VRV Premium Account & Password 2021 [100% Working]

VRV Premium Account Free: VRV bundles together multiple classic, alternative, and international animation streaming services for a subscription package stronger than the sum of its niche parts.

What is VRV Crunchyroll?

VRV Premium Account is a new video experience bringing the best of anime, animation, gaming, comedy, fantasy, and technology to U.S. fans in one unified environment. How will this affect Crunchyroll? Crunchyroll is a channel on VRV in addition to its current standalone service.

VRV (officially pronounced “verve”, though it is also referred to by its letters) is an over-the-top streaming service launched in November 2016 owned by Otter Media, a subsidiary of AT&T’s WarnerMedia. The service bundles together anime, speculative fiction and gaming related channels[1] and the service targets these large fandoms.

VRV Premium Account & Password [100% Working]
VRV Premium Account & Password [100% Working]

Some of VRV’s content can be streamed for free, while other content requires a subscription. The subscriptions to its channels can be purchased individually, or in a premium bundle. VRV Premium Account is currently available only in the United States, despite some of its partnered content being available for viewing worldwide outside the platform.

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The price of a commercial-free life

You can spend as long as you like basking in the free shows VRV has to offer. With a free account, you can keep track of your favorite shows and your progress in them.

But if you want to watch everything on VRV Premium Account or if you’re getting tired of commercials, VRV Premium is what you want.

Imagine watching all three seasons of HarmonQuest without any interruptions to the epic journey—just as Dan Harmon intended. Now that’s top-tier geek culture.

So even though you can watch plenty of VRV shows without a premium membership, your viewing experience will be so much better if you pony up for a paid account. The premium version of VRV costs only $9.99 per month. We say do it.

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VRV Premium Account & Password 2021 [100% Working]

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Enjoy ✌️✌️

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VRV Premium channels

If you’re searching for a veritable potpourri of cartoons, VRV’s current lineup will serve you well. You’ll find some other nerdy delights here, too, especially old-school favorites.

Just don’t get too attached to anything. VRV’s channel lineup is far from set in stone.

VRV Premium current channels:

  • Crunchyroll—Subbed anime
  • Cartoon Hangover—Original cartoons
  • HIDIVE—Subbed and dubbed anime
  • Mondo—Adult cartoons
  • Rooster Teeth—Web series
  • VRV Select—Special collection of shows and movies

Crunchyroll is the star of the show here. Both Crunchyroll and VRV call Otter Media “daddy,” so nepotism may play a role in how much VRV hypes this channel up.

But of all VRV’s channels, Crunchyroll has the most robust collection of shows—including anime and dramas launched with subtitles the same day they come out in Japan.

Honestly, you could rename VRV “Crunchyroll and Friends,” and you wouldn’t be far off from the truth. But that title’s a mouthful for a streaming service.

Plus, VRV says sayonara to said “friends” on the regular.

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The best anime on VRV

While VRV offers more than just anime, Japanese animation is the big pull—everything else is just extra.

VRV recently added HIDIVE to its lineup, which brings in a few more dubbed titles. Still—not to be a hater—HIDIVE’s shows tend to be fluff. But, hey, a little pervy ecchi series in English can hit the spot sometimes. And Food Wars! is a surprisingly prime cut.

But the best stuff still comes from Crunchyroll. It doesn’t call itself “the world’s largest destination for anime” for nothing.

How many simultaneous streams does VRV have?

Rather than giving you an exact number of streams, VRV and Crunchyroll play by the honor code. Everyone in your home can use one account, as long as you’re comfortable sharing the password.

But that can cause problems for on-the-go viewing. If you travel across the country and want to unwind with some cartoons, the new IP address might send up red flags for VRV.

Its customer service team seems chill, so you could contact them and explain the situation. But having your account temporarily suspended due to a vacation sounds like a hassle.

FunimationNow’s two and five stream options offer some more peace of mind for travel or splitting an account with a friend in another town.

But as long as you’re mostly watching VRV at home, unlimited is a really good number.

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Compatible streaming devices


AirTV Player
Amazon Fire Cube
Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Fire TV Stick
Android phones and tablets
Android TV
Apple TV (4th gen.)
Apple TV 4K
Echo Show
iPhone and iPad
Nintendo Switch
PC and Mac web browsers
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Roku Express
Samsung TVs
Wii U
Xbox 360
Xbox One

If you’re into niche technology, VRV isn’t the most versatile. But it works on all the big name brands, so most people won’t have a problem streaming where they want.


How much is VRV Premium per month? How is VRV pronounced?

It’s pronounced “verve,” which means vigor and enthusiasm. Despite looking like an initialism, VRV doesn’t stand for anything else. But if you wanna say it “vee are vee,” we won’t judge you.

How much is VRV Premium per month?

VRV Premium costs $9.99 per month. But even without a premium membership, you can watch select shows with ads slapped on them.

How do you link Crunchyroll to VRV?

To link your Crunchyroll Premium account to VRV, first make a free VRV account. Then click on your user icon, and go to Link Crunchyroll. After clicking the Link button, follow the prompt to log in to your Crunchyroll account. Click Allow to link the accounts.
Linking Crunchyroll Premium to VRV lets you use VRV’s app to watch Crunchyroll shows without commercials.
If you decide to upgrade to VRV Premium after linking the accounts, be sure to cancel your Crunchyroll Premium membership so you don’t get charged twice for the same content.

How do you turn on subtitles?

When you’re watching a show on VRV, select the settings gear. Then select Subtitles and choose your language option.++

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