Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid during an Online Enrollment

Educational institutions continue to show eagerness when it comes to adopting online enrollment systems because they are well-received not only by their staff but also by students and parents as well. The convenience it brings is incomparable to the many hassles of doing it the traditional way.

Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid during an Online Enrollment
Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid during an Online Enrollment

The success of the system, however, doesn’t solely rely on the implementor. It needs the cooperation of the users as well. If one piece of data seems to be out of place, the whole system might not be as effective as everyone thought it to be.

If you are a student or a parent about to process an Online Enrolment Gems American Academy Abu Dhabi, here are some mistakes to avoid (keep in mind that the system differs per institution):

  1. Not reading carefully. Reading with comprehension is very important in any aspect. Reading without understanding or simply skimming without really checking out all the details could cause a problem because there might be important details missed. A simple missed step could lead to a disaster.

What if you entered the wrong code for a class, or what if you ticked on the wrong schedule? This might be a minor error, but since things are done online and things get transmitted electronically, the receiving end accepts it as it is, unless you make corrections, which could be time-consuming.

  1. Not reviewing policies. School institutions have a lot of policies, and not reviewing them is a big mistake. These may include cancellation policies, dropping-out policies, school trip policies, admissions policies, and a lot more. The information provided in these policies is very important and should not be ignored.

What if you initially chose to enroll in an Animation class and then decided to shift to Programming? What if a certain policy stated a deadline on when to switch classes and you didn’t read it? By the time you make a final decision, the deadline might be over and you won’t get to pick what you wanted.

  1. Not learning the process or system. Everyone experiences confusion at one time or another, especially if it’s a new thing to explore. If it’s about filling up forms for enrollment, you don’t want to navigate an app or a website unprepared because what might be a simple task could turn out into a very complicated one.

Systems and processes vary according to the school. Some might be user-friendly while others might be a bit more complicated. If you didn’t study the system beforehand, you might find yourself grasping for help not knowing when it will come.

  1. Not asking for help. You may be confident enough to do it on your own, but there could be roadblocks that you just couldn’t solve or figure out, like a category you didn’t know, or a glitch in the system that you just can pass. Not asking for help is a big mistake because your issues won’t get resolved and you’re just going to end up stuck or repeating the process all over again.

There are a lot of people who can help you – admission staff, registrars, technical support, assistants, you name it – if you need help, just say it. Try to reach out by whatever means possible – email, direct message, or even a phone call, to get the answer you need.

  1. Entering details haphazardly. If you’re good with typing and can do 60 to 100 words per minute, good for you. But that skill is not to be shown off during online enrollment. No matter how accurate you think you are, you should always be careful when filling up forms or providing any type of information online.

A simple typographical error could cause problems more than you think it can. Making alterations could be easy but if you could have done it perfectly the first time, wouldn’t you? So don’t make the mistake of typing quickly just for the sake of finishing early.

  1. Getting overwhelmed. When trying to access an app or a website during online enrollment, you normally will experience challenges that lead to confusion. Do not get overwhelmed by this situation as it won’t solve anything. When you get these feelings in the way, you’ll accomplish nothing and just waste time looking at the portal or trying to figure it out.

Take a deep breath and ask for assistance if needed. It might also help if you’ve read helpful information beforehand, such as reading Frequently Asked Questions, as well as getting insights from other people who have experience.

  1. Not checking emails post-enrollment. The process doesn’t end after you’ve filled up the form. There could always be changes to the schedule, curriculum, teacher, room assignment, etc. Notices may be sent via an actual letter or through email, and if you don’t check yours regularly, you might experience problems come the first day of classes. 

Since you’ve enrolled online, it’s also appropriate to do follow-up checks on your current status, and one way to do that is by checking your email to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

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