Download IG, FB, and TT Videos Easily With These Platforms

Tired of searching for the best platform to download Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok videos? Do you want to stick to a one-stop solution to download your favorite videos without any hassle? Well, you are in luck cause we have done the research for you and have found some amazing platforms that make downloading videos a breeze. 

In this article, we will be showcasing the best platforms that will allow you to download Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok easily. These platforms are SSSGram, FBVideoDown, and SnapTikVideo accordingly.

Let’s get started.

How to Download Instagram Video on SSSGram

SSSGram is an all-in-one Instagram downloader that can download videos, photos, stories, reels, and IGTVs to your device for free. It also works as an Instagram MP3 download tool. Since it is a web-based tool, you can access it from any device that has a browser and an internet connection, this includes Android or iOS smartphones, and Windows, Linux, or macOS PCs. 

And of course, it will automatically download your favorite video in the highest quality for free. You will not have to spend a penny to enjoy its features. Other features that it provides include unlimited downloads, no registration required, no extension installation required, etc. 

With SSSGram, all it takes is only 3 simple steps to download your favorite video content. This simple tool has a very friendly user interface, no special skill is required. First, simply get the link of your desired video. Second, navigate to SSSGram’s official website and paste the link into it. Do not forget to tap on the download button. Finally, choose the format and tap on the download button again. Just in a few minutes, your favorite video will pop up in the gallery. 

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  1. Is it safe to use SSSGram?

SSSGram is completely safe and secure. It is protected by a renowned security company that no malware or viruses will attack your device. 

  1. Can I download IG’s profile picture with SSSGram?

Yes, SSSGram is an all-in-one downloader that even supports downloading profile pictures. 

How to Download Facebook Video on FBVideoDown

Just like SSSGram, FBVideoDown is a tool that is designed exclusively to download Facebook content like videos, reels, and stories. This online tool is completely free and easy to use. You can download all your favorite videos as much as you like in its high-quality content just within a few seconds (but still, it depends on the speed of your internet connection). 

Also, being an online tool means that it is compatible with any device with a browser, thus, no matter which device you’re using, FBVideoDown is accessible. 

FBVideoDown also works as a Facebook story download tool as well. However, the process is quite longer than usual. Navigate to its website to learn more about it. 

For basic video content downloading, simply get the link of the video, and paste it on FBVideoDown’s official website. Choose the resolution before hitting the final download button. 

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  1. Do I need to subscribe in order to use FBVideoDown?

No, you can use it as soon as you enter the website. No subscription fee or registration process is required to use it. 

  1. Can I download videos from the Facebook Group with FBVideoDown?

Yes, FBVideoDown supports almost all videos from Facebook, including Facebook Group, Facebook Feeds, Facebook Watch, etc. 

How to Download TikTok Video on SnapTikVideo

Last but not least, we’ll be introducing SnapTikVideo as one of the most reliable TikTok video downloaders. Not only free to use but SnapTikVideo also provides various other features like downloading TikTok videos without a watermark, videos in MP4 HD quality, or simply MP4 video. Moreover, SnapTikVideo can also convert TikTok video to audio MP3 instantly. Therefore, you can download the background music of the TikTok video without going through the hassle. 

This platform is the best alternative to SSSTikTok and absolutely free of charge and has no limitations. No personal information is required as well, all your data is safe and secured, thus, you will not have to worry. Also, SnapTikVideo is equipped with a fast server, which allows you to download TikTok videos in seconds. 

Using it is also not as hard as you think it is, simply copy the TikTok video’s link and paste it on SnapTikVideo’s website, choose your desired format, and tap on the download button.

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Download IG, FB, and TT Videos Easily With These Platforms 4


  1. Is it legal to download TikTok videos without a watermark?

As long as you’re downloading it only for personal use, downloading them is fine. However, it is still recommended to ask permission from the owner before downloading them. 

  1. Can I download TikTok videos using SnapTikVideo on iOS?

Yes, since SnapTikVideo is an online tool, you can download TikTok videos on SnapTikVideo on both iOS and Android devices.


Thanks to these platforms, downloading TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram videos are very easy and straightforward. You can now download your favorite videos in just a few clicks. 

Even so, it is important to use the downloaded videos for personal use only. We hope that this article helps you solve your problem. Good luck!

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