Create a New Minecraft Account?

If you are new to Minecraft, execute the steps listed below to create a new Minecraft account. Well, there are many Minecraft Commands that will help you to play it smartly.

Step 1- Launch a web browser on your device and head over to ‘‘ on this website. It is the official website of Minecraft.

Step 2- Once the page is loaded, click on the ‘LOG IN‘ option located at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 3- Since you do not have an account, click on ‘Register one here!’ option which you will find below the ‘LOG IN‘ bar.

Step 4- A new page will appear on your screen with various fields. Namely:
1. Email address.
2. Repeat email address.
3. Password.
4. Repeat password.
5. Date of birth.

You need to fill each field carefully.

Step 5- Once you have entered the required details, click on the ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’ bar located below these fields.

Step 6- You will now be asked to verify that you are not a robot by answering a question displayed on your screen.

Step 7- A four-character code will be sent to the email address which you have entered while creating an account. Enter that code in the ‘Verification code’ field and click on ‘Verify‘ to complete the process of creating a new Minecraft account.

Once you have carefully executed the steps listed above, you will have successfully created a new Minecraft account.




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How to migrate from a Minecraft Account to a Mojang account?

If you are still using an old Minecraft Premium account, execute the steps listed below to migrate it to a Mojang account. The benefit of migrating from an old Minecraft Premium account to a Mojang account is that it provides more security options and integrates Minecraft into your Mojang game library.

Step 1- Launch a web browser on your device and head over to ‘‘ this website.

Step 2- Here, enter the details from your Minecraft account. These details include:
1. E-mail.
2. Username.
3. Password.

Step 3- Now, you are required to enter the details for your new Mojang account. The details to be entered are:
1. E-mail.
2. Repeat E-mail.
3. Date of birth.
Finally, check the checkbox below the date of birth field. Checking this box declares that you accept the terms and conditions of Mojang.

Step 4- Check all the information you have entered and click on the ‘Migrate account‘ option located at the bottom of the page. On clicking, you will be redirected to the verification page.

Step 5- A four-character code will be sent to the email address which you have entered while creating an account. Enter that code in the ‘Verification code‘ field and click on ‘Verify‘ to complete the process of migrating from an old Minecraft Premium account to a Mojang account.

By now, your old Minecraft account will be successfully migrated to a Mojang account.

What help can you avail of Mojang Support?

If you face any kind of issue with your Minecraft account, you can seek help from Mojang support. The link to Mojang’s support website is ‘‘ this. Here, you can know how to change your email address, what to do if your account is stolen, how to recover your password, etc.

You can also get your other doubts solved from Mojang support. This website supports three languages and has a search bar where you can ask your question if you do not find any relevant option from the list of options.

Free Minecraft Accounts 2022

[email protected]:iloveshelby

[email protected]:Imanoob96 [email protected]:intheend1 [email protected]:Denndeko0912 [email protected]:baseball123 [email protected]:joenaomi1 [email protected]:123rafaema [email protected]:Abcdefgh100 [email protected]:pakkun63344 [email protected]:basma [email protected]:acheron [email protected]:Excellent06 [email protected]:Alisa7896 [email protected]:cheesy127 [email protected]:Archie92 [email protected]:benfica2001 [email protected]:ggalle358 [email protected]:optimist6 [email protected]:r1590470 [email protected]:FrankieFrank123 [email protected]:Overwatch [email protected]:ferbet1216 [email protected]:Devin221 [email protected]:nazma62

Below the download link for all Minecraft Accounts. We are not sure that these accounts are still in working conditions or not.


Still, love Minecraft in 2020? Then you should go with the below option instead of free accounts.

Just do a group buy for your desired Minecraft account. It reduces your cost and also provides you flexibility and more control over your account. If you want Minecraft for your PS4 then it only costs you $19.

⚠️ If You don’t get the accounts it doesn’t mean that it’s fake it means the accounts was claimed by another user so be fast to claim ❤️❤️

✔️Many People are Online,
They Claim Accounts + change the password, So fast that you all might lose Accounts

So you need to Be Faster Than The Others✔️

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Minecraft Free Accounts and Generator 2022

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The above methods explain the methods of creating a new Minecraft account and how to migrate from a Minecraft account to a Mojang account. I Hope this Free Minecraft accounts work fine for you. If you have any queries regarding the methods listed above, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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