27 Amazing Facts about Instagram – Amazing Facts Do you know?

27 Amazing Facts about Instagram: Instagram is the largest video and photo-sharing platform in the world. At present, there are 1.16 billion users on Instagram. In such a situation, our interest increases to know about the facts related to such platform and hence we will get information about some Amazing Instagram Facts here 27 Amazing Facts about Instagram in Hindi . If you are interested in such technology facts then you will get complete information here.

Instagram is an American social video and photo-sharing app and website that was launched in 2006 and then bought by Facebook and is used in almost every country in the world. People are curious to know about Instagram facts, who made it and how it became so popular in the world today.

Information will be found in many places about Instagram Hindi facts, but here you will get complete information that you may not know about Instagram and we will also get information about Instagram Secret Facts about which no one has told you yet. Will happen. Because till now many people know that Facebook made it but it is not so, there are many such hidden facts about Instagram which common people do not know.

Instagram Facts in Hindi

One such social media on which such people are always being seen who are happy and this is why it became the most famous in the world and it has become a fashion gallery for the people, here people share photos and videos. There are some things about Instagram facts that many people do not know.

  1. You will be surprised to know that Instagram was launched on October 6, 2010 and 25,000 people were added on the first day itself. Which is a record till date.
  2. In 2011 there were only 10 million users on Instagram but in just 10 years i.e. in 2021 it increased to 1.16 billion users which is a record.
  3. When Instagram was being built and was in the testing period, it was named Codename. This was the name until it was launched.
  4. You will be surprised to know that two different names were used to select the name of Instagram, which include instant camera and Telegram . Insta + Gram has become your Instagram again, which has become the most popular in the world today from both.
  5. The first post on Instagram was by its co-founder @kevin on July 16, 2010 and it was a photo of a dog which was Kevin’s pet dog.
  6. There are Arab accounts all over the world and many of their angels see many fake accounts like Priya, Mona, Sona. Taking all these together, a total of 8% of accounts on Instagram are fake.
  7. Pizza is the most popular food on Instagram, followed by Shushi, Japan’s most popular food.
  8. The account with the most followers on Instagram belongs to Portugal’s football player Cristiano Ronaldo. Whose total followers are more than 300 million.
  9. In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion and at that time it had more than 30 million users. There was also an allegation of Ponopoli on Facebook regarding this.
  10. Selena Gomez first person who on Instagram 100 million Followers achieved First, she went Follovers 100 million before 2018.
  11. 1 million worldwide more Advertisers have. Who runs ads here every day and earns Instagram from it.
  12. The most used emoji on Instagram is Heart Emoji. Which is used the most by the world and people share this the most with their friends.
  13. Gingham, Clarendon, and Juno These three filters are the most used on Instagram and people use them to edit their photos.
  14. More than 16 million people search Instagram on Google every month.
  15. There is a surprising Instagram fact that most of the brands in the world do the same type of posts. It is not known why and no one knows the reason for this, its founder himself is surprised.
  16. Instagram Influencers with 100k followers in America earn $280 for every single post. Whereas in India only you can earn $100.
  17. More than 500 million stories are posted on Instagram every day. Which is a record so far and more than this are not uploaded anywhere else.
  18. It is the second largest platform in the world after Facebook, where more than 60% of the people login to their account every day.
  19. The most used hashtags are #love, #instagood, #me, #cute and #follow. Which are the most used in the whole world.
  20. As you all know, this is an online fashion platform, 96% of the world’s top fashion brands have made their account. He earns millions of dollars every month through this platform.
  21. This app is from America but only 32% of the people here are using Instagram and the rest of the users are from outside America.
  22. It is number 4 in the list of world’s top social media. Before this there is Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp.
  23. Instagram was created by two people  Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger , which was later bought by Facebook.
  24. Instagram has 500 million daily active users.
  25. Most Instagram users are only 18 and 29 years old.
  26. The photo with the most likes on Instagram was posted by Kylie Jenner when she had a daughter and got over 17 million likes which is a record.
  27. More than 80% people use Instagram for their personal work. Only 20% have accounts that are creator and business accounts.

Accounts with 10 most followers on Instagram

Highest Instagram followers

As you all know, this is the most engagement platform that people use to share photos and videos. In such a situation, there are some celebrities, athletes and many successful people in the world who have the most followers. You have seen Amazing Instagram Facts on yourself and now know about 10 Most Followed Instagram Accounts here ,

S. No.InfluenceFollowers
1Cristiano Ronaldo314
2Dwayne Johnson254
3Ariana Grande252
4Kylie Jenner248
5Selena Gomez244
6Kim Kardashian236
7Lionel Messi232
9Justin Bieber183
10Kendall Jenner175


S. No.BrandFollowers
2National Geographic175
4Real Madrid C.F.100
5FC Barcelona98
6UEFA Champions League76
7Victoria’s Secret69

The account with the most followers of India and Asia on Instagram belongs to Virat Kohli, who has more than 140 million followers on his account. He is also the first cricketer in the world who has so many followers on his account.

Friends, here we have got information about some amazing Instagram facts and here we will get complete information about its history from this time to this time with details and hope you liked this information and if If you have any questions or suggestions about it, then you can give us information about it by commenting.


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