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How to improve stubborn children?: svabhaav ek aisee cheej hai jisake saath ham paida hote hain. bachche manamaujee ho sakate hain aur agar aapaka bachcha jiddee hai, to aapako samajhana chaahie ki aap akele nahin hain jinake bachche jiddee hain.

kaee maata-pita ke jiddee bachche hote hain aur yah theek hai jab bachche bahut chhote hote hain. lekin jis tarah se aap apane jiddee bachche ko sambhaalate hain, usase is baat par bahut phark padega ki vah kis tarah ka vayask hoga.

bachcha charan aur kishor charan ko sambhaalana sabase kathin maana jaata hai.

yah samajhana mahatvapoorn hai ki jid kuchh bachchon ke vyaktitv ka ek hissa hai, jabaki any mein, yah unakee seemaon ko paar karane aur apanee ichchha par jor dene ka unaka tareeka hai. isalie, yah aap par nirbhar hai ki aap apane bachche ko tanaav se nipatane aur usakee bhaavanaon ko vyakt karane ke vibhinn tareeke sikhaen.

How to Handle Stubborn and Aggressive Child in hindi

It is said that God resides in children and what does God need? But today with the passage of time the stubbornness of the children is also increasing. Children are called God less and more devils because when they come on stubbornness, they leave the elders. 

How to improve stubborn children?
How to improve stubborn children?

Today we are going to tell you some tips to improve stubborn children and from the stubbornness of children to some such things which will be very useful for you and your children.

Difference between positive and negative stubbornness 

There are also two types of stubbornness, we can name them as positive and negative stubbornness. 


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What are Positive Persistence?

Willingness to play

Many children insist on playing and we find it bad too. We feel that the child does not feel like studying and he is getting busy in playing. But it does not happen, sports is as important in life as education. 

Struggling to book

I have seen many children who always insist on books and study material in school. It’s positive stubbornness, because you know, reading is very important to move forward. 

Willingness to go out

If your child insists on going outside, that’s great stubbornness. It is the duty of every parent to take the child out for a walk. But it’s all good in the limit.

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Always insistence on learning something new

Tired of office work, when we come home and as soon as we come home, the child asks so many questions from mobile to technology that the mind gets spoiled. It is always his insistence that he should get the answer of this question today. We find such stubbornness bad, but this stubbornness is very good and beneficial for children.

What is negative stubbornness? (Stubborn Child Symptoms)

To insist on blooming again and again-

There are many children who also fight with their family members for toys. You can call this stubbornness negative. The child will insist on toys, but if this stubbornness turns into a quarrel, then it can be called very wrong stubbornness. 

The persistence of not going to school

Some children insist on not going to school, you can call it negative stubbornness. Because not going to school is to spoil your future. 

Hotel food stubbornness

When the child is small and we bring him to the hotel by feeding him, but when he is a little older, he starts insisting on eating in the hotel. It is fine once or twice a month, but if we insist like this every day, then we will need a lot to improve this stubbornness. You know how much outside food spoils our health.

Persistence to increase pocket money

There was a time when we used to go to school in the greed of a toffee. But today times have changed a lot. Today children also have to pay pocket money and it keeps changing every day and every week of every month. And children also always insist on increasing pocket money, but you know that children have a bad habit with pocket money and in such a situation, they should always be in the limit and if they insist on pocket money again and again, then it There is negative stubbornness.

Mobile stubbornness

Children nowadays insist a lot for mobile. No matter how much elders refuse, scold, children do not obey and elders have to bow before them. If children watch mobile for a limited time, then it is not that bad for them. Parents should keep in mind what kind of content the child is watching while giving mobiles to their children. Motivate children to watch such videos, where they see educational videos of children of their own age. Anjani Toy World YouTube channel has come up with similar content. Show this channel to the children, in this a little girl teaches big things in play and games. When children hear big educational things from their age, then they understand quickly and well. This will make your child wiser, as well as reduce stubbornness.

 Advantages and disadvantages of stubbornness 

Children being stubborn can be good as well as wrong, that is, being stubborn has many advantages as well as disadvantages. If we tell the advantages and disadvantages of being stubborn then it is like this.

Benefits of Being Stubborn

The first sign of success is being stubborn

Many successful people say that he was very stubborn since childhood and his stubbornness has brought him to this point today. Such people told that being stubborn is a sign of success and if we insist once with ourselves that we have to show something, then no one can stop us.

Stubborn children who speak openly –

You must have seen many children who keep silent on seeing the crowd or do not speak at all. We always want our child to always speak openly and always tell right and wrong in front of everyone. In such a situation, stubborn children have this quality that they are never afraid of anyone nor are they afraid of crowds etc. It is said that such children have the ability to become leaders in the future.

Disadvantages of Stubborn Child

Doing something wrong in stubbornness –

Many children make such mistakes in their stubbornness, due to which there is a lot of loss to the other person or they also get harmed. Often children insist on drive, cycling at a young age and this can be very harmful for them.

His image tarnished

Although the image of children keeps changing with their age, but if the child is too stubborn, then with time negative things start happening in the family about the child and they feel that your child will become the same mischievous going forward.

How to Handle Stubborn and Aggressive Child

Don’t argue –

Often we are unable to fulfill the stubbornness of the children, so we argue with them. If you also argue with your children then it is wrong. Let them relax, then tell them the reason for not fulfilling their stubbornness.

Listen to him completely –

Always listen to the children completely, if you do not listen to them completely, then they will feel that you are not paying attention to them. In this case the child will be away from you.

Don’t force-

If he is adamant on his stubbornness, then definitely give assurance of fulfilling his stubbornness. And wait till their mood is good. Do not force them and never tell them that their stubbornness will not be fulfilled. If he says so, he will start making distance from you. It is better to explain to him in his good mood.

Must give surprise –

The best way to improve stubborn children is to give the things asked by the children as a surprise. This will cause you problems in the beginning, but by doing this, the children will reduce their stubbornness in their things, because they will expect that you are going to surprise them with this thing very soon. Gradually start giving something more in surprise and treat the children like your friends.

Love and friendship are essential

If you do not want to make your child stubborn, then befriend him and treat him like a friend. With this, he will listen and understand you more, not only this, never let the child feel that he is stubborn, explain him with love like a friend. You will see that by doing this, the child will very quickly understand wrong and right and will start listening to your words.

When the child is small, treat him like a friend, by doing this, even when the child grows up, he will share everything with you and understand your words. If the child does not listen to you, then you have to understand where the problem really lies. 

By doing this, you will understand the problem of the child properly and on the basis of that you will also try to explain it to the child. Keep the child very lovingly and do not make anyone angry in front of the child. With all these measures, you can explain to your child and correct his stubborn behavior at home. Along with this, you can teach discipline to the child, because it is very important to discipline the child.