Free Download Divi Builder v4.9.2 [+1502 Premade Layouts]

Divi Builder Plugin for WordPress Free Download – Divi Builder, is a lightweight and most powerful visual page builder plugin for WordPress. It allows you to design stunning and professional web pages easily using its modules.

Before this builder only comes with the Divi theme but now Divi Builder is available as a standalone plugin and will work with all WordPress themes, not just the Divi theme. Every module of this plugin works perfectly with all WordPress themes.

This builder works on the What you See is What you Get interface. That means you can add, delete, and move elements at the front end of your website. No coding knowledge required to use this page builder on your website. Divi Builder has 40+ website module support.

Free Download Divi Builder Plugin for WordPress Free Download
Free Download Divi Builder Plugin for WordPress Free Download

If you don’t have time to build page layouts from scratch then no need to worry, Divi Builder also allows you to choose from professionally designed 800+ pre-made layouts. You can also clone existing page layouts.

Divi Builder also allows us to transform page modules into interactive elements using its beautiful hover effects. You can also add custom shape dividers into your website sections. In Short, we can say Divi Builder is one of the best visual page builder plugins with lots of modification settings.

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Main Features of Divi Builder – WordPress Page Builder Plugin

  • Powerful editing options
  • Front-end editor
  • Drag n Drop page elements
  • Custom CSS support
  • Responsive editing options
  • Inline text editing
  • Save and reuse your designs
  • Allows to import from 800+ premade layouts
  • 40+ modules
  • Call to actions
  • Sliders
  • Forms builder
  • Testimonial support
  • Well optimized
  • Doesn’t slow down your website
  • Hover effects
  • Typography options
  • Customized divider shapes
  • Options to control border settings
  • Advanced filter and effects support
  • Deep drop shadows
  • Text shadows and effects
  • Allows to add animation into any element
  • Most Efficient

Live Demo/Preview of Divi Builder v4.9.2 – WordPress Plugin

What’s New in Divi Builder v4.9.2 (Changelog)

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with EWWW Image Optimizer Lazy Load which caused an issue with all modules using AJAX pagination.
  • Added new fonts to the List of Google Fonts which available without an API key.
  • Fixed unwanted top offset for Settings Modal in Theme Builder and Layout Editor in GB.
  • Fixed the issue when you cannot close the Layers view modal in Theme Builder.
  • Fixed an issue where renaming a Template in Theme Builder was not reflecting in the library.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the issue where the browser context menu didn’t show inside the Code option of the Code Module.
  • Fixed error printed in the browser console when copy & paste styles modules with global colors enabled.
  • Fixed issue with find and replace not working on RGBA colors.
  • Added support for Dynamic Content ‘Manual Custom Field’ outside the Theme Builder.
  • Fixed a fatal error that could happen while saving a Theme Builder template when the Yoast plugin was active.
  • Some other minor changes and bug fixes.

Free Download Divi Builder v4.9.2 Latest Version – Front-end Page Builder Plugin for WordPress

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Free Download Divi Builder Premade Layouts (Templates)

This package includes 204 layout packs and 1502 total layouts. To use them you need to import them using Divi library import & export option.

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Divi’s Refund Policy (From The Divi Download Website):

You can always download a pirated version of Divi from the shady corners of the Internet. However, we tried it and found multiple versions infected with malware, so we don’t recommend it. Even if you download a clean pirated version, you won’t have access to theme updates. When a plugin such as WooCommerce or WordPress CMS updates, your theme probably won’t work anymore.

Our conclusion is to buy the theme, test it during the 30-day trial period, and then decide if you want to keep it. With a no-questions-asked refund policy, you won’t even need to explain yourself.

Divi Theme Demo Download

Many blog owners are searching for the free Divi theme demo download to show potential customers how the WordPress theme looks and works. But let us underline that there is no direct demo version of the Divi theme. You can only access the Divi theme by purchasing the paid version or using our secret free-trial method to get all Divi products without paying. As mentioned, there are opportunities to find the theme on alternative websites.

Still, you will most likely end up regretting that because you might get malware or a virus on your website, so take advantage of the free-trial method or use Elegant Themes’ refund policy to try the Divi WordPress theme for 30 days with the possibility of getting your money back if the theme does not meet your expectations.

Free Divi Plugin – Divi Builder 

We recommend Divi builder, a visual drag-and-drop function, to help build websites for WordPress Themes. It should be emphasized that the Divi builder plugin is not only convertible with Divi themes but can also be used for all other WordPress themes.

The advantage of the Divi builder solution is that it can be used without any experience at all in coding. It is possible to download a Divi builder’s demo version and get a free Divi plugin demo from

Download Free Divi Modules

Yes, it is indeed possible to download Divi and its modules for free. Follow the tutorial at the start of this article to get Divi & all of its addons for free. Use the button at the top of the article to start your free trial to get the paid version of the Divi WordPress theme; then, you’ll gain access to all the additional Divi modules.

Please remember that if you decide to purchase Divi, the company behind called Elegant Themes has a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy. With the Divi refund, you can test them out before deciding if you want to pay for it or not; it’s a shame not to take advantage of their refund policy. You can also consider starting your free Divi trial by clicking the button at the top of this article.

