What is the topic of CCNP Encor 350 401 exam?

Are you preparing to take the CCNP Encor 350-401 dumps exam but unsure about what topics will be covered? Look no further!

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the specifics of what you can expect on this important certification test. From network security to automation and beyond, let’s explore the exciting world of CCNP Encor together.

What is the topic of CCNP Encor 350 401 exam
What is the topic of CCNP Encor 350 401 exam

What is CCNP Encor 350 401?

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) ENCOR 350-401 Exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of enterprise networking solutions. Candidates who pass the 350-401 exam earn the CCNP Enterprise certification and demonstrate their ability to design, implement, secure, and troubleshoot enterprise networks. The CCNP Enterprise certification is valid for three years.
 The 350-401 ENCOR exam contains eight topics:

1. Designing Campus LANs
2. Designing Campus WANs
3. Designing Remote Connectivity Solutions
4. Designing Enterprise Wireless Networks
5. Security Solutions for Enterprise Networks
6. Enterprise Network Automation and Programmability
7. Optimizing Enterprise Networks
8. Troubleshooting Enterprise Networks

The Purpose of the CCNP Encor 350 401 Exam

The CCNP Encor 350 401 exam is the examination required to earn the Cisco Certified Network Professional Encore credential. This exam tests a candidate’s ability to configure, implement, and troubleshoot enterprise network solutions. The CCNP Encor credential is valid for three years.

What Topics are Covered on the CCNP Encor 350 401 Exam?

The CCNP Encor 350-401 exam covers a wide range of topics related to enterprise networking. Topics include network fundamentals, network design and implementation, Cisco networking solutions, and troubleshooting. The exam is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge and skills in configuring, managing, and troubleshooting enterprise networks.

How to Prepare for the CCNP Encor 350 401 Exam

To earn your Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Enterprise certification, you must pass the two-hour, 300-question Cisco ENARSI 300-401 exam. This exam tests your knowledge of enterprise networking concepts and technologies, including dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) architecture, virtualization, network security, automation, and more.

┬áTo help you prepare for this demanding exam, we’ve put together this guide with everything you need to know about the CCNP Encor 350 401 Exam. Read on to learn about the exam’s format, question types, and suggested study resources. By the end of this article, you’ll have a personalized study plan to help you earn your CCNP Enterprise certification.

The Cisco ENARSI 300-401 Exam: An Overview
The Cisco ENARSI 300-401 exam is a two-hour test with 300 multiple-choice and fill-in-the blank questions. The exam is administered in English only.

You can take the Cisco ENARSI 300-401 exam at any Pearson VUE testing center around the world. To find a testing center near you, visit the Pearson VUE website and enter your location.

Before you can register for the Cisco ENARSI 300-401 exam, you must first create a Pearson VUE account. Once you have an account, you can register for the exam by selecting “Cisco” as your provider and then selecting “ENARSI

Tips for Taking the CCNP Encor 350 401 Exam

Assuming you are referring to the CCNP Encryption (ENCR) v1.0 exam (350-401), here are some tips to help you prepare:

  1. Understand the exam topics and objectives. The best way to do this is by reading Cisco’s official Exam Topic document, which outlines everything that will be covered on the test.
  2. ┬áStudy, study, study! There is no substitute for hard work when it comes to preparing for an exam. In addition to reading Cisco’s documentation, consider enrolling in a training course or signing up for a practice exam to get yourself familiar with the types of questions that will be asked.
  3. ┬áDon’t forget about the hands-on portion of the exam! In addition to demonstrating your knowledge of the theoretical concepts, you’ll also need to show that you can put those concepts into practice by configuring a Cisco device according to given specifications. Be sure to brush up on your command line skills and have a lab environment available so that you can practice prior to taking the exam.


The CCNP Encor 350 401 exam is a comprehensive test of your network skills and knowledge. It requires you to demonstrate mastery of routing, switching, security, and automation technologies in order to be successful.

With the right preparation and dedication, it can help you advance your career by earning one of the most sought-after IT certifications around.

Be sure to take advantage of study resources available online such as practice tests and tutorials so that you have the best shot at success on this challenging but rewarding certification exam also visit this ccnp site!

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