How Plagiarism Checker is helpful when writing a thesis?

Many times, students don’t think it would be good for them to check their thesis paper for plagiarism. It is because they think that they have written it manually and don’t need to prove anything.

If you are also one of those students, you are on the wrong side, unfortunately. Around 2.5 million research papers are published every year on the internet in different journals.

When we are researching data, it is impossible to write a thesis without reading those papers or journals. Moreover, it is common to get some lines or phrases matched with any of those.

So, it is compulsory to check for plagiarism before submitting your thesis or even binding it for submission. This activity will leave a positive and good impact on your work in the view of your professor.

But it is good to use a plagiarism checker for this purpose? How it would be helpful to use a tool for this purpose? This article aims to give you answers to such questions that you have in your mind. Let us show you what this tool is and how it would be helpful for you.

What is a Plagiarism checker?

It is a specific tool designed with a particular database and algorithm. The main aim of a plagiarism checking tool is to get a text from the user and compare it with already published pages.

In the end, it will display all those lines that it has found matched in its comparison. Actually, this tool will compare your given content with all published papers and documents in the backend.

So, you can say that it will display reliable results based on which you can submit your thesis.

How it would be helpful to use a plagiarism checker?

A plagiarism checker has multiple features and benefits due to which a student can choose it. Here are some of the benefits that we have enlisted just for the sake of your understanding.

Ø Highlights Plagiarized Section

First of all, it is impossible for a person or team of students to check all the published pages on the internet and compare their thesis text. Around 4 million blogs are published daily on the internet.

How can you even imagine exploring such a vast database for comparison with your text? A plagiarism checker will help you in checking your text for duplication by comparing it with all published pages.

It will also highlight all those lines or phrases that it has found matched. So, it would be simple for you to directly access that section and replace those lines with new ones.

In simple words, you should not need to read the complete passage again and check for those specific lines from your text. But it will display the proportion of unique and plagiarized content.

Moreover, it will display the results line by line which would make it simple for you to access those specific lines.

Ø Comparison With Extensive Database

A plagiarism checking tool will not only compare your given text with a few hundred or thousand blogs. But it will compare it with billions of pages published on the internet.

Some tools have a specific database with which the comparison will be done. Such tools keep updating the database regularly to add new documents, papers, and blogs to it.

While some tools use the entire internet as their database. No matter what is the criteria of their comparison, you will get the results after a comprehensive and deep comparison of your text.

So, you can use a plagiarism checker and evaluate your thesis paper for uniqueness before submission.

Ø Fast Processing

Almost all duplication checkers are designed with a fast processing algorithm. It means that your text will be compared with billions of pages within a few minutes.

You don’t need to wait for a long time to get the report of plagiarism for your thesis. The only thing that you have to do is to learn how to use a specific plagiarism checker and start checking your paper.

It will display the results in both proportion and line-by-line format within a fraction of a second. So, it will reduce the efforts that you may have to do after getting a plagiarism report from your instructor or supervisor.

Ø Shows Your Honesty

Using a plagiarism checker does not help your work’s integrity. But it will also help you in gaining a prominent outlook in front of your professor.

When you have attached the plagiarism report with your thesis, it will show that you have worked honestly. No doubt, it is not compulsory to add plagiarism reports all the time.

But it would be good for you because your professor will not need to check it again. As a result, it will speed up the process of analysis and publication.

Additionally, it will help you in gaining respect from your teacher among other students. So, you can say that a plagiarism checker can change the viewpoint of your educational career.

What should you do if your thesis has plagiarism?

If you have found plagiarism in your thesis, you should have to adopt two main steps. First of all, you should check those lines in which it has been found.

By doing this, you will be able to know whether those lines are general, subject-specific, or any law statement. If those are general lines and you can replace them, you should do it at any cost.

You can do this by replacing the original words with synonyms by exploring the internet or dictionary. Similarly, you should have to adopt a method to rewrite those lines if found copied even with subject-specific dimensions.

But if plagiarism occurs in a law statement or in those lines that you can’t reword, you should cite the source properly. It is because the cited text is not considered plagiarized in many educational constitutions around the world.

You can also consult with your professor if you have stuck in such situations. It would be helpful to know whether to rephrase or cite them properly to avoid plagiarism.

Final Words

Using a plagiarism checker would be helpful for your work as mentioned above step by step. This tool would enable you to stand out from the crowd and become a prominent student for your supervisor.

Moreover, your work will get integrity in different sectors of your field. In short, you should use such a tool to check for plagiarism to make sure that your work is unique and ready to publish.

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