Free Divi Theme Promo Code

It is often possible to get a discount when buying a WordPress product when using a promotion code (or just “promo code”).

A promo code is some text or numbers that give the purchaser a product or service the possibility of obtaining a discount when purchasing the product or service.

A promo code is not a random code but a code determined by the seller. You will find more information about possible Elegant Themes promo codes in the article – “Elegant Themes Coupon code.

What Is Divi Theme?

The Divi theme is one of the world’s best-selling WordPress themes. In fact, the theme, along with Theme Forest’s “Avada,” are the two best-selling WordPress themes in the World.

Divi Excels in being a good user flat and very nice designs that exist for many different business areas including blogs in general, business, and art. Divi is designed by the American film Elegant Themes.

Download Elegant Themes For Free

Elegant Themes is one of the best WordPress theme designers out there. The company was founded by Nick Roach, who came into website building when he created websites for his various college bands and made them available to other bands online. With the website, website designs developed to become a business, and the foundation of Elegant Themes was founded.

Since then, it has almost only progressed, and today WordPress has close to one hundred employees and a clientele of more than 500,000 users. Divi has become Elegant Theme’s overriding main product over time, and Divi is continuously improved with good and relevant updates.

WordPress & Elegant Themes

WordPress is the world’s leading content management system. It is licensed under GPLv2, which means that it is open source and that everybody can work in the system and have the possibility to modify the system.

About a third of all blogs on the Internet are based on WordPress, which is more popular than any other available content management system. WordPress is an “Open source,” which means that it is free to use. It should be emphasized that it is that is free and open-source not to be mixed up with, which is a commercial enterprise that uses the same system and whose products and services cost money.

Elegant Themes & WordPress Today

Originally WordPress primarily as a free tool for smaller blogs. In recent years on the Internet, WordPress has become so good that many of the Internet’s huge websites today are based on WordPress.

There are a large number of free WordPress themes that you can use to design your website, such as the designs offered from Superb Themes., The two most well-known WordPress themes are Divi and Avada. Divi alone is used by more than half a million blogs around the world.

Is Divi Theme Slow?

It is important for a blog’s popularity that blog users can quickly download their website; otherwise, the blog will lose credibility and, ultimately, users.  In terms of downloading speed, Divi themes are among the fast-paced themes concerning downloading content from the themes.

Why Divi Theme?

There is no doubt that you can choose Divi themes if you are looking for a WordPress theme that is reliable and functional.

As both security and design are top-notch, and the Divi theme is definitely one of the first themes that one should consider when building or improving a blog or website.

Free Divi Theme?

Summarized, it is possible to download Divi for Free illegally, which we strongly advise against. Both because you can get a virus or malware and in legal trouble. Instead, you should use our Divi-trial method to obtain Divi for free.

When downloading a free Divi theme, you do not have the opportunity to get updates of the program in the same way as the program buyers have the opportunity.

In extreme cases, it may mean that users of a free version of Divi may risk their website ceasing to work, as updates to Divi’s themes do not come. You might also risk getting malware by downloading a “nulled” version of Divi.

It works in the same way as when an illegal version of a Microsoft license stops working, and you can have big problems getting your Microsoft based papers working like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Simultaneously, of course, there is the problem of downloading a free version of Divi that has been done through an alternative website that has made the program available illegally. There is no legal free version of Divi Theme you want to use or are using. Get Divi for free instead by using our Divi-Trial method as mentioned at the top of this article.

The 30-Days Refund Policy

Remember, Elegant Themes do have a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy. This means that you can test them out before deciding if you want to pay for it or not; it’s a shame not to take advantage of their refund policy. So, stop risking to get virus/malware on your website by downloading Divi illegally and test the Divi theme with the possibility to get a refund.

Free Divi Download

As mentioned, it is possible to download the Divi theme for free, but the channels that exist are NOT legal. The only legal way to do it is to start your Divi trial and keep the theme after that. View the guide at the top of our website to see how you can do that. It is possible to find a free Divi download by visiting one of the alternative websites found all over the Internet. Still, it should be emphasized that it is not legal to download the Divi theme in this way and a lot of the free downloads you’ll find are malware in disguise. Take the safe route and use the Divi trial to get Divi for free.

Unfortunately, it is an integral part of the Internet that you acquire different programs. Otherwise not found in a free or demo version illegally and free of charge through the so-called alternative websites.

Nulled Programs

The process of downloading and opening different programs for free and illegally is called “NULLED.” In connection with a NULLED program, all licenses and barriers are illegally removed by a programmer who has purchased the program and uploaded the program to an alternative website.

Although it is tough for authorities and the company behind the individual illegal NULLED program to find users of the illegal programs, it is done with great fines such as the outcome of the free and illegal version of a purchase program.

To get an idea of the Divi WordPress theme, you can try a free test drive. To get the free Divi test, all you have to do is:

Free Divi Test

  1. Go to the front page of and press” Try It for Free,” and you will get a free tour and learn all the possibilities that the Divi Theme contains.
  2. If you are convinced and ready to purchase or want to quit the Divi test drive, press the” End Tour.”

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