Garena Free Fire MOD APK v2.92.1 [Unlimited Diamonds, Health & Aimbot]

Free Fire MOD APK is the modified version of Original Free Fire APK. You can download the latest version of Garena Free Fire and you will get Unlimited Diamonds, health, and aimbot in this Hack APK. As you know, on Education Learn Academy, we bring the modified version of the most popular applications and games every day. In the same way today, we have brought the hacked version of Free Fire MOD APK.

We have written full information about this game such as Download Link, Features, and how to download it below. If you are fond of playing games. So it can not happen that you do not know about the Garena Free Fire game. Like every gamer knows well about Pubg. Similarly, Garena Free Fire Hack APK is also known by millions.

There will be very few game players who may not know about this cracked game. If you are one of them, then we have given some information about the gameplay of this game below. Which you will understand this game by reading.

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Garena Free Fire MOD APK (Rampage)

Garena Free Fire MOD APK [Unlimited Diamonds, Health & Aimbot]
Garena Free Fire MOD APK [Unlimited Diamonds, Health & Aimbot]

Free Fire is a mobile battle royale game. This game is one of the most popular games in battle games. You can guess the popularity of Free Fire by its downloading number.

So far this game has been downloaded more than 500+ million. This is a very large number. So far, 43+ million of people have rated this game. The overall rating of this game is 4.4 that shows people are loving it.

Free Fire was first launched on November 20, 2018, for Android, whose Beta version was released on 20 November 2018. Later on December 4, 2018, the game was released for both Android and iOS.

As soon as the game released Free fire kissed the sky of success and reached millions of downloads. Garena Studios developed Garena Free Fire APK.

Free Fire Hack APK + OBB

Free fire mod has been created by third-party developers. All those features have been added to this game. Those who have been locked in the original game. With the Free Fire Crack version, you can enjoy the game without interruption. Let’s talk a little bit about the gameplay of Free Fire Cracked.


This game consists of a team of 50 players. The team that survives at the end. That team becomes the winner. The team whose one, two, three or four players survive the game. The same team wins.

Before the game starts, you have to add 4 people to your team. Those 4 people can also be your friends or you can join a team of other people. Your game will be ready as soon as your team is complete.

As soon as the game is ready, you will wait till 50 players are completed in the match. After the match has 50 players, your game will start.

Now you are on a plane and you are flying over the island. you have to see the map and jump where you want to land. You can also follow your teammates to jump. Mark your drop location before a jump.

As soon as you click Jump. You will start landing. Where you want to land, you can land using the button given on the screen.

When you stay a short distance from the island. Your parachute will open. If you want, you can use parachute anytime before landing.

Collect Weapons & Start Playing

Immediately after the jump, you have to find weapons first to save yourself and to kill your enemies. After that, you have to find health kits and medical kits, etc. So that if you are damaged, you can heal yourself.

You will find healing items and weapons kept in homes. You have to pick up the goods before someone else loots you. The sooner you are able to collect the stuff. The more you play safe.

Now if you have guns and bullets, then start killing your enemies with your team. If your teammates get knocked while killing enemies. So you can revive it. And you can live that again. But you cannot live after being killed.

Now if you succeed in killing your enemies. Then you will win the match. Even if the last member of your team is alive. But if your enemies kill your entire team, then you will lose the game.

Download Free Fire MOD APK

Garena Free Fire Mod APK Information

RqOpdLGSzS3OJ a1AuqW5s DfzCRa1C05lr1DwKPIWgGb1zcVwhz6f47aWIyazqA 3e=w720 h310 rw
Garena Free Fire MOD APK v2.92.1 [Unlimited Diamonds, Health & Aimbot] 11
App NameGarena Free Fire
Size600 MB / 700 MB
Android Support4.0.3 or above
Last Updated2 days ago
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Features of Free Fire Mod APK

If you have played PUBG Game then you will have a lot of fun playing Garena Free Fire MOD APK. Because Free Fire is a very amazing game which is similar to PUBG.

In this also you have to kill Enemies to collect weapons and to survive in the game in Free Fire, you also have to have a lot of Health Kits. And all this is going to get you unlimited in Garena Free Fire MOD APK.

Along with unlimited everything, it will also get more features like Aimbot, shooting while swimming. You can read the features given below for more information.

As I explain everything about Free Fire Mod APK. Features of this game will amaze your mind so you must read them.

1. Auto Aim & Fire (AimBot)

Garena Free Fire MOD APK v2.92.1 [Unlimited Diamonds, Health & Aimbot] 12

Everyone is fond of winning new or old players. Aimbot is a feature that will never let you lose. This will target and shoot your Enemy itself. Meaning you will play completely safe.

Someone will come to kill you. You will automatically shoot him before he shoots. This is a MOD apk so everything in it is much better than the original. With the help of free fire unlimited diamond apk download, you can fire automatically by aiming at someone.

2. Unlimited UC and Money

Unlimited uc
Garena Free Fire MOD APK v2.92.1 [Unlimited Diamonds, Health & Aimbot] 13

In this game, you will get unlimited diamonds and unlimited money which will help you a lot in the game. This is a great feature, after viewing it, you should download the Free Fire APK now.

3. Unlimited Health

Unlimited Health
Garena Free Fire MOD APK v2.92.1 [Unlimited Diamonds, Health & Aimbot] 14

This entire game is about health. If someone damages you and you do not have a health kit, you will die shortly. But if you are playing with Garena Hack APK then you will not have this problem. Because in this you get unlimited health. Isn’t this a wonderful feature?

4. New Mode/Map

New Mode/Map
Garena Free Fire MOD APK v2.92.1 [Unlimited Diamonds, Health & Aimbot] 15

New maps are added to this game from time to time. As of now, the Kalhari map has been added. The new maps will not let you get bored in the game and you can enjoy the game with a different map.

5. Cheat Detection Removed

Cheat Detection
Garena Free Fire MOD APK v2.92.1 [Unlimited Diamonds, Health & Aimbot] 16

In the earlier Free Fire Mod Version, it used to be known that you are playing the game from Cheat App. But in this game, it is not like that you can play this game without thinking because this update does not have a cheat detector.

6. All characters are unlocked


6. All Characters Are Unlocked

Tired of old and worn-out characters? Never mind my friend. The Mod version has been developed for certain reasons. In this version, all characters are kept unlocked. You can play the game by choosing any character without spending any money.

7. Shooting while swimming

Shooting while swimming
Garena Free Fire MOD APK v2.92.1 [Unlimited Diamonds, Health & Aimbot] 17

If you have ever played the original version of free fire. you must be aware that you can not shoot your enemies while you are swimming. but in this mod game, you can shoot and kill anyone even if you are swimming.

8. Anti-ban

Garena Free Fire MOD APK v2.92.1 [Unlimited Diamonds, Health & Aimbot] 18

Play this game without fear of getting banned because you are not going to ban if you install this game. whenever we play any mod game. our account gets banned and that thing disappoints a player a lot. in one word i can say that install this game and start playing. you will not get banned.

9. No Root

To install Garena Free Fire Mod APK Download you do not need to root your android phone. now downloading and installing has become easy.

Some Other Features

  • Automatic updates
  • Free Garena shells

How to Get Unlimited Diamonds in Garena Free Fire?

Unlimited Diamonds and Health is free with Free Fire Mod APK. Download Free Fire Mod APK From below and get unlimited diamonds for free. The download section will guide to download and install this hacked app.

How to download and install Garena Free Fire Mod APK on an Android device?

It’s really easy to free fire mod apk unlimited health on your phone. we have created a simple guide that can help you to download it for free.

Step 1 – Click on Download Button: Very first you need to click on the download button we have provided.

Step 2 – Go to Download Page: Now you will see a direct download link on download page. Click on that to start downloading

Enable Unknown Source: Enable unknown source from your Android phone setting. Until you enable it you can not install Free Fire Mod APK for Android on your phone.

Step 3 – Go to File Manager: Now Go to File Manager and check the downloaded file of Free Fire Mod to Install.

Step 4 – Install Garena Free Fire Hack: Now tap on the Garena Free Fire Hack APK file you have downloaded. it will ask you to install it. Click on that.

Step 6 – Launch Free Fire MOD: Once you tap on Install your application will be in your phone. Now you can enjoy Free fire for Android.

These are the steps now A wonderful game is ready to play.

Remember – it is really simple to hack free fire. You just have to install Free Fire Mod APK and you will get unlimited diamonds, aimbot, unlocked characters, unlimited health, and unlimited everything for free.

Free Fire Mod APK FAQs

Any question comes to your mind and we do not answer you, it cannot happen. The section of FAQs has been kept because we have seen that many questions related to Free Fire MOD APK remain in people’s minds.

Those who have no answer Therefore, we have tried our best and answered the most asked questions. Apart from these, if you have any question in your mind, then you should ask us. We will answer you and you can ask even if you have any questions related to Diamonds.How do you mod a free fire APK?

Download the modified version of Free Fire APK from and enjoy Free Fire Mod.Can free fire be hacked?

My simple answer is “YES”. Everything is possible in this digital world. Hacking Free Fire is not a big deal. With the Modified version of Free Fire, you can hack this game.What is Mega Mod in the free fire?

To give the advanced features of Free Fire Mega mod came into the market. with this Mega Mod, you can get many features that are restricted in Free Fire APK.How do you increase your free fire rank?

To increase the rank in Free Fire you will have to play it continuously. there is no shortcut to increase rank.Is free fire better than PUBG?

This answer depends on you. tell us which one you like the most PUBG Mobile or Free Fire.


I have tried my best to describe this game. I know Free Fire Mod APK is a great game whose features are highly appreciated. But you will know everything about this game when you download and start playing it.

Believe me, if you started playing this Free Fire once, then you will be crazy for this game. If you have any kind of problem in downloading this game, then you should definitely talk to us by commenting. We will resolve that problem soon. Give your opinion about this game too. Keep visiting On  Education Learn Academy.

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